Chatbots Narratives: Introduction to Chatbots

Chatbots Narratives: Introduction to Chatbots

Chatbots Narratives: Introduction to Chatbots


The objective of this series is to present to the audiences the key ideas about the chatbot technologies. I have been following these AI bots for three years now. These fantastic natural man-machine interfaces are the results of recent advancements in natural language processing. Let’s embark on our voyage into the insights of this buzz around these days: the ai chatbots. 

Introduction to Chatbots

A chatbot is a program architectured especially to communicate with human beings using natural language chat or conversation. 

These ai chatbots are capable of understanding the natural utterances and extracting their meanings. The ai chatbot can produce human language artifacts e.g. text, speech, etc. 

The ai chatbot technology is not new. These ai chatbots have been there for a long time. The very first NLP application was a chatbot called Eliza, back in the ’60s. A recent commercial interest is a result of the widespread use of the internet and advancements in AI chatbot technologies.

How a bot and a chatbot are different from each other?

The term bot is quite general and broadly used. Basically a bot is anything that performs repetitive tasks at a much faster rate. Web crawling is the job for which bots are used mostly. A chatbot is a bot architected for communication with humans using natural language, be it voice or text or both. 

Where is the AI chatbot online deployed? How this AI chatbot technology is impacting our lives?

These AI chatbot online are present on e-commerce websites, customer support services, the ai chatbot online apps are available for dementia patients, insomniacs, for medical diagnosis, at UNICEF’s website for minorities, etc. 

These ai chatbot online are replacing humans for repetitive tasks like scheduling appointments, website navigation, collecting leads, etc.

The idea is to employ organic intelligence for more productive work leaving monotonous tasks for these ai chatbots, thus preventing any underutilization of human resources.

The road ahead i.e. what’s more to come.

In the coming articles we shall discuss in detail about chatbots, chatbot technologies, how corporations and world leaders have their opinions about ai chatbot online and their impact on our day to day lives, we will take a closer look at some existing ai chatbot online platforms, and much more, please stay tuned for more.

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