The 7 best voice apps to modulate, change, record voice memo and do more!

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People love BotPenguin Chatbot Maker Platform


Have you ever wondered how you'd sound like a cartoon character, a robot, or an older version of yourself? Changing the tone of your voice has never been easier, regardless of your Smartphone model. Now, voice changer applications are available for both IOS and Android smartphones.

A Voice changer app allows you to record your voice and add filters and effects to alter the sound, such as making it deeper or higher.

While there's nothing wrong with changing your voice to have a good time with your friends, utilizing voice changer applications to play harmful pranks or abuse others online is inappropriate. If you want to learn more about the top voice changer applications for IOS and Android smartphones and find out which one you prefer, keep reading.

The seven best voice apps to modulate, change, record voice memos and do more!

Adding a new ringtone, recording your voice, or having fun with your pals are a few reasons why so many people use voice changer applications. Most of these applications have well-equipped audio effects libraries, allowing users to have fun with their friends and hear how they would sound if drunk or inhaled helium. So, let's look at some of the most popular voice changer applications.

Dolby On

  1. One of the latest voice recorder applications on the list is Dolby On. You can do much more with it, but the tools are also helpful for capturing voices. The software provides a variety of boosts and filters to increase sound quality. It also includes an above-average audio editor for use after you finish recording if required. Noise reduction, dissing, and even a fade-in and out effect are among the filters available. It's primarily for musicians but also useful for voice memos and other similar tasks.
  2.  It's also free, with no advertisements, making it one of the best free voice recorder applications available. You may record performances, rehearsals, and song ideas using Dolby On: Record Audio & Music. You may also broadcast live with just the finest quality sound from your Android smartphone.
  3. Its interface makes it simple to contribute to your gallery's content or record video and audio on the app. The sophisticated capabilities in this program may reduce background disturbances, such as buzzing created by amps or any other sound, so that you can hear every tiny detail. It also has a dynamic equalization, which allows you to listen to every instrument and even switch from mono to stereo.
  4. It allows you to share your works professionally, from the convenience of your smartphone, using the latest version of Dolby audio technology.

Voice changer with effect

  1. It is one of the greatest applications for playing practical jokes on your pals. Furthermore, this app has a large number of positive user evaluations. This program allows you to modify your voice and listen to it in a fun way. You may also record your voice, apply effects, & enjoy sharing your recordings with your friends in seconds. The program comes with 40 distinct sound effects by default. You may apply those effects to any piece of music or speech.
  2. Voice Changer With Effects is a straightforward program that allows you to record voice and apply various entertaining effects to it. After applying the clip, you may store it in your phone's memory to use as a ringtone, alarm clock, or another device.
  3. You have a large and, more importantly, a decent selection of effects to choose from. Using your voice, you may imitate Darth Vader, Bane, Optimus Prime, an alien, death, a demon, a robot, a drunk, and many other characters. If you like an effect, press the button next to the 'play' button to download the audio file to your phone's memory or share it via any social network or chat software.

Best voice changer

You may use this tool to record a sound or convert an existing audio file. And you'll find that converting your, your friends, or your families' voices and sharing them with them via WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, LINE, and other platforms is simple.

It is one of the greatest voice changer applications on the Google Play Store. It provides you with a large number of voice effects to pick from.

Voice changer and sound effect

It is one of the most helpful voice changer applications for your Android phone or tablet. The software includes helium, hexafluoride, quick, slow, and other effects.

In terms of sound effects, Voice Changer Sound Effects is unlike any other program. You may even create your unique voice effect with this application.


On the Google Play Store, VoiceFX is a new yet highly rated voice changer software for Android. With this software, you may quickly record your voice and change it into something else.

VoiceFX for Android allows you to use voice effects while your voice is being played back in real-time. Overall, VoiceFX is an incredible Android voice changer software.


MagicCall is a Google Play Store app that allows you to change your voice while on a live call. The best part is that it will enable you to alter your voice during live calls. 

You may also choose from a selection of voice effects provided by the application. You'll need MagicCall credits to change your voice during the call. Have you ever wondered what would happen if you assumed the voice of a favorite character, animal, or robot? It is precisely what MagicCall accomplishes. You may change how you sound on calls with our simple UI and fantastic backdrop effects. Now you can have humorous talks with your family and friends.

  • On-the-fly voice changing

Change your voice to a guy, a woman, a grandfather, a robot, a don, and various other characters. Changing your voice will add distinctive moments to your calls.

  • Test your voice

Are you self-conscious about your tone of voice? We've got you covered, so don't stress. Before making a call, you may listen to yourself in real-time.

  • Creating a Background

Have you ever played music to wish someone a happy birthday? MagicCall can help you play birthday music and other background effects on your calls, such as rain, concert, and traffic.


Even though it isn't trendy, Just4Laugh is still one of the best voice changer applications for Android. What's more, guess what? Just4Laugh can change your voice during a live call. There are several voice selections, including Female, Boss, Male, and others. You must purchase a call package to change your voice during a call.


Voice changers are entertaining apps that, strangely enough, also serve a useful, practical purpose. These technologies may be used by back-end contact center staff to mask their voices, assist gamers to remain anonymous on streaming platforms, and aid with the same on chat apps like Discord and Skype.

Even if you don't have a practical use for them, these gadgets may be a fun way to kill time while impressing your online pals.

These Android applications can quickly add funny sound effects to your voice. We hope you found this information useful! Please pass it on to your friends as well. And let us know if you know of any more similar applications in the comments section below.

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