BoiBot – A Comprehensive Guide 2022

BoiBot – A Comprehensive Guide 2022

BoiBot - A Complete Guide

Humans are inherently social beings. We love talking about things we love, expressing emotions, and having someone who can listen to everything we’re going through without complaining.

Unfortunately, humans aren’t always reliable or around when you need them. Let’s face it, aside from being social—humans are also busy!

A decade or so ago, we saw the rise of social media and how it mirrored but replaced the way everyone used to interact with each other globally, easing a lot of things.

Lately, we’re witnessing a newer form of interaction due to developments in Artificial Intelligence. Bingo! You guessed it right, Voice Bots and Chatbots.

Everyone knows about Siri or Google Assistant and how they took us by storm a few years ago. However, think of a virtual assistant that can text, send voice messages, and have a personality!

And that’s what BoiBot is all about. The closest thing to a real Homosapien.

So, what can BoiBot do? Can he comfort you? Where can you interact with him? And is he better than other AI Interactive avatars?

This review of BoiBot will guide you through everything there is to know about the AI Avatar!


BoiBot is a male AI avatar that communicates with its users using ML and AI. He uses voice interaction through a microphone like Siri or Google assistants. BotBoit can also interact through texts, similar to chatbots. 

What makes BoiBot unique is his lifelike personality and rude demeanor, turning him into an Internet sensation overnight.

BoiBot Features

  • Smart AI-Driven Bot


    Customizable for Website implementation

    iOS, Android & Desktop

    In-App & Web-based Use

BoiBot Review: Key takeaways

  • Great experimental tool for AI Enthusiasts

    Quick learning bot with short-term memory

    Not Suitable for business Use

BoiBot Alternatives

  • CleverBot- Wittier Alternative

    Mitsuku AKA KUKI- Most human-like alternative

    BlenderBot 2.0- Bot with long-term memory. Ideal for saving old interactions

What are bots?

A web bot, or short for Robot, is an automated/scripted computer software that interacts with other humans or bots to solve everyday problems. It makes task-solving convenient and helps users find what they’re looking for on the internet.

These bots generally imitate human behavior and language. However, since they’re automated, they’re capable of solving issues much faster than humans can.

Of course, not all bots are task-oriented. AI Bots like DiscordBot, BoiBot, Mitsuku, and EvieBot are for entertainment.

Types of Bots

There are many types of bots serving different purposes. Many opinions on Google about chatbots may also be obstructive due to their use by hackers and spammers on social media platforms.

However, bots are more than the narrow lines of utopian and dystopian nature. Aside from their conventional use as a customer service tool, or an entertainment facility, bots test the limitations of technology in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

We can narrowly separate bots into two types.

Scripted Bots

Script bots are simple bots. The entire interaction is pre-determined, determining the capabilities and incapabilities of the bot. The decision tree is scripted, where responding to a question takes the user to a specific path based on their response.

Smart Bots

Bots such as BoiBot or EvieBot can do incredible things scripted bots can’t do. That is– think independently for themselves.

Maybe Smart bots can’t think for themselves literally. Still, they gather information through search engines and learn through each interaction. 

When a user types a sentence or asks a question, intelligent bots look the keywords up and find a solution.

What is BoiBot?

What is BoiBot?

BoiBot is an intelligent bot carrying a male AI avatar. The interactive human-like bot uses voice replies or chat replies as a mode of communication.

However, BoiBot can do more than verbal or textual communication; Boibot can control the timing and degree of his facial expressions, bringing the AI avatar to life!

Made my Existor, BoiBot is a learning AI sharing the same AI with Evie and Cleverbot. Cleverbot has been around since 1997, having had over 65 million interactions! That would certainly explain BoiBot’s genius.

Popularized on Streaming channels by famous YouTubers and Twitch streamers, BoiBot came under the spotlight for displaying rude and uncanny behavior, making him creepy and entertaining at the same time.

Is BoiBot Free?

BoiBot is a free-to-use interactive platform. People wanting to converse with the infamous avatar can do so simply by heading to the official website. Using the BoiBot on iOS, however, will require purchasing the app.

Suppose you want to take your bot interaction a step further. In that case, you too can create your talking avatar using Cleverscript for your website or app.

On what devices can you Use BoiBot?

BoiBot is available to use through the web or download the app on multiple devices. You can download BoiBot onto your desktop, iOS (iPad & iPhone), or android device.

Downloading BoiBot can do you better if you intend to experiment with ML and AI over time. The app saves all your interactions, displays no ads, and has a smooth interface with BoiBot right in your face for a not-at-all-eerie exchange.

BoiBot Review

The BoiBot web application can be a unique experimental tool and learning experience for AI enthusiasts using an AI algorithm. 

BoiBot’s ability to have conversations with humans and build automated responses based on previous interactions has vast potential for exploration. The research can help develop an even better User Experience (UX) and Interface. 

BoiBot is safe to use and poses no problems to your privacy. You’re okay with him saving your conversations in his Database to use for any of his future interactions.

BoiBot is one of the few AI avatars which has passed the infamous Turing test designed to see how lifelike artificial intelligence performs. It can trick people into believing it is a human. With so much potential, it is safe to assume that the future of AI is in safe hands. 

However, in terms of usefulness for a business today, BoiBot doesn’t have much to offer. It can’t interact on a human’s behalf yet and has a rusty unpolished response. Another issue with BoiBot is that his voice seems robotic despite his intelligence, unlike other popular voice bots.

AI has already become influential to customer support and marketing teams, deployed to generate leads and nurture them.

AI chatbot makers such as BotPenguin or Chatfuel use ML to build and let users create their chatbots for their website or Social media handles for free.

Similar Alternatives to BoiBot

Similar Alternatives to BoiBot


A branch from the same tree, Cleverbot is the more robotic, wittier chatbot alternative to BoiBot that makes sense.

While Cleverbot lacks a physical appearance, it makes up for it through its human-like personality.

Created by the British AI scientist Rollo Carpenter, Cleverbot succeeded Jabberwacky, a chatbot project that began in 1986 and went online in 1997. It is heir to the AI bot’s throne.

Mitsuku AKA KUKI

Designed by Steve Worswick in his spare time, KUKI looks like your usual anime character on the outside. However, anyone would be shocked to know she has a profile of a human! 

KUKI is a humorous bot, stating she’s an 18-year-old belonging to Leeds, UK.

KUKI works on semantic cues to grow her knowledge base. She decodes texts by splitting the phrases into two parts, a core and a wild card. 

KUKI is famous for being the world recorder holder of most Loebner prize winnings for the Turing test, winning it five times!

BlenderBot 2.0

Because BlenderBot wasn’t enough, there’s a newer version ready to take on the world of AI Avatars. 

Blenderbot is the first open-sourced AI Avatar capable of having a long-term memory. The sophisticated bot can continually scan and access the internet for timely information.

BlenderBot 2.0 follows seq2seq neural architecture. However, instead of a single encoder mapping the text into a contextual space. Instead, BlenderBot 2.0 combines multiple encoders to map the text and data from the conversation history, search engines, and the bot memory.

Final Thoughts

  1. The total number of businesses adopting artificial intelligence grew by 270 percent in the past four years. (Gartner)
  2. The Artificial Intelligence market will hit $641.3 billion by 2028.

These informative stats tell one thing. And that is—AI is on its way to becoming a massive influence in our lives, and sometimes is without our realization. 

Every day, we interact with chatbots while placing orders or seeking customer support on our favorite delivery apps or websites.

The only thing lacking in bots is lifelike personalization. Experimental AI technologies such as BoiBot, or Blenderbot are trying to master a more personalized interface for users.

If you’re a Machine Learning and AI enthusiast wanting to learn more about AI avatars or just a curious person looking for entertainment, this review of BoiBot must suffice.

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