Customer Service Chatbot (FAQ)

Solution Overview

  • web-icon

    Customer Service Chatbot for website

    Chat window on your website where visitors can interact with BotPenguin

  • facebook

    Customer Service Chatbot for facebook messenger

    Chat Window on messenger powered by BotPenguin ensures even your social media traffic is not unattended.

  • Agent-icons

    Agent Chat interface

    Chat interface for your team agents to take over the bot if and when required.

  • Bot-build

    Chatbot Builder

    Build your own bot without any coding knowledge by using drag and drop. Manage your workflows, edit FAQ’s, enhance logics etc

  • Analytics

    Analytics Dashboard

    An interactive dashboard to get insights into visitors behaviour.

Improve your customer service with Customer Service Chatbot


Automate FAQs

Customer service chatbot replies instantly to all frequently asked questions by the visitors.


Route complex questions

BotPenguin can take assistance from live agents when asked complex queries.


Collect Feedback And Reviews

Collect customer feedback for your service or product at end of engagement to improve your system.


Instant Replies

BotPenguin is spontaneous to assist users and saving time of browsing through several FAQ pages.


Chat support without time boundations

No need to hire expensive agents for night shifts to provide 24×7 support across the globe, BotPenguin never sleeps.


Conduct Surveys

Gather responses from the surveys using customer service chatbot and create reports to take actions on.

Tailored User Experience

BotPenguin, a customer service chatbot has the ability to give the best user experience on the basis of different products or services. This experience can be tailored using the multiple bots feature and providing a specific bot for specific product or service.


Build conversation

BotPenguin provides answers to straight forward queries, direct users to knowledge base when required. Customer Service Chatbot guide users by using a proper funnel and ensuring right question is asked at the right time for increased interaction.

Deep Dive Into Analytics

BotPenguin assists to improve your decision making skills by using advanced analytics, gathering data about product/solution users are looking for geography that brings you the most ROI. The ability to export data to CSV or utilise data using webhooks or available integration options is an added advantage.

Industries we cater to
Vehicle Rentals
Solution Offered
Lead-icon Lead Gen
Answer-botCustomer Service Chatbot

BotPenguin has been trained to answer vehicle availability and services available in a particular area and collect information for your sales team. Also, chatbot on your website will answer visitor queries regarding booking and cancellation policies.

Real Estate
Solution Offered
Lead-icon Lead Gen
Answer-botCustomer Service Chatbot

Chatbot actively interacts with visitors to know if they are looking to buy or rent any property. BotPenguin ensures they have all their queries answered in real time and they leave contact and other information like the type of property, their budget and location for your team to work on.

Solution Offered
Lead-icon Lead Gen
Answer-botCustomer Service Chatbot

BotPenguin choosing the truck type and making load reservations should not be a difficult task. Not only it will interact with your customers to help them track their vehicles but also answer queries on services offered.

On-Demand Industry
Solution Offered
Lead-iconCustomer Service Chatbot

Engage with your visitors as soon as they land on your website, Every single visitor is a potential client. BotPenguin’s interactive UI keep your visitors engaged and help you grow the sales.

Travel Agencies
Solution Offered
Answer-botCustomer Service Chatbot
Lead-icon Lead Gen

BotPenguin collects all the information from a visitor on when and where they want to travel and their budget. Visitors looking for booking travel have a lot of options available. Don’t let no interaction be the reason they hop to your competitor’s website.

Event Planners
Solution Offered
Answer-botCustomer Service Chatbot
Lead-icon Lead Gen

Make sure you have someone taking care of your website and collecting leads 24×7. Anyone who is interested in planning an event can discuss their needs, budget and type of event with BotPenguin so your sales team have everything ready before contacting them.

Solution Offered
Answer-botCustomer Service Chatbot
Lead-icon Lead Gen

Every insurance company have a lot of schemes to offer and you don’t want your customer to leave the website with a lot of questions. BotPenguin can collect information on type of insurance the vistor needs and their info for your sales team to work on.

Solution Offered
Answer-botCustomer Service Chatbot
Lead-icon Lead Gen

BotPenguin, a chatbot for website allows them not just to choose the type of doctor and schedule appointments but also answer frequently asked questions.

Maintenance services
Solution Offered
Answer-botCustomer Service Chatbot
Lead-icon Lead Gen

Collecting website visitor information through booking form can be a difficult task. But BotPenguin can increase your chances by interacting with them. BotPenguin makes sure to leave a lasting impression on any visitor.

Solution Offered
Answer-botCustomer Service Chatbot

As Meg Whitman said ”Communications is at the heart of e-commerce”, Having a conversation chatbot of on your website can do wonders for your sales graph. BotPenguin is also capable of answering item tracking queries, refund and cancellation policy.

Solution Offered
Answer-botCustomer Service Chatbot

You are getting a lot of visitors on your website but they leave very fast, BotPenguin provides the engagement to users so they don’t leave with any queries on their mind.

Why Your Business needs a chatbot

24×7 Availability

BotPenguin doesn’t sleep, its there at your service 24×7.

No Human Errors

BotPenguin does not make mistakes while recording data.

Zero Waiting Time

Don’t let your customers change their mind, take their info/order then and there.

Higher Conversion Rate

According to our existing clients, their conversion rate increased 300%-500% by implementing a chatbot.


BotPenguin gets leads transferred to your CRM.



Quick and easy integrations with chatbot services to enable productive dialogues across various platforms.


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