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What is Zoho One and Zoho Assist and How are they different from Zoho CRM?

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Mar 16, 20238 min read
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Did you know that? Zoho is a privately held worldwide software giant headquartered in Chennai, India. They now service 30 million users across hundreds of thousands of organizations and are based in California. They have a local office in Byron Bay, Australia. Locally, Zoho services A/NZ businesses through data centers in Sydney and Melbourne, as well as other places across the world. 

Zoho is an effective solution for any organization, from SMB to Enterprise, with over 5000 engineers actively working to enhance the software, yearly conferences called "Zoholics" worldwide, and an extensive partner network. Lumen is an expert Zoho partner who is ultimately in love with Zoho and how it enables our clients. 

Zoho CRM enables over 150,000 businesses in 180 countries to convert more leads, interact with customers, and grow their income. Zoho has almost 9000 workers. Globally, there are over 10000 satisfied customers.

What is Zoho One?

To handle your entire organization, from sales, finance, and marketing to IT, support, HR, and other operations, Zoho One is a comprehensive, intelligent, and adaptable platform that includes a wide range of 45+ full-fledged apps. Each application is created with a depth of functionality that addresses certain business areas. Not only that, but the unified UI will guarantee consistency and continuity of experience as you switch between apps or devices.

Zoho One Benefits 

  1. Excellent assistance To get started: Zoho One offers a free consultation. More than a thousand certified installation, training, and development partners are also available. There are services for artificial intelligence, corporate intelligence, and other value-added solutions.
  2. Scalable and adaptable: The Zoho platform has a ton of pre-built connectors for email marketing platforms, CRM software, and ERP software. Customization is easy, and you have many flexible options in the Zoho environment.
  3. Excellent analytics: With Zoho One, you can enhance client experiences and better comprehend your target audience. You may start by choosing from more than 500 pre-made executive dashboards and report templates. You may use the intelligent assistant Zia Zoho to help you create an additional report.
  4. Improve your deal-closing techniques: Zoho streamlines the process of turning leads into paying clients with speedier workflows. Workflows and customer journey maps may be automated for your staff. Instant bids and bills may be produced, and you can then use the internet to get customer signatures. Zoho One puts your whole team in one location, along with work lists and other helpful information, so you can manage the unit from anywhere. You can assign staff members particular assignments based on their qualifications or skill level. Establishing a current timeline and monitoring team project progress are also straightforward.
  5. Personalized service options: Zoho One enables companies to provide customers with the specialized experiences they want by personalizing advertisements based on user information.

Price of Zoho One

The Zoho One plans are "All Employee Plan" and "Flexible User Plan."

  1. All Employee Pricing/Plan: To use this plan, you must buy Zoho One licenses for each worker. For instance, if your business, You should obtain five licenses for this plan if you have five workers. $37 per month per employee, payable yearly (Minimum 5 employees), Monthly salary of $45 per employee
  2. Flexible User Plans & Pricing: Zoho customers can choose monthly or annual Pricing. You may decide how many staff licenses you want with this plan, but it costs twice as much—paying for a license annually rather than every month can save you money without a doubt.

What is Zoho Assist?

Zoho Assist is a customer support program that provides fast remote assistance. The cloud-based technology enables users to access their clients' remote desktops, share screens, and handle unattended machines to assist with IT, MSP, or general customer concerns. Zoho Assist is an all-in-one remote help, screen sharing, and remote access solution.

Zoho Assist Benefits

Zoho Assist's key advantages include user access control, multiple monitor compatibility, ease of use, and bidirectional file sharing. Here are the specifics:

  1. Control of User Access (UAC): Remote troubleshooting and training are made simple with Zoho Assist. The end-user is not required to hand up control of his data to other parties and remain unaware of it. It is due to the platform's User Access Control (UAC) security option, which is visible on the user's desktop screen. This program finds flaws the user can fix even if they lack IT abilities.
  2. Support for two monitors: Reviews of Zoho Assist show that multi-monitor support is another exceptional feature of this platform. With this tool, users may change controls quickly without waiting for a support expert to access their device. Using the' Run as Service' command, the user can delegate administrative rights to another party.
  3. Simple to Use: The platform's simplicity is one of the primary factors contributing to Zoho Assist's success. There is no requirement for installation or upkeep on your part. Enter your account information and ask for a session. You don't have to wait for the technician to arrive because you have access to the technical console around-the-clock.
  4. File Sharing in Both Directions: Bidirectional file sharing is a unique and distinguishing feature of Zoho Assist, making it an ideal tool for most other remote assistance options. You may use the built-in transfer feature to avoid sending screenshots and emails via third-party applications. Furthermore, the transfer procedure is simple and instantaneous, allowing you to receive and distribute data simultaneously.

Zoho assists Pricing

  1. $23/month per agent, payable yearly
  2. $35/agent/month

Zoho one and Zoho assist and how they differ from Zoho CRM

Zoho one v/s zoho crm

Zoho CRM, well-known for its business services, has made the process execution for many firms easier. When choosing the software needed for their businesses, many customers are confused between Zoho CRM and Zoho One. To clear things up, Zoho One is a subset of Zoho. An all-in-one operating suite with 35+ integrated applications and complementary mobile apps, it is essentially a comprehensive package of Zoho's implementation services ideal for any organization.

In contrast to Zoho One, which unifies sales, marketing, support, accounting, operations, and HR under one roof, Zoho offers customizable CRM solutions. If you need to install a single solution to manage your business processes, Zoho One is a superior choice because its integrated apps help establish and enhance procedures throughout the firm.

The most excellent Zoho partners include Yaali, Zenyatta, Linz Technologies, and Binary Clues, to mention a few. They may make Zoho One available for your company. Although you can choose any,

Zoho assists v/s Zoho CRM.

Zoho Assist is a remote desktop software platform for IT professionals and enterprises that provides help and remote access. A single expert may handle numerous support sessions concurrently, and it ranks among the finest free remote desktop software(opens in new tab) options in terms of price. A practical and reasonably priced remote assistance platform is Zoho Assist. One specialist may handle up to six remote support sessions concurrently, which makes it unique. The program provides helpful capabilities, including integrated file transmission, communication tools, and remote power control.

On the other hand, Zoho CRM provides SMBs and businesses with a 360o customer relationship lifecycle management solution. Contact management, sales funnels, pipeline management, workflow automation, AI-powered conversational assistant, task management, managing marketing campaigns, sales forecasting, customer support & service, inventory management, reporting & analytics, and integration with 500+ popular business apps in a single business system are among the key features. Zoho CRM offers four price tiers ranging from $0 to $40. There is also a free trial of Zoho CRM accessible. Examine the various price editions listed below to choose which edition and features best suit your budget and demands.


As we have seen, the difference between Zoho one and Zoho assist how they are different from Zoho CRM.

Zoho One is a complete all-in-one solution for enhancing business efficiency and extending prospects. Zoho CRM is a privately held worldwide software company actively working to improve the program. Zoho Assist is a remote help, screen sharing, and remote access service that allows users to access their clients' distant desktops. You may use this one-of-a-kind platform to increase sales and strengthen relationships with your target audience. There are methods to ensure that your efforts and initiatives produce the maximum potential return on investment. It may be customized to meet your specific business needs, resulting in significant operational improvement for your company and organization.

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