Top 5 free Live Chat App for your online business

Top 5 free Live Chat App for your online business


Digital customers are on the top of every funnel goal. They are too impatient to wait long hours of customer service. It shows why over 78% of customers want a live chat app in every business to meet their demands. Today, meeting customer expectations, engagement, and keeping up with the latest trends are eCommerce’s biggest challenges. If you are looking for a solution, a live chat app is the best solution. It is an online tool that assists in dealing with customer experience challenges. It can also engage your customers with real-time conversation. Live chat is easy to use and provides immediate help to customers. According to G2, 2 in 5 customers will stop using your product if the response time is not instant. 

Apart from customer service, live chat also increases revenue and retention. Why are you backing off now? Is it due to cost? If you think you need coding knowledge, then you are wrong. Most live chat apps are free of cost and require no code for building and using. 

This article will find the top 5 free live chat apps for your online business. 


  • Live chat is an online service tool with real-time interactions for bot customers and teams. 

    You can use live chat through an online website or live chat app. 

    Live chat apps are great for start-ups or small businesses as they are free of cost. 

    You have a no-code live chat application for your online business.

Benefits of Live chat app:

  • Increased Consumer Engagement

    Faster Customer Support

    Improved Customer Satisfaction

    Higher Conversion Rates

    Share Multi-Media

    Builds Brand Trust

    Manage Your Agents Effectively

Why Live Chat App to Your Online Business?

  • Good customer satisfaction rating. 

    Huge positive influence on online sales and marketing. 

    Minimum cart abandonment and improved purchase rates. 

    Low cost and highly effective customer service.

Top 5 free live chat apps for your online business

  • HubSpot





What are Live Chat App?

Customers can have text-based online chats with customer service representatives via live chat. Customers may get immediate responses to their issues by adding live chat windows to their websites.

Depending on the company’s preferences or working hours, live chat help can be provided by an AI or a human person via a tiny chat window.

Live chat help is provided via a website or mobile messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and SMS.

Customers enjoy this route of back-and-forth communication since it is “live.” Unlike other help channels such as email, live chat generally gives clients real-time assistance. Unlike email assistance, live chat allows you to receive instant responses. 

How Does Live Chat Work?

Your customers do not need to download or sign up for different applications to utilize the live chat apps. So, how will they be able to use live chat services?

They should be able to see an integrated widget on your website, preferably in the bottom right corner. ‘Hi!’ will be a hidden note on the widget. To start a discussion, ask, “How can I assist you?”

Visitors may choose from various automatic tabs, including what’s new, monitor my order, recent sales, etc. A visitor may also enter and send a message to ask questions answered right away on the live chat app.

Benefits of Live Chat App

  1. Increased Consumer Engagement: A paid or free live chat software for your website may increase customer engagement by quickly responding to their questions. Live chat may provide your visitors a personalized experience and make them feel like they’re conversing with a real person.
  2. Faster Customer Support: With online live chat software, you may quickly respond to your visitors’ questions. In contrast to the lengthy process of emailing, real-time texting allows you to respond immediately.
  3. Improved Customer Satisfaction: Live chat may provide visitors with a quick response and an attractive solution to their problems. When compared to calls or emails, this increases customer satisfaction.
  4. Higher Conversion Rates: The greatest live chat software helps you extract excellent leads and boost customer service. You may enhance your sales by using the statistics provided by live chat software and your discussion history with visitors.
  5. Share Multi-Media: Using live chat room software, you can ensure that every communication with clients and website visitors is productive. To make interactions more fascinating and engaging, you may use the online chat to exchange multi-media items such as audio, photos, GIFs, and videos.
  6. Builds Brand Trust: Adding an online live chat software to your website can help you establish brand credibility. Your guests will feel secure speaking one-on-one with a human-like bot, and they will be able to ask whatever questions they want.
  7. Manage Your Agents Effectively: A live chat room app allows you to allocate various talks to different agents. You may use this function to track productivity and assess performance.

Why Add Live Chat App to Your Online Business?

According to Statistics, live chat has the highest customer satisfaction ratings of any customer service channel, at 73 percent. The live chat function has a significant influence on online sales and marketing. Customers may obtain immediate replies without having to leave your website. 

A pleasant live chat experience can aid customers in making purchasing decisions. Adding live chat support to your website has reduced cart abandonment, increased sales, and boosted conversion rates. However, your live chat program plays a significant role.

A poor live chat customer experience may be costly. You might lose money and get a terrible impression of your company from customers. Moreover, you may overpay for the service or be unable to utilize the live chat platform owing to technical issues.

So, let’s look at our professional picks for the finest live chat software suppliers to help you expand your business.

Top 5 free live chat apps for your online business


HubSpot is a well-known all-in-one marketing platform that includes live chat and a chatbot builder. You can personalize the live chat interface to fit your website’s branding. Also, you can construct no-code chatbot processes and link all customer data to the HubSpot CRM platform.

The on-site personalization options in HubSpot also make it simple to customize the website chat experience for returning users, increasing sales conversion.

HubSpot also includes email marketing automation, sales CRM, landing page software, and many more vital marketing services for the same price as live chat.

It allows you to communicate with your consumers through several channels, including live chat, email ticketing, and email automation.

As a result, HubSpot appeals to small company owners and giant corporations.

The most admirable aspect about HubSpot is that if you’re just getting started, you can utilize the free version. 


BotPenguin is a website-based live chat and chatbot solution that allows businesses to engage with customers via social media platforms. It offers an application for Windows and macOS, mobile apps for Android and iOS devices, and a web app for all browsers. It allows professionals to communicate with website visitors from anywhere.

BotPenguin’s key features include a live chat widget, chatbots, social media, and messaging connections. Moreover, it provides extensive visitor information with custom fields, visitor behavior, a pre-chat form, alerts, read receipts, conversation transcripts, and SSL encryption. 

BotPenguin enables businesses to automate sales and support and provide assistance 24 hours, seven days a week. Automatic issue chat invites clients to generate more leads, move conversations to team members, and personalize the chat widget by adding specific colors, messages, or photographs. It also allows users to share files or photos with website visitors and swiftly settle problems utilizing stored replies and typing insights and real-time information on missed/incoming chat metrics and working hours.

An application programming interface (API) is included with BotPenguin, allowing enterprises to link the platform with third-party systems. It also features Zapier integration, allowing businesses to connect BotPenguin to over 50 apps without learning to program.


Olark is a famous online company live chat solution. Olark is simple to use and integrate into a WordPress site. All you need to do is copy and paste a piece of code into your WordPress sidebar widget or child theme.

A free Olark Live Chat plugin makes setup much easier if you don’t want to bother with coding.

Olark integrates with various services, including Salesforce, Zendesk, and Highrise.

You may connect to Olark chat from practically any iOS or Android device via third-party mobile apps, allowing you to talk with consumers on the move.


EngageBay is a marketing, sales, support, live chat, help desk, and customer relationship marketing (CRM) solution for small to medium enterprises. It helps them recruit, engage, and convert website visitors into customers. The cloud-based platform leverage marketing tools to cultivate long-term client connections.

Email marketing, live chat/help desk, landing pages, ticketing, appointment scheduling, telephone, and contact management are all features of EngageBay. It includes an integrated CRM that enables organizations to manage and track all activity related to customers, prospects, and deals as they go through pipelines.

Service Bay is the name of the live chat program linked to the help desk software. 

Businesses may use Zapier and Xero integrations to link EngageBay to various third-party programs, including Salesforce, Intercom, Mailchimp, and HubSpot.


LiveChat is the most popular live chat software on the market. With their free LiveChat plugin for WordPress, it’s pretty simple to set up and install.

You and your support agents may utilize LiveChat’s attractively designed live chat support software on your desktops, tablets, and mobile devices. That means you can talk to consumers without entering into your WordPress dashboard.

You may include survey forms before and after a live chat session to assess the performance of your support and sales teams. You may build up a pipeline so that users can send a support ticket immediately from live chat during your off-hours.

LiveChat can interface with various services, including prominent CRM tools like Hubspot, Google Analytics, Zendesk, and leading email marketing providers like MailChimp. You will save time since you will not have to manually enter consumer information into your other systems.

The quickness of LiveChat is perhaps its most attractive feature. Their chat window loads quickly, are compatible with all devices, and provides a superior user experience to most other live chat software.


If you are starting your online business, the live chat can be an excellent tool for brand trustability and increased revenue. You can provide top-notch customer service with real-time support without any coding required. The live chat app supports integration on multiple platforms, including social media. The live chat app works with conversational AI automation that can save time and effort. Live chat apps like BotPenguin and HubSpot are compatible with android and iOS mobile versions. So, if you have confused about which app to choose, we suggest you go with the one that has features close to your goal. 

BotPenguin is a friendly chatbot that loves to make lively conversations and keeps your visitors and customers non-doozy! BotPenguin promised his fellow penguins with an oath to make the world a conversational playground for everyone and works 24*7, 365 to make it happen. BotPenguin is a huge Adele fan and loves to surf the internet to say hello to everyone. You can have a date with BotPenguin through its favorite channels.

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