Chatbot for Squarespace

Squarespace Chatbot features


Drag and Drop Chatbot builder

With BotPenguin it is extremely user friendly and easy to create a slack bot. You can do it all in just three steps – design, build and publish.


Product catalog

Import your products directly into slack bot to offer them to your customers


Package tracking

Slack bot can help your customers to track packages by their order id through live chat window


Smart Branching

Conversation on slack bot can be routed based on different choices or responses made by the visitor


Highly interactive

Use customized chatbot templates, images and videos to create a chatbot for slack that can engage your customers


Multiple languages

BotPenguin is trained to use multiple languages to communicate with your customers. Choose the best that suits you and your customers


Robust User profile

Get geographic and demographic details along with social media to build a robust customer profile which can export for later use as well


Natural Language Processing

AI powered Chatbot for slack come with inbuilt learn and grow algorithms that learn with each conversation


Facebook Messenger Chatbot for your website

Deploy BotPenguin chatbot on your shopify website to get new subscribers for your business.


Custom Greetings message for users

BotPenguin is AI powered Chatbot trained to use visitor’s name to greet them


WhatsApp Integration

BotPenguin can pass on the conversation to customer support or sales team on their respective WhatsApp number


Human Handover

BotPenguin is smart to handover the conversation to human agents for live chat on your shopify website


Different bot on different pages or hide it completely

Build a user experience by deploying various bots for different use cases on your shopify website


Serve your customers 24*7

BotPenguin, a chatbot for shopify can cater to your customers 24*7 to generate leads, answer customer queries or book appointments

Build Chatbot for Squarespace in 4 steps

Sign up for FREE on BotPenguin Chatbot platform

Create a free BotPenguin account & build your chatbot for Squarespace

Design a chatbot for Squarespace

Match the color theme, logo and greeting text to your business needs

Build a Chatbot

Use drag and drop, chatbot builder platform of BotPenguin to create a chatbot for your website

Install chatbot on your website

Copy a one line script or install wordpress/Squarespace plugin to get a chatbot on your website

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