Top 8 Features of Insightly

Top 8 Features of Insightly

Top 8 Features of Insightly

Customer relations are the lifeblood of businesses; the better they are, the more you thrive. Numerous ways have been introduced through history to improve customer service and add that magic touch to products. Whether it be gifting coupons or deals to loyal customers or a personal note from the CEO on the first purchase, the industry has come quite a long way. 

Everything is converted into data these days. The websites a customer frequently visits, their social media profiles, and other habits on the internet are available to companies. How does this happen? Special teams and software work all day to curate a tailored purchase for every customer that passes through an online store. 

Do you notice when products on your wishlist suddenly appear on your phone with better deals? 

How do you think this happens?

Many people believe that companies invade their customer’s privacy to create these personalized deals, but getting to know a person without invading their privacy is quite easy nowadays. 

Customer engagement and service are worth millions of dollars in this modern era. So what options a business has to provide good customer service. Fifty percent of all companies on the internet use CRMs (customer relationship management software) to enhance their customer service. 

CRMs are a one-stop solution for everything a business needs to thrive. In other words, they come with a set of tools that make life easier for your business and team. The real dilemma entrepreneurs face selecting the right CRM. 

So, Which is the right one? The answer is completely dependent on your consumer base. There are a lot of options for CRMs online. What criteria should you look for in a CRM? Some factors can be ease of usage, efficiency, pricing, reviews, etc. 

Don’t worry; Insightly is an organization that satisfies all these criteria. It has been in the market for twelve years and has been helping businesses evolve. Insightly offers various products, but their most popular is Insightly CRM. 

Before we learn more about Insightly and its features, let’s see what they are all about. 

Next up! What is Insightly?


Insightly is a SaaS (software as a service) venture that began in 2009. Insightly helps transform businesses to their best version possible by their various services and products. They serve over 25,000 small and medium-sized ventures globally with 500,000 monthly active users. 

The Top 8 features of Insightly are the following which come with great benefits.

  • Advanced lead routing and management

  • deploy customs apps without coding

  • Offers custom dashboards with metrics of choice

    Supports all app extensions across industries

    CRM also comes with mobile apps

    Industry grade safety protocols

    Marketing strategy planner

    Affordable pricing with great plans

What is Insightly and features of Insightly?

What is Insightly and features of Insightly_

Insightly is a SaaS (software as a service) venture that began in 2009. Insightly helps transform businesses to their best version possible through various services and products. They serve over 25,000 small and medium-sized ventures globally with 500,000 monthly active users. 

Companies like Bosch, Bloomberg, and Sanofi have increased their profits by a large percentage since they have started using Insightly’s service. These companies are the standard in their industries. It is a testament to Insightly’s amazing performance, making it one of the best customer relations software globally. 

The most popular product of Insightly is Insightly CRM, with over 1.5 plus million users in all industries. They also provide other services:


Integrating other applications and extensions into the CRM workflow is called App connect. This enables businesses to manage and do everything from one combined interface. This service is popular among businesses with large databases. 


Insightly’s customer service product; enables businesses to step up their customer service a notch. They help businesses to engage and interact more effectively with their customers and leads.


Insightly also provides marketing services that help businesses create an effective and easy strategy to generate more sales. Things like customer segmentation, purchase journeys, and marketing campaigns come under this service. 


As the name suggests, Insightly also helps businesses set up call lines for customer service, engagement, and interaction. They provide businesses with advanced tools that make managing a call center a piece of cake. 

Insightly API

Budding developers can use Insightly’s API (application programming interface) to integrate it into any program they want. For example, a business owner decides to invest money in a proprietary CRM software just for his company, the features of Insightly can be easily implemented into the developing software. 

This product gives Insightly the flexibility to survive even when people do not subscribe to their services. 

Some facts about Insightly and CRMs

  1. There are over one and a half million daily active users of Insightly. 
  2. Insightly is the most popular customer relationship management software among Google and Office 365 users. 
  3. Insightly is used by twenty-five thousand companies worldwide for sales tracking and customer engagement.
  4. The developers of Insightly have secured over fifty million dollars in funding from various stellar ventures like Emergence Capital Partners, Cloud Apps Capital Partners, Scott Bommer, and Sozo Ventures.
  5. The global CRM market had a net worth of forty billion dollars in 2019. This market cap will grow by a factor of at least 15% CAGR in the next 5 years.
  6. Seventy-five percent of SaaS (software as a service) purchases in the previous two years were CRMs 
  7. Fifty percent of companies worldwide are using some sort of marketing automation to increase sales. 
  8. CRMs offer a great return on investment. For example: if a CRM takes one dollar to operate, it will generate around 8-9 dollars. 
  9. CRMs have been instrumental in giving much higher ROIs, even 1000-1500%, in the case of the Quint Wellington Redwood Group.

Insightly’s Top 8 Features and benefits

So far, we have glanced at what Insightly as a whole offers to businesses. Now let’s understand Insightly’s features and their benefits to a business in detail. 

Advanced lead management and routing by Insightly

Inbound leads are the lifeblood of many online businesses on the internet. Insightly features a great system of lead generation and management. The CRM interface automatically picks out data and verifies it; if it is actionable, it is routed to a sales rep for further contact. This process happens in real-time, and it saves a lot of man-hours and money for business in every industry. 

Deploy custom applications quickly without code on Insightly CRM

Many companies use CRMs that require a developer to create apps on the CRM. Now, apps on the CRMs are created for different purposes to avoid the tedious process, but what good does it do when you need to call a developer every time you need a custom app? Insightly eliminates this problem by giving you the option to create your custom apps by setting a few different parameters. 

Create your custom interface through Insightly

Create your custom interface through Insightly

Do you ever wish you could get rid of all the extra metrics on your screen? Now you can, Insightly offers users to create custom dashboards by formatting according to their needs. This feature allows businesses to track metrics that they want because, over time, priorities change for an organization. This adds flexibility and efficiency to your workflow. 

Insightly can be used from anywhere

Do you ever wish you could manage a project through your phone? Insightly has an amazing solution for this, IOS and android applications for Insightly. These apps allow users to work from anywhere and on the go. This adds mobility to your workflow and helps your sales rep work directly from the field. The Insightly mobile apps can store business cards and store a person’s contact info automatically. So, a complete mobile workstation is in your pockets.

Supports all major workflow integrations without coding

Most CRMs don’t support the integration of application extensions into their workflow. If they do support it, it requires a developer. Insightly features a great App-Connect service that allows you to add any app extension you want to your CRM without a developer. Yes, you read right, without writing a single piece of code. Users can add extensions across various categories, such as: 

  1. Finance
  2. HR
  3. Sales
  4. Support
  5. DevOps/It
  6. Ecommerce
  7. Marketing

Ironclad safety protocols in Insightly

Ironclad safety protocols in Insightly

Every major database with customers’ personal information faces the threat of theft. Throughout history, many data leaks have put customers of famous brands in harm’s way. Fortunately, safety and privacy are a priority for Insightly developers. Every step comes with encryption on the Insightly CRM, from signing in to logging off. Some protocols that Insightly uses for protection are:

  1. 2-factor authentication
  2. Single sign-on by industry-grade authentication protocols
  3. Data encryption while it is outgoing as well as incoming
  4. GDPR compliance and US/EU privacy protected

 helps you test out your marketing strategy

Every marketing strategy is like a theory that needs to be tested. Unfortunately, there are not many tools accessible to businesses other than the traditional ones like focus groups. Insightly employs advanced algorithms and helps you predict the chances of success for your strategy. It also offers you suggestions on which content to put out according to trends. 

Reasonable and Affordable Pricing

Insightly’s features are great and have great benefits too, but what good are they if you cannot use them. Insightly understands the financial strain people face when starting and has set affordable prices accordingly. Insightly offers three plans: plus, professional, and enterprise. The plans start from 29 dollars monthly and go up to 99 dollars. 

Insightly in a nutshell

After everything we have learned so far, we hope it has helped you understand Insightly and its features and benefits. Insightly, in short, is easy, flexible, value for money, trustworthy, safe, and efficient. So, everything a growing business needs to evolve and add value to their customers’ lives. 

If you are running a business, go for it! Insightly has very reasonable pricing options that start at $29 per month.

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