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Why The World Needs Trustworthy Chatbots

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Jun 8, 202320 min read
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  • Types of Chatbots for websites:
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  • 3 things your chatbot needs to build trust with people

Have you ever come across a situation where you find people repeating the same information again and again to their customers? 

If Yes, then this article is exactly the solution you are looking for in such situations. Repetition is a mundane affair and that is why the first line of customer support is being automated using various tech solutions. One of the most effective solutions available in the market is a chatbot for websites, that is deployed on websites to answer customer queries and in the process engage them. This also has an added advantage of time-saving for the workforce, leading to increased productivity at the workplace. Chatbot simply means chatting-robots that can seamlessly chat online with people. Chatbots answer quickly and are available 24/7 to interact with customers thereby ensuring that no customer is left unanswered.

A chatbot for the website will be ready to greet the consumer whenever he visits. The bot will start conversing with the client leading to an engaging experience. This also leads to increased data collection and the database thus formed can be linked to a CRM, Excel sheet, etc. If the customer support is not available the bot will manage to do the same work and that too handling multiple customers simultaneously. Even if a complex question arises that may not be understood by the chatbot, then it will take the information from the customer and transfer the query to the human-customer support. By doing this chatbots are revolutionizing the world & helping companies retain maximum clients. It has been reported from various surveys that 69 % of chats from start to finish are resolved by chatbots & 90 % of businesses report faster complaint resolution [1].

So obviously there are numerous benefits of chatbots for businesses and chatbots for websites but then like any other product there are many types of chatbots available out there, how does one decide which one to use and for which platform to use. Hers is a refresher on the types of website chatbots and how to choose one.

Types of Chatbots for websites:

1. Lead generating Bot:

Many people visit the websites but very few engage and lead to a conversion. This number can be almost doubled by getting a chatbot for the website which will constantly generate leads. Many companies who have opted for this service have shown to have an incredible conversion rate & sales growth.

2. Customer serving Chatbot:

Customer Service Chatbot takes minimal time to answer queries like booking policy, order status & providing information about the kinds of services the company offers. They will troubleshoot most of the problems that customers face.

3. Assistant Chatbot:

If you need someone to schedule a meeting for you and even reply to your messages then having an assistant chatbot is the best option. It is very cost-effective and performs almost all the functions that a human assistant does.

These chatbots work amazingly well but they fail if badly programmed and managed.

There are many instances where the Chatbot fails to interact effectively with customers & fails to manage their queries. Only those users interact with a chatbot who have trust in them or have prior experience. The first step is to build trustworthy bot & assure users that chatbot will handle their query. 

To harness the benefits of chatbots we need to create efficient & trustworthy chatbots for websites. We need to create a chatbot that establishes a relationship with the client. Trust is what the customer needs the most.

3 things your chatbot needs to build trust with people

1. Your chatbot should have an avatar

The human brain reacts differently to a person and machine. When a human face is seen on the screen immediately the user starts trusting it and expects him to handle the query. In this way, a realistic experience is created. You can even give a name to the chatbot and initial messages can be an introductory message through the chatbot that can introduce itself.

It can also be done by affixing a picture of your customer support who will handle the query if it is a complex one and requires human intervention. A huge amount of time should be invested in understanding the conversation between customer and customer support & jotting down their friendly replies and most asked questions. By doing this a whole range of strings can be generated therefore making communication easier for both parties.

2. Secure conversation & data

The customers should know that their conversation and data are safe with the company to gain their trust. Apart from this, technical aspects of security like Encryption and transport-level security such as HTTP is necessary to ensure a secure connection between users and the platform. User authentication plays an important role for bots to uniquely identify users to provide a more personalized experience. Cyber-security becomes critical to ensure that no third parties have access to the data. If you are buying a chatbot from a company, it should be trustworthy, branded & authentic.

3. Finding the best companies to do it for you

Finding the best companies like Relinns Technologies or free bot makers like BotPenguin, that will save your time & energy. They are compliant with international data security norms and have one of the best UI when it comes to chatbots for websites or businesses. They will create professionally built and authentic Chatbots that will meet your organization’s goal. Whether it is customer engagement or lead generation, all will be done under one roof. The best part is that these companies provide a trustworthy bot that will augment and help your business grow faster.


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