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What are Voice Bots & Are they the Next Big Thing?

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Oct 16, 202317 min read
BotPenguin AI Chatbot Maker


BotPenguin AI Chatbot Maker

A voice chatbot is an artificially intelligent communication tool that can record, analyze, and respond to spoken language in a manner that is indistinguishable from the original. Users only need to communicate their requests to the device with a voice AI chatbot.

Customers that browse or shop on your website may have numerous unanswered queries. A voice-enabled bot can provide immediate, accurate, and low-cost responses to such inquiries.

Voice chatbots are the next evolution of AI chatbots, allowing users to have conversations with the AI in their natural language. The voice chatbot can interact the same way as a human being and will even react in its unique voice. 

The voice chatbot's sophisticated NLP system makes communication a breeze. The widespread availability of voice-activated digital assistants like Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant has conditioned consumers to expect this type of technology in their abodes.

But what sets Virtual Assistants apart from Voice Bots?

Voice chatbots and virtual assistants use Natural Language Processing (NLP) to decipher user input and return accurate results.

Nonetheless, there are several ways in which they differ significantly from one another.

Let's compare and contrast traditional voice assistants with those using AI-based voice recognition technology to create chatbots.

Key Voicebot Functions

Key Voicebot Functions

Voice-enabled chatbots designed for customer support aim to solve a unique problem online shoppers encounter. Text-based input becomes tedious and unpleasant as more and more people become accustomed to utilizing voice as the primary way of contact with all of their smart devices. There are voice chatbots that can help with this.

Voice-enabled chatbots are convenient since users may interact with them whenever they choose and always receive a prompt response. The goal of good customer service should be to minimize inconveniences for the client.

Voice-activated capabilities

Most of us are comfortable with the built-in voice assistants on our smartphones and other smart gadgets. The famous voice assistants of today are Alexa from Amazon, Siri from Apple, and Assistant from Google.

They possess the following characteristics:

  1. Use your voice to operate connected home appliances like light switches and thermostats.
  2. Rely on local storage and processing; users need specialized hardware like smart speakers to access them.
  3. It can be a portal to access and use various other applications and services.
  4. Develop actions that can be triggered mechanically using your input set.

How do I create a Voice Bot?

When starting from scratch with a chatbot build, you must consider numerous necessities before you can even begin talking to your voice bot. The ability to accurately recognize spoken words, a platform for Natural Language Processing and Understanding (NLU), a staff with experience in machine learning, etc. Building a voice bot from scratch requires dedication and patience.

If you're trying to train a voice bot for a specific industry, you can save time and effort by using a voice bot from a cutting-edge and reliable supplier like BotPenguin. If you work with a voice AI provider, you can get a custom-built voice bot that has been tested in the market and is optimized for your use cases. You can leverage their vast experience and knowledge of the field to develop superior voice chatbots for your company.

Should we expect a Future dominated by Vocal Chatbots?

Voice AI has advanced significantly over the past few years, and its use has increased accordingly. It was rough around the edges when it was just a prototype. Complex voice chatbots that can understand natural speech, phrases, slang, and the context behind them are now possible thanks to artificial intelligence and vast data sets used to train them.

The development of AI ensures that it will eventually surpass human abilities.

Voice AI is still in its infancy, but it's getting better and better all the time. 

Pattern recognition in the training dataset is the foundation of AI. Your experience will be improved when you use it because new interactions are constantly being added to the dataset.

In the coming years, voice bots are also expected to sound more human-like and natural. This familiarity will help people feel more comfortable with AI, increasing their interest in it.

The voice AI software used by brands has been trained and improved by utilizing more advanced natural language processing technology. While voice interactions may dominate the future, many established companies have already seen the potential benefits of voice chatbots.

More awareness, more usage.

More awareness, more usage.

As smart home devices and voice assistants become more widespread, consumers may expect the same level of hands-free ease from the brands they engage with. Within the next few years, voice chatbots will likely replace all other input forms.

A brand should consider the abundance of options available.

Enhanced comprehension, faster reaction times, a higher customer satisfaction percentage, and lower operating costs.

These are a few reasons why voice chatbots will become increasingly popular soon. Voice bots are gaining popularity among the youth at an accelerated rate.

The Internet of Things is flourishing.

Over the next few years, voice-based bots will likely integrate into a wide range of other products and services, expanding their reach and creating a pervasive ecosystem. The core of tomorrow's Internet of Things will be voice-based chatbots. Due to the increasing compactness of mobile devices and the diminishing value of desktop computer monitors, voice chatbots provide users the convenience of having access to timely and accurate information without ever having to lift a finger.

Confidentiality and Security of Data is a priority.

Confidentiality and Security of Data is a priority.

As voice bot technology develops, a greater emphasis on security and privacy is expected. As a result, we save everything on our phones and may need to disclose private data to AI-enabled robots. Since user data security is of the utmost importance, organizations looking to embrace AI should partner with providers who can guarantee absolute protection.

Advantages of a Voice Chatbot 

It is all real-time.

There are several ways in which clients might profit from utilizing a voice chatbot. Having a consumer wait on the phone for what may be minutes for a simple answer to their question about a product or service is unacceptable. If they can find the information they need elsewhere, they probably will. With voice AI software, folks in need can get help right away. It's incredibly efficient and can function independently. If the customer needs further assistance, though, the voice chatbot may put them in touch with a natural person right away.

The magic of data collection

Voice chatbots' capacity to glean information about their users is a significant advantage. Access to detailed customer profiles makes learning about consumers, their likes, dislikes, and expectations much simpler.

You can learn about the issues and difficulties your users regularly confront by looking through a voice bot's organized log of past interactions. Using a voice chatbot program, you may monitor user activity and tailor your service to specific demographics.

No more discarded shopping carts

Users will naturally turn to you for help if they have inquiries about your products or services that aren't covered on your website. But if consumers see that calling customer service is more work than looking it up online, they are more inclined to go with the latter. Because of this, the percentage of shoppers who decide to abandon their carts may increase dramatically. With a live voice bot, you can answer consumers' questions in real time and keep them from going elsewhere to find the information they need.

You can use consumer information to your advantage by launching targeted remarketing efforts.

Cut costs and save some money.

Cut costs and save some money.

The cost of maintaining a contact center that is open around the clock and able to serve all users at once can be prohibitive. Maintaining a high level of customer service might be challenging if you have to spend too much time and money on these things.

On the other hand, voice bots mean that customers don't have to wait for a support agent to answer any question, no matter how simple or complex. Using a chatbot to manage your support crew allows you to efficiently use everyone's time and expertise. It translates to improved profitability and decreased operating expenses.


Regarding speed, voice is unrivaled by any other medium, whether you're a customer or a corporation. AI is improving rapidly, so voice chatbots are becoming more powerful, adaptable, and secure in their customer care approaches. Modern consumers see their lives made easier by voice technology like smart speakers and voice bots integrated into enterprise software.

Creating convincing artificial human connections is a formidable challenge. The complex neural processing of AI-enabled voice chatbots makes this a reality. You've come to the correct place if you're in the market for a robust voice chatbot to supercharge your company's operations.

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