Tidio Review: An In-Depth Look 2022

Tidio Review: An In-Depth Look 2022

Tidio Review- An In-depth Review

Communication and customer service are the paved road to the success of any firm. In this digital era, Live chat or chatbot provides seamless service 24×7. Tidio assists businesses in optimizing critical tasks such as analyzing clients’ needs. Tidio helps in communicating for your eCommerce firm. It is a good customer service software with efficient, effective, and current capabilities.Titus Goas and Martin Wiktor established Tidio in 2013. Tidio is now utilized on more than 300,000 websites. The company’s headquarters are located in Szczecin, Poland. Tidio offers live chat, infinite chatbots with configurable processes, and more. Want an unbiased Tidio Review?

This article will provide an in-depth review of Tidio.


Tidio is a straightforward and easy-to-use program. It allows clients to connect to different software platforms. Tidio is a low-cost live chat service. 

It sells three different things for $10-$18 a piece. Tidio also offers a completely free subscription. It is great for small organizations searching for live chat capabilities. Tidio clients have a lot of flexibility with this pricing plan.

What is Tidio?

Tidio Live Chat is a website and app-based online communication solution. It has built-in chatbot processes and email marketing templates, among other things.

Tidio combines features like marketing automation, bots, and live chat. It assists in improving customer happiness and increasing revenue.


Tidio Review – Key Features

Overall Tidio Review – Good

The key features of Tidio are listed below:


Live Chat

Tidio Review – Good

Live Chat

Live chat is the quickest and most efficient method of communication. The live chat feature of Tidio has the potential to increase your sales by 40%. One of the most important factors influencing customer satisfaction is response time. You’ll be able to quickly respond to their questions. Or give the assistance they require, which will enhance their loyalty.

When customers receive bad service, they will turn towards your competition. Furthermore, you risk receiving an unfavorable review, easily putting off potential clients. Even when you are not accessible, Tidio’s Live Chat is quite attentive. If you are presently unavailable, you can use bots to fill in for your live chat.

Chat Interface

Tidio Review – Good

The first tab in the Tidio workplace is the Chat tab, which displays chat history. All chats may be viewed, or you can restrict them to individual agents. A sound and a red notice box will alert agents to any pending conversations.



Tidio Review – Very Good

Chatbots provide automated answers depending on your customers’ demands and retail behavior. The welcome chatbot greets and offers assistance when you visit the website.

When you’re not accessible, Tidio chatbot can assist you in establishing and sustaining client contact. They provide automated messages to consumers via Tidio’s communication channels. Such as Live Chat, Email, or messenger.

Tidio’s flexible processes make creating chatbots without coding a breeze. Businesses use chatbots to greet customers, answer simple queries, or collect contact information. Bot development begins with a trigger that specifies when the chatbot will communicate with the visitor. 

For example, the bot may be programmed to activate when a visitor connects with a given page. From there, bots may be developed as simple or complex as you desire.

You may personalize the messages that the chatbots send. For example, customize the welcome message in your style. Tidio’s core chatbot features include customized workflows. It allows users to build a bot from the ground up and 21 ready-to-use chatbot templates. 

Customers will give each chatbot a name and test them before releasing them. It will help to check if the chatbot function properly or not. The chatbots will then appear on the larger chatbot page. There you can check how many bots are being utilized and whether they are active or not.


Mobile Access

Tidio Review – Very Good

For an online tool to remain relevant today, it needs a web version and an app version. An app version of your account gives you mobile access to your account. It allows you to make crucial decisions while on the go.

The app’s user satisfaction will suffer due to unavailability or poor functionality. Hence The business and the client may use Tidio Live Chat on their mobile devices.

It is also compatible with iOS and Android-based smartphones. Its desktop version works on both Mac and Windows computers.



Tidio Review – Good

Tidio has 21 pre-built chatbot themes grouped into three categories. That is Lead Generation, Online Sales Boosting, and Communication Enhancement. You can start using the bot right away by clicking on a template; all the templates can be customized to your needs.

Tidio provides email marketing templates. In addition to the option to construct a campaign from scratch. You’ll be able to customize the template once you’ve uploaded your company’s logo and name.


Tidio Review –Good

Tidio Live Chat is also accessible in a variety of languages. As a result, you will be able to attract consumers from all over the world.


Reporting & Analytics

Tidio Review –Good

For a firm to understand and enhance the effectiveness of live chat and customer engagement, reporting is essential. We discovered that the analytics provided by Tidio’s platform is inadequate. 

Especially when compared to those provided by alternative platforms such as Freshchat. Tidio provides data on the number of leads generated, traffic to your website, and the number of conversations and messages received every day.


Analytics Tab

Tidio Review – Good

The Analytics tab allows consumers to see statistics about operators, conversations, and leads. Customers can see how long it takes their agents to respond, what proportion of total conversations they’ve handled, and how many messages they’ve sent. The daily, weekly, or monthly conversation graph shows the date range customizable.


Email Campaigns

Tidio Review – Good

One of the most widely utilized and efficient online marketing methods is email marketing. There are services dedicated to assisting you in growing your email marketing list.

Customize offers for each consumer depending on their preferences using email marketing. Email discussions and marketing are also made easier using Tidio Live Chat. It has worked with many email marketing providers as it allows you to combine them with your business.

Build-Your-Own Campaigns

Tidio Review – Good

Even those who aren’t familiar with HTML can create email campaigns. Enter the campaign name, email topic, audience selection, and content customization while building campaigns like producing a newsletter or marketing email from scratch in Tidio. The ability to preview the email’s outlook on desktop or mobile devices is a useful feature.


Tidio Review: Feedback Gathering

Tidio Review – Good

Tidio Live Chat allows you to get feedback from your customers. The post-chat survey is a feature found in many popular live chat apps and services. Some of the most popular platforms incorporate a Net Promoter Score (NPS) in their post-chat survey. The post-chat survey asks your customers if they found the information useful or not.


Tidio Review: Integrations

Tidio Review – Integrations

Tidio Review – Very good

CRM, help desk, e-commerce, and email marketing are among the 17 software interface solutions of Tidio. Zapier, which integrates Tidio with over 1,000 other apps, is a useful connection.

The following are some examples of major integrations:

  1. Google Analytics
  2. HubSpot
  3. Mailchimp
  4. Shopify
  5. Zendesk


Tidio Review: Customer Support

Tidio Review – Good

Tidio’s live chat customer service is, as expected, rather good. Tidio’s chatbots are sophisticated and capable of answering most client inquiries. They provide customer service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The software also assists you in providing excellent customer service to your clients.


Tidio Review – Pricing & Plan

Tidio Review - Pricing

Tidio Review – Average

Tidio’s monthly fees range from $10 to $46, depending on your wish to buy. So, the pricing and plans of Tidio are as follow:

  1. Free: Basic live chat and chatbot functionality are included.
  2. Communicator: Live chat insights and vital customer information start at $18 per month.
  3. Chatbots: Unlimited active chatbots and chatbot templates start at $18 per month.
  4. Email Marketing: For key email marketing features, start at $10 per month.
  5. Professional Plan: For special pricing, contact Tidio.


Tidio Review– Pros and Cons


The pros of Tidio are the following:

  1. Advanced and diverse chatbot processes that are nonetheless simple to design
  2. User-friendly interface
  3. Flexible price choices let users pay just for the things they want



The cons of Tidio are the following:

  1. Chat notifications are not always accurate. Thus, you may not always be alerted when you have a message.
  2. Included reports are quite simple.
  3. The integrations list is somewhat restricted, especially when compared to competitors.

Tidio Review – Final Thoughts

Final Tidio Review – Good

Tidio is known for its simplicity and the ability to increase sales conversions. According to our review of Tidio, its free version is a good place to start because of many important features. Over 300,000 websites utilize Tidio, a live chat and email marketing platform. Tidio has a generous free plan. That includes basic chatbot and email campaign functionality. 

The pricing plans are adaptable and may be mixed and matched. Our review of Tidio also highlights that many business owners can improve their sales by up to 30%. Tidio is a live chat platform that we recommend for small to medium businesses. It provides a hassle-free experience.


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