What is Live Chat? The Ultimate Guide to Live Chat

What is Live Chat? The Ultimate Guide to Live Chat

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It’s have always been about timing to be successful on the internet. It all depends upon factors such as how soon you are discovered, how recognizable your brand is at first look, and how swiftly you respond to engagement. It is why live blogging and other forms of real-time information are such an essential element of today’s marketing strategy. But what about its relationship to sales? Why not use live chat interaction to help your consumer through the conversion process?

Consumers choose organizations that emphasize providing a fantastic experience. Therefore customer experience (CX) has become more crucial than ever. In the long term, firms need to keep their employees. Online chat is an essential aspect of a strong customer experience. It allows you to communicate with consumers in real-time, right on your website or on your phone.

This article will discuss what live chat is and provide a comprehensive guide. 


Live chat is an internet service that allows businesses to converse with visitors and consumers on their websites in real-time. Companies used to utilize live chat as a customer service channel. However, today, sales and marketing teams employ live chat to convert visitors into leads and please current customers since the way consumers investigate and buy from organizations has transformed. A visitor will come to your site, leave, be reminded, return, leave again, evaluate options, return, and perhaps buy – all while switching between devices. If they're satisfied with their purchase, the cycle continues.

What is Live Chat?


Live chat is a messaging platform that allows your company to interact with website visitors in real-time. web chat software, often known as customer messaging software, enables live chat. You may use web chat software to start dialogues with new visitors to your website, communicate with returning customers, and help current users. It’s a contemporary, ongoing, and contextual strategy to increase consumer engagement, delight them, and keep them for the long haul.

Online chat allows you to provide a more customized customer experience, improve brand interactions, gain a competitive advantage, and get a sense of your consumers’ pulse. Implementing a web chat solution for your company may benefit your marketing, sales, and customer service teams throughout the customer journey.

Why Is Live Chat Important?

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Live chat is essential for the following reasons:

Connect with people on their terms

You may start a conversation with your site visitors whenever convenient for them via live chat. People enjoy web chat because it helps them multitask–whether at work or while shopping online. According to G2Crowd, as a tool for customers to communicate with businesses, live interaction has a 73 percent satisfaction score.

People demand it

The popularity of one-on-one chatting has skyrocketed. More B2B marketing and sales teams are increasingly using web chat on their websites to satisfy the expectations of their present and potential clients. It’s only natural that Millennials want Online chat services because they grew up with online chat and now expect real-time responses on websites via messaging. However, live chat isn’t only for Millennials; the technology benefits all internet users, regardless of age.

Creates a human buying experience

Real people are your prospective clients, not a set of MQL and SQL criteria. One of the main reasons you need live chat is to provide your site visitors the opportunity to converse with a natural person. You may use Online chat to take a more human-centric approach to sales.


Live chat helps create more significant customer satisfaction levels than other communication channels, and 79 percent of customers choose online chat support because of the immediacy it delivers. As a result, firms that use live chat for customer care are better equipped to understand their customers' requirements and tailor their offerings to fit those demands. Client connection in real-time fosters brand loyalty while also increasing customer lifetime value (CLTV).

How to Grow Your Business With Live Chat

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Customer service representatives were once the only ones who used web chat. The times, however, are changing. Online chat is now being used by a growing number of sales and marketing teams. Here are the ways of using live chat for the growth of your business:

Build a pipeline faster

Make contact with folks who are ready to purchase right now. Because these are people who sought you out, the leads you obtain through online chat are distinct from those you get from typical inbound leads. They want rapid responses when they’re on your site, and that’s precisely what you’ll provide. Executives make up 41% of those who initiate online interactions with firms.

Lower costs

Another advantage of web chat is that it may assist you in both earning and saving money. It’s significantly less expensive than traditional support channels; it’s quick and straightforward to set up. It also cuts response times in half, allowing your staff to be more productive.

Live Chat offers Attraction and engagement

The harsh reality of increasing website traffic is that most visitors will depart without action. There was no involvement, no research, and no thought. Live chat is an excellent technique for reversing this trend. Automated platforms can rapidly attract the attention of certain people by appearing and encouraging them to engage in a conversation. It is when the marketing department enters the picture. That interaction provides a chance to communicate with a lead and collect information about them, such as an email address or phone number. Anything you learn from the live conversation will help you expand your database.

Live Chat can deliver Personalized messages

With live chat, you may not only target specific sites, but you can also target individual people. You can also use ABM to reach out to VIP leads with tailored messaging as soon as they arrive on your site.

Live Chat can provide Convincing pitches

It’s always nice to have a salesman on hand to talk to it. Someone well-versed in the product and the arguments to make while persuading others. The problem is that many purchasers have last-minute reservations. Live chat will provide an easy and quick opportunity to answer queries and clarify additional points. How does it benefit your business? By increasing conversion rates at the check-out counter.  

Live Chat can Route incoming chats

Use an intelligent chatbot that can allocate chats to particular team members to guarantee your visitors communicate with the proper person in your organization. Your sales personnel won’t have to waste time answering support queries this way. Chatbots also guarantee that your clients aren’t disappointed by poor response times since 51% of consumers believe a firm should be open 24/7. Your chatbot will provide high-quality leads directly to your sales team, allowing them to continue the engagement.

Live Chat offers Customer support

What do you want from customer service when you need assistance? Probably the same as everyone else: you want to see your problem solved as quickly as feasible. Access to support channels is more accessible is a significant selling factor for businesses since it affects the customer’s life. And there is no easier or more immediate way to do it than through live chat.

A company can swiftly detect and handle any problem with the correct tools. 

A simplified CS is cost-effective for the organization and appealing to the client. How appealing is it? If you recall, we discussed a barrier-averse audience at the start of the guide. Brands that directly engage with consumers have a significant competitive edge in this setting. You sell for longer when you combine an optimized marketing approach that captures leads’ attention, a terrific sales pitch that persuades them, and practical support. With conversion and loyalty rates on the rise, success is on the horizon.

Live Chat Shorten the sales cycle

Today’s digital purchasers expect digital assistance. You will be able to substantially reduce the duration of your sales cycle and meet your growth objectives by providing your site visitors with a quick, direct means to engage with actual people–rather than forcing them to fill out extensive forms.

When You Shouldn’t Use Live Chat

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Before jumping to any conclusion, let’s be clear about one thing: live chat alone isn’t always enough to help you achieve your business goals. Because people power live chat, it has some limitations. Said, it isn’t scalable. Use the live chat in conjunction with intelligent chatbots to scale your sales funnel. Bots can handle the time-consuming chores that take up all of your time, allowing you to spend more time communicating with potential clients on a human-to-human level.

When employees are online, they can reply to incoming conversations. When they’re not available online, or when the volume of incoming chats becomes too high, bots can step in to provide quick responses and handle difficulties. They may automatically route incoming conversations to the appropriate department, allowing your salespeople to respond through live chat only when necessary.

Live Chat – Final Thoughts

Customers may have real-time, back-and-forth interactions with help employees via web chat assistance. Customers can communicate inquiries to a person who can immediately respond to them in the same tiny window using web chat software placed on a company’s website. web chat software is sometimes used for purposes other than customer service, such as facilitating sales talks. On the other hand, customer-focused live chat software may incorporate extra support-focused capabilities like deep integration with knowledge bases and shared inbox tools.

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