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Oct 23, 202318 min read

What is LiveAgent and how does it work? Find Out!

Updated onOct 23, 202318 min read
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    Table of Contents

  • What is LiveAgent?
  • From Talk to Transactions
  • Features of LiveAgent
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  • What does LiveAgent Offer?
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  • LiveAgent – Plans and Pricing
  • Benefits of LiveAgent
  • How do you use a LiveAgent?
  • The Bottom Line
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Want a customer service manager, issue tracker, and chat software all in one place? Want seamless customer services no matter how you communicate? If yes, LiveAgent is for you.

LiveAgent is a live chat software system for small and medium-sized firms. It combines live chat and email ticketing to provide you with top customer services. No tool can be good at all things. However, LiveAgent is one of the scarce tool with the all-rounder tag. With automation tickets and internal collaboration tools, LiveAgent provides top-notch features. 


Will LiveAgent be a good fit for your business? Continue reading and determine for yourself. In this article, we will discuss LiveAgent in detail. By the end of this blog, you will get a holistic understanding of LiveAgent and why you should not go for it.


What is LiveAgent?


LiveAgent is an online live chat and help desk platform for small and medium e-commerce firms. In collaboration with a range of third-party software firms, LiveAgent offers a variety of more extensive customer relationship management (CRM) tools, such as marketing and sales force automation. 

It's a flexible solution that can grow with small businesses as their client base and online offerings expand. The program includes a ticket management system that stores the whole stream of chat conversations, emails, phone calls. Moreover, it holds messages from other communication channels between customers and the company's support employees. 

LiveAgent is available as cloud-based software as well as on-premise solutions. The on-premise solutions employ an up-front pricing approach based only on the number of agents. In contrast, the cloud option is billed per user by many agents. Start with a 14-day free trial with no credit card required and no long-term commitments.

From Talk to Transactions

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Features of LiveAgent

The features of LiveAgent are the following: 

  1. Issue management: Issue task cards may be seen, searched, updated, and interacted with via LiveAgent.
  2. Email to ticket: LiveAgent translates email inputs for issues and requests into help tickets.
  3. Self-service portal: Provides end customers with access to their support requests, allowing them to follow the status of their solutions and check for outages and other changes.
  4. Live chat: It can assist you in managing all live conversations with end-users. It helps you deliver timely responses without relying on a formal ticket submission system.
  5. Call management: Use the LiveAgent platform to make and track service calls (voice or video).
  6. Knowledge base management: Use LiveAgent to keep track of all support articles and release notes.
  7. Reporting and analytics: Use LiveAgent's extensive reporting and analytics capabilities to track and measure support success.
  8. Dashboards: Use LiveAgent's extensive dashboards to track service desk activity in real-time.
  9. Auto-assign tickets: LiveAgent allocates tickets to available technicians based on your desired routing mechanism.
  10. Unique email request templates: To handle any demand or issue, use standard templates or develop your custom form.


What does LiveAgent Offer?

What does LiveAgent Offer?

Simple And Smooth User Experience

LiveAgent is one of the most unique customer service desk systems. In terms of functionality, convenience of use, and uniqueness. To create a fantastic user experience, LiveAgent has practically every feature you could ask for and then some.

Firstly, the modern and straightforward user interface is good. The developers of LiveAgent took their time to design an appealing and easy-to-use platform. They even used the task tabs design concept. This type of navigation and task management will make it easy to use. 

Everything about LiveAgent intends to provide customer assistance, manage IT team requests, track progress, and expand your knowledge base. They also added phone and video call management, something only available in more complete CRM packages.

How does it work?

You can make calls with LiveAgent if your phone or video chat software integrates with the platform. Suppose you're not accessible to take or make calls at any given moment. In that case, you can select to display whether these devices are operational.

These types of unique qualities appeal to customers. They aren't groundbreaking because they already exist in other forms of software. But seeing them integrated into a customer service desk platform is incredible. 

This user-friendly experience doesn't stop there. LiveAgent's live chat functionality is especially pleasing. From agent availability reports to SLA compliance, they provide all you need. They even give you code to track your live chat end users' nation, time, IP address, and referral location.

Thanks to the simple side menu navigation, every function is easy to locate and use. Each function has a clear label on this menu, so you'll never waste time on anything.

Because there are no unique words for standard functions or hidden features, onboarding your staff to this platform should be simple. LiveAgent is a refreshing experience. In almost every manner that the previous platform fails, this one triumphs. It's simple to use, robust, and adaptable.

Customer Support

LiveAgent delivers everything of the customer service you'll ever require, plus more. When you use LiveAgent, there's nearly no chance the software won't answer your query or problem. LiveAgent provides technical help via phone, live chat, and email 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Exactly what you'd expect from a firm that creates customer support software. A comprehensive online knowledge base with over 400 articles and dozens of videos. It is available on the company's website. There are several annotated screenshots in the tutorials. It will teach you how to customize LiveAgent's settings and functionality.

What do you get?

  1. Phone assistance 
  2. Email assistance
  3. A FAQ website
  4. Video tutorials
  5. A knowledge base
  6. User forums
  7. A change logs
  8. Integration guidelines
  9. A performance status page

Visitor Security

LiveAgent safeguards your agents' credentials by enabling two-factor authentication with Google Authenticator. Various security options allow you to limit the sorts of files delivered over live chat. And the length of time cookies is maintained for visitors to your site. Administrators may also view extensive audit records and impose strict password requirements on individual team members.

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LiveAgent – Plans and Pricing

LiveAgent – Plans and Pricing

The plans and pricing of LiveAgent are the following:


  1. One email address
  2. one live chat service button for your website
  3. one support phone number
  4. contact forms, ticket merging
  5. ticket splitting
  6. custom email templates
  7. mass actions
  8. ticket exporting
  9. email notifications
  10. custom ticket fields
  11. internal tickets
  12. spam filters
  13. attachments
  14. reporting
  15. knowledge base
  16. customer forum 
  17. a self-service portal
  18. 24/7 support

Ticket: $15 per agent per month 

  1. Unlimited ticket history
  2. unlimited email addresses
  3. all prior features
  4. templated ticket replies
  5. departments
  6. sophisticated reporting
  7. SLAs
  8. multi-brand support
  9. contacts
  10. integrations
  11. no live chat or call center

Ticket+Chat: $29 per agent per month

  1. Includes all previous services
  2. a real-time visitor monitor
  3. chat invites
  4. chat satisfaction surveys
  5. social network integration (additional $39 per month)
  6. All-Inclusive: $39 per agent per month 
  7. Includes all prior features
  8. call center
  9. video calls
  10. call routing/transfers
  11. unlimited call storage
  12. gamification
  13. social media integration (at no additional charge)
  14. time tracking
  15. an audit trail.

All-Inclusive: $39 per agent per month

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Benefits of LiveAgent

Benefits of LiveAgent

The benefits of LiveAgent are the following:

  1. User-friendly: The most significant advantage of LiveAgent is that it is user-friendly and inventive. It is purpose-driven, making it a near-perfect alternative for practically every user. LiveAgent meets your service desk software requirements with its appealing user interface.
  2. Cost: The second advantage of LiveAgent is the cost. All levels are moderately priced compared to the services provided. Still, LiveAgent also provides a substantial free alternative that includes scaled-back versions of its functions, including free web chat and video chats. It is an excellent method for smaller businesses to learn everything about the platform before committing to a paying solution.


How do you use a LiveAgent?

 Follow these simple steps: 

Step 1: Learn about LiveAgent.

Step 2: Create new users. Make user accounts for your employees.

Step 3: Configure your email.

Step 4: Include a live chat button on your website.

Step 5: Link your social media accounts.

Step 6: Create a customer portal.

Step 7: Establish a call center.

Step 8: Determine your subsequent actions.


The Bottom Line

LiveAgent is one of those platforms that does almost everything right. The feature set is extensive, the user interface is appealing, the simplicity of use is straightforward, and the cost is reasonable for what it provides.

Furthermore, it includes a free option for individuals who want to test the site beyond the free trial. It's affordable yet strong enough for enterprise customers. It's an excellent customer service software solution for many users.

BotPenguin is also an excellent customer service option for small businesses and medium enterprises. They combine service automation and AI technology into their innovative and adaptable chatbots. Want to know more? Check them out!


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Table of Contents

  • What is LiveAgent?
  • From Talk to Transactions
  • Features of LiveAgent
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  • What does LiveAgent Offer?
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  • LiveAgent – Plans and Pricing
  • Benefits of LiveAgent
  • How do you use a LiveAgent?
  • The Bottom Line