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Aug 25, 202320 min read

What is Formilla Messaging App? Features, Benefits and Review!

Updated onAug 25, 202320 min read
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    Table of Contents

  • Formilla is here to save the day.
  • Formilla's brief history
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  • App Features
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  • Benefits of Formilla Chat App
  • Our Final Verdict
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A great customer messaging app is a must if you own a digital business.

Numerous businesses take a critical hit in customer support and satisfaction due to not implementing an all-in-one tool that helps companies to speak to the customers. You can do it through chatbots and messaging and engage your customers with targeted emails. 

Let's be honest. Nobody wants to wait while needing assistance as a customer. Waiting is an old thing in this digital era, and real-time support is the new normal. We'd rather chat in real-time than listen to an IVR telling me instructions for hours to try to connect to a customer support agent.

It is not rare to see a business having a dedicated contact page. It is so important since most of the organic traffic is driven there. It leads to the visitors appealing to contact you. Often this is when a customer can start his journey through the contact page, which often leads to conversions or dissatisfaction.

Flawless customer-to-business communication should be on the priority list of a business seeking growth. Failing to deliver fantastic customer service is a bane for businesses these days. I believe that live chat services and chatbots have become the fundamental baseline of great customer satisfaction and retention. Furthermore, it does yield the newfound trust of the visitor who later might become a customer. BotPenguin offers excellent chatbot service and is highly customizable. It is easy and effortless to set up and offers a wide range of default responses if you don’t wish to add one!

Formilla is here to save the day.

Formilla Messaging App is a lifesaver for many businesses operating at the highest level. The app offers you live chat services on your website or your mobile device (can be android or ios). Formilla also helps you retain your customers through targeted emails and real-time visitor monitoring. 

Formilla Messaging app is an in-one solution platform providing customer messaging solutions for sales, marketing, and support. According to the parent website, over 12,000 companies use Formilla for lead generation, marketing automation, and customer support. They use a combination of Live Chat, Email, and In-app messaging tools in one powerful platform. Your customers can contact you even when you're on the go. 

Formilla's brief history

history of formilla

Formilla was founded in Chicago, Illinois, in the October of 2011. Formilla is the brainchild of Tawer and Zaia Guyana. In 2012 the product went live, going from an idea to an actual product with paying customers. In 2013, Formilla moved its operations from Chicago to San Diego, California.

In 2014, Formilla surpassed 5000+ customers, creating a new milestone.

2015 marks the arrival of a slick Argentinian Developer named Ernesto, followed by next year's Formilla edge launch. In 2017, Formilla surpassed the milestone of 12,000 customers. 2018 gets Formilla a significant upgrade, introducing targeted email messaging to complement in-app messaging and live chat for an all-in-one suite, with 2019 introducing AI-powered chatbots. 

App Features

App Features

Just like a great app, Formilla Messaging App brings many features to the table, and trust me when I say this, these features rock!

Most app features are too complicated, difficult to implement, or lackluster. But this is the department where Formilla Messaging shines.

Lightning Fast installation

The live chat software is so versatile that it seamlessly works with any website platform like Shopify, WordPress, Zapier, etc. The plugin helps you install it instantly, and you're good to go. Works smooth as butter on your mobile devices on both ios and android. You can interact with your customers anytime, anywhere. It can also work with email marketing and platforms like MailChimp, CRMs like Pipedrive, and ticket systems like Zendesk.

Push Notifications

You can stay logged in the entire day and receive push notifications on your mobile device even if the Formilla Live Chat messenger app is closed. You can also get notifications if it is running in the background.

The app lets you catch up on sales opportunities and customer support 24/7.

Real-time Visitor Monitoring

The Formilla messaging app will automatically monitor and display the number of active visitors currently on the website on your mobile device. You can start a conversation with the active users and see what web pages they have visited or the referring site URLs, whether they are new or returning visitors. This feature includes the premium package offered by the Formilla Live Chat App. It already has a powerful visitor monitoring feature once combined with Google Analytics. It has become a beneficial tool that gives users the data needed to improve online customer service and sales.

International Language Support

Formilla messaging app's language support allows you to customize the text of the live chat buttons, chat forms, and offline email forms. The premium package will enable you to adapt your live chat messenger to any language, which includes languages like Spanish, French, Indonesian, Portuguese, Chinese, Hindi, Italian, Dutch, German, Japanese, Russian, Korean, Polish, and many more!

Proactive Chat

Enable proactive chat to start a live chat automatically with a visitor on your website after a set time.

Canned Messages

Create Canned Messages to reply to customers very quickly! Simply save the entire message as a shortcut, and use it to send responses in less than a second!

Enjoyable Conversations

Hate to wait if the other end is replying to you or not?

Formilla Live Chat discourages waiting; with it, you don't need to ponder if the person you're chatting with is actually online. Formilla Messenger Live Chat Messenger keeps visitors and agents informed if the User or Agent is typing a message. It helps you make conversations more worthwhile.

Visitor Technical Information

You are able easily to access your chat visitor's details from your Android phone or tablet, such as the OS, browser, or screen resolution they're using.

Custom Appearance

Formilla Live Chat Premium allows you to customize your chat widgets to match your site's look. You can alter the button's color or the widget and use your own online and offline avatars in your header or footer. It encourages customers to live chat through the messaging app.

Advanced Customization

Customize the CSS for the chat button and widgets to make it perfect per your requirement.

Chat Departments

 Organize chat agents into departments such as Sales or Billing and assign which departments can receive chats for a given chat widget. By default, all agents within your account will receive chats.

Offline Lead Collection

Enable a chat schedule and continue to collect valuable visitor contact information even when you're not around to chat. You can Display custom messaging when you're unavailable to chat and receive offline email notifications when a website visitor gets in touch through messaging.

Benefits of Formilla Chat App

benefits of formilla chat app

Rapid Responses

Messaging through live chat is an accelerator when it comes to a customer's journey. These days customers often want rapid response and real-time resolutions. A live chat messaging agent can significantly help reduce the long waiting queue and increase customer satisfaction. Emailing is much slower, and it takes a lot of time to communicate to and fro. Customers usually have many questions before buying a product, thanks to the rapid advancement in the internet ecosystem. If done right, it becomes a hassle-free journey for the customer to skip the research phase and engage with the business directly.

It is much easier to have to and fro conversations with live chat since both parties have no downtime. It makes decision-making easier for the customer as they get all answers in real time. It creates a much richer experience for the customer.

Chatbots are the new sexy!

Chatbots may not replace the essential human touch. Still, they can help the live agents by answering basic routine questions that, in turn, cut down the downtime for an agent to reply.

Chatbots are always available 24/7, which makes them able to reassure a customer if he/she/they hypothetically wake up in the middle of the night to check out the product for their satisfaction. Although this is rare, chatbots will not let you down unless your server is!

Alternatively, you could categorize chatbots into different ones to make it easier for the customer to be guided till the agent is available and can answer directly.

For example, a menu bot can help customers guide themselves to the right option through prompt buttons. It makes it easier for them to reach where they want to.

You can design a chatbot to collect leads by taking the customer information you can add to CRM platforms to follow up with them afterward. Lastly, a chatbot can filter leads and put them accordingly in their customer journey so that you can quantify them according to priority.

See, they turn out to be super bots!

Alert and Real-Time Notifications 

Notifications and Alerts are super helpful for a business having a contact page. Setting up real-time visitor alerts can significantly help the live chat agents to be ready for the customer queries and resolve them quickly without taking much of their time.

Suppose you happen to have the agents working through mobile devices. In that case, this becomes even quicker since a notification prompt lets an agent know if a customer needs assistance and can offer help as soon as possible.

The proactive messaging feature helps the agent be one step ahead and lets them initiate the conversation before the visitor does so. Since visitors might not always know about live chat's accessibility, this feature often comes into play. Reaching out to them first is always a good sign of customer/visitor service being great.

Customers At Your Doorstep

Customers have many options these days and researching a product, and its alternatives are paramount to them. So adding a communication feature to the contact page that is lightning fast and more inclined to help a visitor/customer can make the business stand out from its competitors.

Ultimately the whole idea is to make the communication process smooth and seamless so that it becomes easy for the customers to reach out on the wanted business sites. The old contact us page is outdated and feels quite ancient since it takes forever to have a meaningful conversation between two parties. Hence, faster communications tools like the Formilla messaging app become super attractive.

Our Final Verdict


Formilla is a great live chat messaging software solution that ensures visitors can easily interact with the desired business flawlessly. It also provides excellent insights to the users/business through its real-time visitor monitoring, which you can hook up with google analytics for more detailed data.

 For businesses looking to connect and create better customer service through a live chat app for their website visitors, Formilla Chat is an option that will push your business into a head start!

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Table of Contents

  • Formilla is here to save the day.
  • Formilla's brief history
  • arrow
  • App Features
  • arrow
  • Benefits of Formilla Chat App
  • Our Final Verdict