Why BotPenguin is the best alternative for Drift?

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Any marketer aiming for greens understands the need to connect with their audience and build a connection that allows for two-way communication. You will gain brownie points if you provide excellent customer service. It's all about having your prospects and customers on the same page as you when it comes to optimizing a marketing plan for maximum traction and conversions, and that's where conversational marketing comes in. As the name implies, conversational marketing is a marketing technique that allows you to conduct one-on-one interactions with prospects or customers. So, choosing the right platform is essential for your business. In this article, you will find why BotPenguin is the best Drift alternative.

What is BotPenguin?

BotPenguin is a very user-friendly platform that allows you to customize AI-powered chatbots. It already has several templates from which you may select one that best suits your needs, and if you want any customization, all necessary assistance is offered. BotPenguin is a free AI-powered chatbot creator for websites and Facebook Messenger.


It is a customer communications platform that uses messenger-based features including email, chats, bots, and applications to enable businesses to develop tailored, in-depth connections with their website visitors. This live chat employs artificial intelligence and omnichannel solutions to address organizations' customer service and sales growth concerns.

What is Drift?

Drift offers several services in conversational marketing, including a cloud-based chatbot, direct messaging within the app, and an email management solution for sales and marketing teams. It is the ideal platform for a company to give clients a modern purchase experience while also ensuring that the quality of leads generated is good.

When it comes to lead quality, it is undeniably a sensitive spot for most marketers. Any marketer may use various tools, either for free or at a bit of cost (some can even get financing for pricey products), to increase the number of leads collected and delivered to the sales team.

Why is BotPenguin the best alternative for Drift: Comparison


With so many features, options, and incentives to consider, selecting the best Customer Support Software for your organization may be difficult. However, relying on our website will streamline the choosing process by allowing you to read all of the major software in one location.


Features of BotPenguin

Features of BotPenguin

The features of BotPenguin are the following:

  1. Drag-and-Drop Chatbot Builder
  2. Chat Window
  3. Agent Chat Interface
  4. Analytics
  5. Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  6. Logic Branching
  7. Supports Multiple Messaging Channels
  8. Email-to-case
  9. Live chat support communication channels
  10. Targeted emails
  11. In-app messaging
  12. Offers a knowledge base
  13. Customer profile storage
  14. A team inbox
  15. Easy user experience.
  16. Offers pop-up chat functionality
  17. Conversation archiving,
  18. Customer profiles
  19. Customization for businesses' internal use
  20. No-code chatbot builder
  21. A chatbot testing tool,
  22. A customizable chat widget
  23. Messenger sequencing
  24. Social media and text messaging channels
  25. Website channels,
  26. Sales conversion
  27. Analytics targeting.


Features of Drift

The main features of drift are the following:

  1. Enriched Data
  2. Saved Replies
  3. Book Meetings
  4. Email Fallback
  5. Chat Targeting
  6. Activity History
  7. Rep Profiles
  8. Agent Status
  9. Live View
  10. Follow Contacts
  11. Dynamic Routing
  12. Smart Notifications
  13. Lead Bot
  14. Knowledge Bot
  15. Advanced Targeting
  16. Conversation Qualified Leads
  17. Inbound and Outbound Sales Playbook

BotPenguin definitely has the upper hand in the features section which makes it a worthy drift alternative

Pricing Info: BotPenguin

Pricing Info About BotPenguin

The cost of BotPenguin is determined by the number of send credits required by a client. The cost begins at $5 per month, invoiced every month. An enterprise price package is also available for enterprises with more considerable demands. The platform is free to use for those who need basic capabilities and a single bot. More information may be found below:

Baby – Free

  1. 1 Bot
  2. 2,000 Messages Per Month
  3. 1 Team Member
  4. 1 Facebook Page
  5. Live Chat
  6. Conditional Flow
  7. 30 Days of Data Storage

King – $5/month ($4.17/month if billed annually)

  1. Unlimited Bots
  2. 3,000 – 500,000 messages/month
  3. Unlimited Team Members
  4. 10 Facebook Pages
  5. Live Chat
  6. Conditional Flow
  7. Book Appointments
  8. CSV Export
  9. Google Calendar, Bitrix, and Zoho CRM Integrations
  10. 90 Days of Data Storage
  11. Reports & Analytics
  12. Email and Call Support

Emperor – By quote

  1. Unlimited Bots, Messages, Team Members, Facebook Pages, and Data Storage
  2. Live Chat
  3. Conditional Flow
  4. Book Appointments
  5. CSV Export
  6. Customer Success Officer
  7. Google Calendar, Bitrix, and Zoho CRM Integrations
  8. Reports & Analytics
  9. Remove BotPenguin Branding

Pricing Info About Drift

Pricing Info About Drift

Drift provides a free plan as well as premium options based on quotes. For enterprises with fewer than 50 workers, a starter plan is offered.

Free – $0

  1. Live chat

Premium – By quote

  1. All features of the Free plan
  2. Custom Chatbots
  3. Drift Prospector
  4. Lead Routing
  5. Real-Time Notifications
  6. Drift Intel
  7. Drift Meetings
  8. Custom Salesforce Dashboards
  9. Integrations
  10. Dedicated Customer Success Manager

Enterprise – By quote

  1. All features of the Premium plan
  2. Drift Automation
  3. Drift Audiences
  4. Enterprise Configuration
  5. Enterprise Lead Routing
  6. Reporting APIs
  7. Technical Integration Setup
  8. 24/7 Chat Support
  9. Optimization Services

Drift Alternative Integrations of BotPenguin

BotPenguin works with approximately 40 different tools and business applications, including, but not limited to:

  1. Zoho CRM
  2. Google Calendar
  3. Bitrix
  4. Dropbox
  5. Eventbrite
  6. Freshsales
  7. GoDaddy
  8. Google Analytics, Drive, And Sheets
  9. HubSpot
  10. MailChimp
  11. Outlook
  12. PayPal
  13. Salesforce
  14. Shipway
  15. Stripe
  16. Todoist
  17. Twilio
  18. Wix
  19. WordPress
  20. Zapier
  21. Zendesk
  22. Zoom

Integrations of Drift

Integrations of Drift

The following business systems and apps are integrated with Drift.com:

  1. Slack
  2. Salesforce
  3. Marketo
  4. HubSpot 

Final Verdict On The Drift Alternative

BotPenguin is a chatbot service that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to allow businesses to construct their chatbots for platforms like Facebook without code. It develops consumer communication systems for social media and websites, such as live chats. It is one of the most popular Omni-chat systems globally, and it is utilized on sites such as Instagram and WhatsApp.

BotPenguin allows customers, websites, and business owners to have quick and easy dialogues. This chatbot platform allows website and business owners to improve their Facebook Messenger experiences. It includes capabilities such as live chat and messaging sequencing to help companies communicate with consumers more effectively via Facebook Messenger. It also emphasizes user-friendliness and convenience.