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Firmao - all in one CRM

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Mar 22, 20234 min read
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  • What is CRM?
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  • Firmao CRM system functionalities
  • Why is it worth choosing the Firmao system?
  • What distinguishes Firmao from other companies?

We can often hear that CRM is a must-have tool for business. But what is a CRM and why is it so important? In today's article, we will present the CRM system from Firmao. We will describe its functionalities and advantages as well as its distinguishing features.

Firmao's CRM system is designed for small and medium-sized manufacturing, service, and sales companies. It is implemented in companies where contact with leads or regular contractors is required. It is the best system for companies planning dynamic development.

Firmao's CRM

What is CRM?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. Therefore, CRM systems help to manage relationships with customers and organize all their data. As a result, employees gain convenient and immediate access to them. This translates into greater efficiency of the processes related to acquiring and retaining customers, and thus an increase in your company’s profits. However, it is worth knowing that modern CRM systems are not limited only to sales-related functions. They offer many more possibilities, including in the field of team management and supporting the company’s efficiency.

Firmao CRM system functionalities

Thanks to the implementation of the CRM system from Firmao, you will create a customer database that will allow you to shorten the time of customer acquisition, increase conversion at every stage of the sales process, as well as efficiently and comprehensively serve regular customers. Firmao helps to manage the work of the sales department, both in terms of the sales funnel and acts as a contact center for regular customers of the company.


Firmao CRM system functionalities


Key Features of Firmao

  • Customer Relationship Management - create a customer database that allows you to shorten the time of customer acquisition, increase conversion, as well as efficiently and comprehensively serve regular customers,
  • Enterprise Resources Planning - an integrated, multi-level warehouse management system that gives you full control over production and stock documents,
  • Invoicing program - Issuing invoices with Firmao allows you to organize and speed up the company's workload,
  • Software for quotes and orders - manage, design, create, print and send quotes and bids for your permanent and future customers,
  • Software for project and tasks - organize activities in your company, which will improve its functioning and communication between departments and employees,
  • Livechat and Callback - this widgets allow you to easily increase the number of potential customers without incurring additional costs for marketing.

Why is it worth choosing the Firmao system?

Firmao has been providing advanced management systems for over a decade. They have been trusted by many entrepreneurs from around the world who have chosen a professional online tool to run their business.

When you decide to cooperate with them, you choose experienced professionals who provide the best solutions on the market. You take care of your company, they take care of an advanced tool. Thanks to which you can easily control all processes taking place in your company from the level of your work computer or a smartphone. Firmao wants the company to receive exactly what they expect - comprehensive support for the IT system.

What distinguishes Firmao from other companies?

  • The modular structure of Firmao allows easier adaptation to specific needs,
  • Innovative solutions that improve company management in practically every aspect,
  • Timesheets to track the progress of tasks and projects,
  • Integrating many services, 
  • Guarantee of support, including not only online training in using the provided tool but also in the form of constant software updates,
  • Highly accessible and intuitive software,
  • No need to install systems on your hardware - access to the proposed tools is possible from the level of any browser,
  • They can provide installation on the company's internal servers. Firmao On-premise lets you install it on your own servers, so you can have your own in-house CRM system.

It is very important to choose a CRM system that will meet the needs of your company as much as possible. Descriptions of individual tools, however, will not give you such confidence – you will gain it only thanks to the option of testing a given solution. You can test Firmao for 14 days for free. This will allow you to make a decision based on your own experience.

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