How chatbots are evident for E-Commerce industry?

How chatbots are evident for E-Commerce industry?

How Chatbots Are Evident for E-Commerce Industry?

What is E-commerce? How E-commerce is transforming the ways of business? And how chatbots are helping E-commerce Industry to grow?

These are the few related questions that come to our mind when we talk about chatbots and e commerce. Today, we’ll talk about these questions and explore our ways for better understanding.

E-commerce can be simply said as buying and selling of products or services over the Internet which has sorted customer lives. Now, it is easy for customers to simply search for the product they are looking for, they can choose it, compare prices and then add the products to the cart and get it delivered at their doorstep.

E-commerce has always been an attractive proposition for entrepreneurs and E-commerce became popular when the Internet came into existence in 1994. Ever since then, E-commerce has been transforming the ways how business is done. And in these recent years, E-commerce has totally transformed these ways, and most flourished one is the online retail store. People love to shop online rather than spending hours in retail stores and standing in billing queues.

E commerce industry has even understood that they should put the needs of the user before their business needs and customer experience is the pre-requisite to establish their brand name in the market. And for which, chatbots can be their one end solution.

Chatbots are opening new channels of opportunities for E commerce industry. Most significantly, chatbots have been revolutionizing customer experience for shopping sites since they have launched. Let’s find out more ways in which chatbots can help e commerce growth.

How chatbot can help E-commerce Industry to grow?

Chatbots are the new-age technology that allows businesses to communicate with users, solve customer queries, qualify leads, offers 24-hour support and acts as a conversational agent. Right now, chatbots have come out to be the most significant part of the e commerce industry. E commerce chatbot have led to tremendous e commerce growth: 

Convenience in Order Tracking

This order tracking feature has come out as a boon for the customers. Customers always stay tense about the arrival of their order and mostly feel that the order arrives at odd timings. So to avoid confusion and provide hassle-free delivery of orders, customers can track their orders via chatbots only. They just need to insert their order no. and they are good to go.

Ease in Order Returns

Customers fear that order return is a cumbersome process and it takes too long, so most of them don’t buy products in the first place. But chatbots have made this process way more simple. Chatbots allow them easy return options and also ask for reasons for the return of the product and communicate the issues with the company to ensure the product quality.

Product Showcase

Chatbots can now portray how a person will look in a particular outfit in real-time and also can make relevant suggestions and tell which size will fit best according to the measurements. This advanced feature impresses the customer and people will love to again and again buy products from the same site.

Consistent and Cost-Effective Customer Support

Chatbots act as a conversational agent and facilitates easy conversation for the customers. Chatbots are fully integrated with your e commerce business and are available 24/7. E commerce chatbot help customers find the products, guide customers through different products and follow up with the customers.

Many shopping websites are indulging chatbots for providing a real-time shopping experience to customers. Now, chatbots showcase customers what clothes will suit them and also make relevant suggestions and act as an assistant to them.

Chatbots stimulating ecommerce growth

Personalized customer experience

E commerce chatbot provides customers easy search options rather than going through the whole of the website. E commerce chat bots also keep track of the customer activities and preferences and give suggestions based on those activities which lead to more sales.

It’s an easy way to attract more customers and also chatbots follow up unfinished orders from customers and provides them assistance for completing their orders. This boosts sales with upselling and cross-selling.

Provides Assistance in Payment Process

E commerce chatbot provide ease to customers in the payment process. They need not go through lengthy forms and a long time taking payment options. Chatbots sort these processes. Simply integrate your chatbot with various payment options like PayPal, Mobikwik, etc and provide your customers convenience in shopping.

Medium for Branding and Promotion

Chatbots have led to immense e commerce growth through promotional activities. These have now come out to be a medium of branding and promotion of businesses in content adds.

And moreover, through a Business Insider report, it is known that customers feel it is enjoyable to shop through chatbots and they are ready to integrate chatbots in their daily shopping.


E commerce websites are able to increase sales but are not capable enough to provide a personalized shopping experience to its customers and that is when chatbots come into the picture. 

Chatbots not only assist clients, but they also collect plenty of valuable information about them- their preferences, their needs, their financial limits and so on which can help in e commerce growth in providing personalized services and offers to the customers.

BotPenguin is a chatbot platform which can help your e commerce business to grow. Also, BotPenguin allows you to integrate your chatbot with which will allow your customers smart tracking features as well as take your online e-commerce business to new heights of success.

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