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Pure Chat: Pros, Cons, and alternatives

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Aug 25, 202329 min read
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    Table of content

  • What is Pure chat?
  • Features of Pure Chat?
  • Pros of Pure Chat.
  • Cons of Pure Chat.
  • Pure Chat alternatives.
  • Wrapping it up.

Live chat has already come a long way successfully in the market. It has also proven its qualities in a great way to increase sales. 

63% of consumers are more likely to return to a live chat website. Some more statistics show that the average resolution time of a chatbot is no more than 42 seconds for a query to be answered.

From these stats, you can already imagine how effective a live chat can be for your business to generate leads. It provides instant access to your sales and support team to a website visitor. Thus, converting general visitors into potential customers. 

More than 50% of the customers want 24/7 availability of your business for immediate response. For this reason, most companies lose more than 50% of their potential customers.

Can't decide what to use? Here's a solution, Pure Chat.

 Pure chat is a renowned live chat software that gives rise to new leads daily.

Let's discuss some of the pros, cons, and alternatives in this article so that you can decide if it is for your business or not.

What is Pure chat?

Pure chat is a live chat tool that provides limited usage in a freemium version, ample features, and unlimited chats for the paid version. Pure chat mainly deals with the customers and engages them to generate leads. It is straightforward to use and comes up with lots of functionalities. It integrates with Zapier, HubSpot, salesforce, etc. Its interface is straightforward, user-friendly, and is designed to offer its most to budding or small businesses. Pure chat's visitor analytics helps in identifying promising leads.

Features of Pure Chat?

  1. Canned Responses
  2. Customizable Branding
  3. Offline Form
  4. Proactive Chat
  5. Third-Party Integrations
  6. Transfers/Routing
  7. Website Visitor Tracking
  8. File Sharing
  9. Interaction Tracking
  10. Mobile Access

Pros of Pure Chat.

  1. The most effective benefit of Pure Chat is that you can use this live chat anytime and anywhere. It offers you a facility of 24/7 availability so that you can engage with your customer through real-time conversation. It will be accessible all day long, whether in the office or at home; they will continue chatting with the help of iOS and Android apps to change the visitors into potential customers.
  2. The visitor's information is yet another crucial benefit provided by this software. It not only chats with customers but also delivers information to the users about the visitors, such as their activity history, count of visitors on the website, and the frequency of visits. It can navigate the user who is present on-site through the application named as a visitor and filter potential leads to start a conversation with them. 
  3. Pure chat monitors every client's conversation and collects transcripts, using chat metrics to review clients' conversations. Pure chat enhances lead generation and sales. It offers you to add a customizable live chat button to your website. Users can customize their profile pictures and background, personalize chat page and update contacts. The live chat tool can respond in real-time through the mobile app. 
  4. Rich reporting features allow you to download the CSV file for weekly updates and send it to the chief for chat metrics. Reports allow various metrics such as overall chat numbers, ratings, duration, and average response times. 
  5. The role designation of Pure chat adds other users and allows them specific tasks and privileges. Users can manage their team and widgets to various departments by configuring the settings so the visitor can join the right person.
  6. Pure chat's suite of products offers a free plan that includes unlimited chats, three users, and paid versions. This live chat also has automatic triggers, canned responses, offline forms, reporting and analytics, and more agents. 

Cons of Pure Chat.

  1. The very prominent drawback of Pure Chat is that it cannot work or operate on your phone. Some users sometimes find it challenging to use it on tablets or pads.
  2. Pure chat is limited in customization options, especially colors, languages, and branding options. You cannot customize the Chat widget to match your site's look and feel.
  3. Pure chat has no help desk features, and all chats are stored in the dashboard without converting into tickets.
  4. It has limited chat history, and as per result, the chat will automatically get deleted after 30 days. If you want to access the older chats, you have to upgrade or export the data.
  5. No uptime guarantee for free users.
  6. Limited reports and details cannot add images to a chat conversation.

Pure Chat alternatives.

Here is the list of top 5 alternatives to pure chat:


Olark is a lightweight chat tool that enables the business to attract more sales every day and boost the conversion process by communicating and engaging with the website visitor with questions and solving their queries. Olark provides us with Automated email reports, Automation Rules, Disabled visitor information, Emojis, File Upload, and Get Feedback with Chat Ratings and Groups. ActiveCampaign, Slack, HubSpot, Zapier, Google sheets, and many more are some of its integrations. 


Intercom is a modern customer communication platform that is easy to use, straightforward, and has a simple user interface. Intercom live chat software provides a unique way to chat with customers and merge every aspect of customer experience. It also offers Live chat, Customer Data, Outbound Messages, Chatbots, Help centers, Reports, Ticket and Case Management, Communication Channels, Self-Service Experience, Self-Service Platform, and Communication.

It integrates with Twitter, Facebook, Zendesk, etc.


  1. Start $39 per month with one seat. 
  2. Grow: $99 per month 
  3. Accelerate: $499 per month—an annual plan only—with ten seats; additional seats $49 per seat per month
  4. Scale: $999 per month—an annual plan only—with ten seats; additional seats $99 per seat per month
  5. Early Stage Program: $49 per month. 

It is a live chat software that allows sales automation and is designed to help businesses communicate with the customer better to generate more leads. Its features are Live Chat, Hired chat agents, Virtual Assistants, Chat pages, a Knowledge base, and Ticketing. It integrates with the following: Discord, Slack, Google sheets, Mailchimp, HubSpot, and Lasso CRM.


  1. Hire Live Agents: From $1 per hour
  2. Hire Virtual Assistants: From $7 per hour
  3. Remove Branding: $12 per month
  4. Video, Voice, & Screen Sharing: $29 per month 


BotPenguin is a customer relationship management tool and an Al-powered chatbot platform that helps you to build incredible chatbots in no time. You can produce more leads and increase sales by interacting with visitors on a website. Its features include Natural Language Processing, Zero Development Time, Zero Setup Cost, Conversational UI, Deep Analytics, Easy to Integrate, and Cost-Effective.

Zendesk, Freshworks, Happyfox, Timetrade, Mindbody, ClickMeeting, and many more.


Zendesk is a cloud-based help desk management tool or software that offers a customizable front-end and customer service portal. It builds and improves customer relationships and experience. It offers powerful and flexible software to meet the needs of customers. It includes Real-time updates, Agent collaboration, Help desk automation, Macros, Request forms and ticket fields, Custom views, and SLA management. Some of its integrations are as follows: Asana, Typeform, Trello, Zapier, and Google sheets. 


Suite Team

           US$ 49

           per agent/month billed annually

Suite Growth

           US$ 79

           per agent/month billed annually

Suite Professional

           US$ 99

           per agent/month billed annually

Wrapping it up.

Today's generation has evolved, and your business should keep pace. And to get in this rat race, you must take the help of live chat that can help you in innumerable ways.

Pure chat is an ideal software that also provides a free plan, connects with your customer, and engages with them to get the deal ready. 

Pure chat has everything that one needs for their company. It is simple to use and sets up quickly. It offers third-party integrations, reporting, routing, transcriptions, etc. You can sign up and install it on your website to experience the benefits.

If it is for you, get cracking!

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