Why Is Everyone talking about Chatbot For Website?

Why Is Everyone talking about Chatbot For Website?

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“Globally, chatbot for a website is considered as the biggest technology disruptor in the digital market scene. They’re the topic of discussion in every hot debate or discussion happening in every support team, digital businesses, contact center, and more.”

Apart from all their utility and powers, they gave rise to many questions and misconceptions in the minds. With all the buzz around a website chatbot, it’s quite understandable. Here, with this blog, we will clarify the confusion and let you know the exact position of this emergent technology in the digital marketplace.

A Chatbot For Website can skillfully handle more and more customer service requests or queries. For small and large businesses, a free chatbot for a website is an ideal solution for engagement, availability, and alleviation. They operate regularly and consistently to assist or guide online users 24/7 without any hindrance.

Before moving forward, let’s dive into some in-depth chatbot statistics.

  1. Several industries, such as healthcare, education, travel, and real estate industries are profiting the most from chatbots.
  2. Outgrow suggests that around 80% of businesses are projected to integrate some bot systems by 2021.
  3. A website chatbot can help businesses save as much as 30% of customer support costs.
  4. Chatbot magazine report shows that a chatbot on the website is popular among millennials and baby boomers.
  5. Outgrow estimated that the market value was around $703 million.
  6. An Oracle report suggests that 50% of customers anticipate that businesses are open 24/7.
  7. Moreover, Venture Beat suggests a good 300,00 active website chatbot on Facebook Messenger.
  8. By 2024 with a projected market size of more than $1.3 billion, a chatbot on the website will be a driving force for businesses’ brands, said Intellectyx.

Chatbots Now and in Future

Free chatbot application for websites is multiplying, especially in consumer-facing goods and services.

If we talk about the figures, then one of the Business Insider reports shows that over 59% of millionaires and 60% of Gen Xers in the United States have interacted via chatbot platform to the brands or businesses.

According to a Facebook survey, more than 50% of consumers say they are more likely to purchase from a website where they can connect wire live chat interface or website on the chatbot.

The facts and figures show clearly how bright the future is; the chatbot platform is turning one of the must-haves over to survive in the digital marketplace. Moreover, the rise in Chatbot Platforms and free chatbot for website services making it more accessible even to small scale and budding Startups.

Gartner suggests that by 2020 85% of engagement with brands will be done without humans interacting. Instead, we’ll use a chatbot for the website.

Generally, the modern age customers want to have every information on tips and don’t want to wait for anything. Hence, if you’ll be able to offer the relevant information in the blink of an eye, then you can enter into their personal favorites.

On the other hand, in traditional ways, customer support services might lead to you losing a sale or even a potential customer, that’s a big no!

Thus, the rising adoption of a free chatbot for a website can mitigate these limitations and improve user experience.

Benefits Beyond Customer Service

A Chatbot for a Website is being Integrated by the businesses to offer seamless customer services and other means and terms. So, let’s dive a little bit more!

Yes, for sure, a better user experience will result in better productivity and more revenue later- website chatbot.

Reduces Operation Cost!

You might be wondering how a chatbot for a website reduces cost and turns out to be a feasible solution.

Here’s the answer, a website chatbot helps with the four most essential and time-consuming job roles, such as answering customer queries, offering some information about the brand. Hence, they can perform frontline support tasks efficiently. Learn more 5 Tips on How to Effectively Introduce Chatbots to Your Customer Service.

For instance, if a user wishes to know the delivery policies or know how to execute a particular task. A chatbot platform can guide them all through this.

This means these areas can be handled without much or less human intervention and reduces the cost and time of hiring a team and executing the same tasks. You can have the best free chatbot for a website (link of the blog, how much it costs to build a bot) and cut off the extra cost in actuality.

Lead Generation

Moreover, it plays a crucial role in raising the brand or business’s productivity. Compared to any sales team, a Chatbot for a Website can help your brand acquire customers or leads more easily and quickly. Also, instantly, you’ll get qualified leads with which you need to do further nurturing to close the deal. In most cases, a website chatbot is this much caliber of even closing deals by itself, such as a chatbot platform for ordering food, scheduling appointments, and more.

This shows that automating the initial conversation is highly scalable and qualifies interested users without hindrance. A free chatbot for a website can support customers with whatever they are looking for, such as products and services.

The best part lies here; the chatbot application is valid for almost all industry sectors. Businesses are undoubtedly growing by catching up to the new opportunities.

A website chatbot has many benefits and leads each business unit to a greater scale. ( Benefits of chatbot )

Caveats to Consider!

It’s more like a tip and one of the important ones. Wherever you go down the route to implement a chatbot on the website, then you must know that they are industry and role-specific. In the current age, there isn’t one-size.

You can get an ideal fit after finding the answers to two significant questions-

“Which industry type do you belong to?

And what role do you want to assign to it?”

For instance, healthcare will need a website chatbot that can suggest, assist, schedule, and consider the patient’s cause. For eCommerce businesses, you need a chatbot on the website that can showcase products, order, payments, handling customer queries, and more.

Your chatbot for the website should be precise and straightforward, as more complicated designs can lead to confusion.

Thus, an ideal fit can only help you achieve better conversion rates. Bots aren’t all-rounders, so think and choose wisely your chatbot platform. You need to deploy exclusive and trending technologies for a better marketing mix.


It’s quite clear how chatbot for websites playing in the current digital marketplace with the above information. For consistency, you need to invest in pre-existing bots on your system to redefine them to meet customer needs. If you are confused about where to get the best chatbot platform to learn and build, then BotPenguin can support you undoubtedly.


Bhavya works as Digital Marketing Team Lead and looks closely into the marketing team. Her passion and expertise in refurbishing the way users connect to the product leads to ultimate satisfaction via SEO friendly content.

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