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Updated on
Mar 16, 202324 min read

Streamlabs obs vs Obs studio: The battle for twitch streaming supremacy!

Updated onMar 16, 202324 min read
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    Table of Contents

  • What are streamlabs obs?
  • Features of Sreamlabs obs
  • What is Obs studio?
  • Features of Obs studio
  • Streamlabs obs Vs. Obs studio: The best streaming software for twitch
  • Conclusion 
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To stream flawlessly, you must search for a perfect studio to record, get good audio, and stream videos across the internet. It gets confusing to choose between the best right? Both the software are very popular streaming tools. Recently, the overall usage rank of OBS has been over 65k. Now, this is not rocket science that you have to research a lot to choose between streamlabs obs and obs studios.

Both these studios are used on a significant basis to stream on twitch or youtube.

This blog will answer everything you want to know about streamlabs obs and obs studio, breaking down all the common misconceptions and myths about actually both tools, revealing and awarding about this software.

What are streamlabs obs?

Streamlabs obs or sreamlabs desktop is open-source freemium software based on a branch of OBS and employs Electron for the user interface. It is a professional software for streaming and recording on Twitch, Youtube, or Facebook. It is an all-in-one package.

Its famous integrations are DonorDrive, Telestream, utility, chatfuel, help scout, hexo watch, GPS tools, google maps, google calendar, etc.

Features of Sreamlabs obs

Some key features of Streamlabs obs:

  1. Access Controls
  2. Collaboration
  3. Media Library
  4. Customizable branding
  5. Session Recording
  6. Audio Tools
  7. Video Capture
  8. Performance Monitoring
  9. Speed Adjustment
  10. Split / Merge
  11. Video Stabilization
  12. Live Streaming Production
  13. Multistreaming
  14. Split/Multi-Screen
  15. Video Monetization Tools
  16. Collaboration
  17. Customizable branding
  18. Audio Tools
  19. Performance Monitoring
  20. Split / Merge
  21. Live Streaming Production
  22. Split/Multi-Screen

What is Obs studio?

OBS is the Open Broadcaster Software, a simple featured streaming and open source software for live streaming with better audio quality and recording capabilities. It has many essential features to help you produce professional live streams. It offers you to record your video, connect to a live streaming platform, and use any digital camera for live streaming.

Obs studios integrate primarily with RTMP, Vimeo, Webex, etc.

Features of Obs studio

  1. Powerful configuration option
  2. Intuitive audio mixer
  3. Streamlined settings panel
  4. Multiple video sources filters
  5. Audio Capture
  6. Collaboration Tools
  7. File Management
  8. Multi-Screen Recording
  9. On-Demand Recording
  10. Screen Capture
  11. Screen Recording
  12. Video Capture
  13. Video Conferencing
  14. Video Editing
  15. YouTube Uploading

Streamlabs obs Vs. Obs studio: The best streaming software for twitch

Every piece of software has its uniqueness and comes with different features. It's just that you need to choose according to your preference considering its features. Let's study some crucial differences between Streamlabs obs and obs studio, which will help you to choose the right one for you, and better fits your situation and will be best for you:

  1. Streamlab obs is the more beginner-friendly option because as soon as you start up, it looks much cleaner and more welcoming. It also comes automatically with all of the bells and whistles, the overlays, the alerts, the plugins, the cloudbot, chatbot, and chatroom. It gives everything you need to get started without having to download from an external platform 
  2. That said, if you go down to the bare bones, streamlabs obs require just a little more CPU. So if you use a low-tier computer and the only way to stream is without the bells and whistles and have to do a regular stream just your face in the game, then obs studio might be better for you. It doesn't require as much CPU because it doesn't have all those bells and whistles and everything built into streamlabs obs. So if you are trying to conserve CPU and want you in the game, then obs studio is a great option.
  3. However, you can also change your settings in both of these pieces of software, but you can also go into the settings in streamlabs obs and make sure that it will work with your computer regardless. Even if you are streaming at 160p. Moving on to obs studio, as soon as you install it, you will notice that it is not as user-friendly as streamlabs obs in terms of colors; you know it's just a standard black, white and gray, unlike streamlabs obs. You have to download things individually through plugins, and you will have to go into the tools option into obs and manually install everything that you would like to add. 
  4. Streamlabs obs has so many valuable things right off the install base, and basically, it's all in one package where you don't have to worry about leaving streamlabs obs to get anything that is part of the essential package of things that you need to stream on twitch. So as aforementioned, you have to download tools and plugins, which comes with additional knowledge and research to find and get those tools like where to get them, how to import them, how to install them, etc., but this is quite a troubleshooting process. It can be a massive roadblock for you if you are a beginner. On the other side, you will be free to customize third-party tools that you can't do in streamlabs obs.
  5. One downside to streamlabs obs that will say further along the road, after you have been streaming for quite a while, you might try some pretty crazy things with your streams, and streamlabs obs might not be able to do that; it's going to block off your customization at a certain point just because of the integration, the coding, the hardware and all of that jazz. 
  6. Sometimes you will notice some of the more giant streamers having these excellent streams with all those crazy effects, and they are most likely using obs studio because streamlabs obs does give some limitation on what kind of customization you can do when it comes to all crazy things with the alerts, overlays, and all that other stuff. But remember, though your content matters the most, it's just you, the game or whatever you are streaming, and whatever your chat likes. So however you choose to entertain your chat, whatever they want. Not all the bells and whistles make your stream better; you have to take a step back and think about your content. 


To conclude, for twitch streaming, if you want to have everything under one roof, then streamlabs obs will be the ideal choice for you. All the bells, whistles, and other features will add up some extra bit to your content and look more sociable and a little fancier. However, it could be worth it for you as both are great options. It is just you have identified the right one for you. Simply if you want all in one package and don't want any additional downloads, then go for streamlabs obs as you can set up your mini-feed, donations, alerts, overlay, literally anything you want to do.

But the recommended people who must go for obs studio are the ones who don't have a perfect computer and don't want to have the extra CPU usage, and if some want to go through third parties and get tools and plugins.

There is no wrong choice here, but the software depends on the situation. But as long you have the crisp and clear stream, excellent audio, and better content, that's all it matters in the end.

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Table of Contents

  • What are streamlabs obs?
  • Features of Sreamlabs obs
  • What is Obs studio?
  • Features of Obs studio
  • Streamlabs obs Vs. Obs studio: The best streaming software for twitch
  • Conclusion