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Alexa vs Siri vs Google Assistant : Which is Better?

siri vs alexa vs google assistance

High-end tools and technologies surround our society in the current age. From thin television to wireless smartphones and much more, we can’t imagine our lives without tech I’m so many different ways. However, in recent years one type of technology has become very popular worldwide, not in the professional world but in households- voice bots, from Google Home with “Google” Assistant to the Amazon Echo with “Alexa” to Apple “Siri” and who knows many more in the coming future. Out of the three most common and popular speech bots, one leads- Alexa vs Siri vs google. 

Before moving further, you should get to know the voice bots or assistants a little more precisely to understand their purpose and origin and how they are gathering appreciation from people. 


One of the highly exclusive voice bots was first made by Stanford Research Institute cohorts as an application in February 2010. Later after two months, Siri was acquired by “Apple”. And then came the day. In 2011, Scott Forstall took the iPhone launch stage to introduce Siri to the world. And was integrated into the iPhone 4S as a new exclusive feature. Initially, Siri’s capabilities were limited to primary and minimal functions such as searching and making calls, messaging and fetching weather updates, and a bit more. But with the passing time, Apple extended and closely integrated it with third-party applications. It uses NLP (natural language processing) and provides relevant assistance. 



Alexa is one of the speech bots of amazon’s digital assistant. It was launched in 2014 along with the Amazon Echo speaker. If we talk about its abilities, then it can perform web searches, order products from Amazon, play music, and act as a hub for compatible devices all through voice commands. It is the brain behind the entire family of Amazon Echo devices. You can wake it up by calling- “Alexa”. By just simple voice commands, you can have news updates and other information at your fingertips in a few seconds. All elements with Alexa creates a seamless experience and makes everyday life much more comfortable. 



Google Assistant 

Last but not least, Google Assistant was created by Google in 2016. It made its debut as part of Google’s messaging app «Allo» and speakers activated by home Google voice. Later, in May 2017, it was beginning to be integrated on third-party smartphones, Android, and was released as a standalone app on the iOS operating system. It was designed to be a conversation null and a two-way experience for users worldwide. It is widely used across multiple devices such as phones, smart speakers, computers, and more.


google assistance

Who is smarter? Google or Siri or Alexa. It is tough to win during the battle of Alexa vs Siri vs Google!

Now let’s take out some more about their features, what they do, and how these speech bots are continually evolving in this highly competitive and dominant world. 

Battle Began- Alexa vs Siri vs Google Assistant 

If going over the likeness globally, then all three voice bots are currently the most salutary virtual assistant available in the market. Not only do they help you manage your smart homes, but they uniformly learn, answer the user’s inquiries, and even add a bit of playfulness to the monotonous life. 

But to make it more straightforward for you, we will analyze all of them against the five main characteristics they execute every day. 

#1. Answering user questions! 

When it comes to Alexa vs Siri vs google, all can respond to the people’s queries with different accuracy levels. A big thanks go to the big tech giants supporting humans by using AI for the better. 

But the major question arises how accurate are they?  

Recently, research has been held to test who is more superior among Alexa vs Siri vs Google and how well they can answer. Google assistant answers 88% of all the questions correctly. And Siri answered 75%, whereas Alexa answered 72.5% of the problems. You can see Google Assistant came out to be the best by the figures, but it isn’t over yet. With one feature, a bot can’t be an ideal choice. We want our voice bots to be charming, funny, and have a personality. Hence, if it were Alexa vs Siri then Siri is more witty and conversational, so people often love to interact with it. 

A similar test was run by So Loup Ventures for and this time, Alexa vs Siri vs google didn’t change the ranking and secured the same. Google Assistant with a score of 92.9%, Siri with 83.1%, and Alexa with 79.8% current of all the questions. 

#2. Play some music!

Play some music! One of the most given commands to any smart speaker out of Alexa vs Siri vs google is to play music, make the party, and get together more alive! Also, the ability of voice bots to play music is attractive, and people are just falling in love with it. It can carry you from modern age to old retro music by a straightforward command, anything you wish for. Talking about Alexa, it plays music directly from amazon music. But surprisingly, it is even compatible with other music platforms such as Spotify, youtube music, Pandora, and more. 

Whereas Google Assistant plays music from third-party platforms, mainly from Spotify and Youtube. It doesn’t support google play. As you can see in Alexa vs Siri, Siri lacks here, and the winner is Alexa with the best compatibility. 

#3. Shop with Assistants! 

Being in the tech-dominated world, purchasing and ordering are relatively easy and instant. And it’ll be more fun when you don’t even have to navigate through the websites and multiple pages all together. Here, the competition is more between Alexa vs google. As we already know, Amazon is one of the biggest retail stores online, which has almost everything you need and from fashion to day-to-day appliances. Since Alexa is of amazon, it has a homegrown advantage of letting users find and shop products instantly with just one command. It helps the users get a seamless experience, and all can be done from their home comfort. 

Whereas Google assistant is also quite helpful when navigating, recommending, and guiding during online shopping. In the case of Siri, it isn’t developed enough to handle orders yet. 


So, now you know what it all takes to be an ideal bot. These were some of the main features we discussed in all three speech bots. Now you know which is the most suitable and smart one. We all are interacting with them every single day. You tell who won according to you- Alexa vs Siri vs google. But what if I would say that you can have a bot or virtual assistant for your business too. Isn’t it cool? In case you want to learn more about it, you must visit BotPenguin


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Who is smarter? Google or Siri?

Who is smarter? Google or Siri?

With the rising trends of AI and virtual assistants, two of the world’s biggest tech giants – Google and Apple, are giving each other throat cut competition for dominating the world of AI-powered virtual assistants, which are Google assistant (Google) and Siri (Apple). Let us dive into a detailed comparison between these two virtual assistants and understand each of them’ peculiar points.

Google Assistant

Google assistant bot is an AI-powered virtual assistant released in 2016 and wrote in the C++ language. It primarily serves the android powered mobile devices and smart home devices. Google assistant can access the internet, control the device, access the information on the device, access calendar, music player, alarm, etc., open applications, send texts, navigate google maps, and much more. It has become trendy amongst Android users and has received hot response from the public. 


Siri is Apple’s version of an AI-powered virtual assistant for its users. It was initially released in 2011 and written in Objective C language. it serves all the Apple devices like I-phone, I-pad, I-pod, mac series, etc. It helps features similar to Google assistant – making phone calls, sending and reading texts, setting alarms and reminders, playing music, identifying music, and much more. 

Comparison: Google or Siri?

Now it is finally time to compare Google Assistant & Apple Siri and understand where each stands compared to the other. 

Comparison: Google or Siri
  1. Questions answered correctly – One of the fundamental functions of any virtual assistant is to provide accurate answers to any user’s query. In this regard, some surveys have been conducted, and it has been observed that in most categories, Google’s assistant provided more accurate answers than Apple’s Siri.

Winner: Google Assistant

  1. Privacy: Apple takes its user’s data privacy and security very seriously. It performs most of its tasks on the device itself, leaving very little room for cloud usage and thus keeping your data as safe as possible. Google uses your data on google assistant to develop your profile and serve you advertisements accordingly. In contrast, Apple does not use Siri’s data to show you advertisements.

Winner: Siri

  1. Customer Experience: Customer experience is fundamental to any virtual assistant, as you will interact with it daily. Considering Customer experience, it has been observed that Siri is more natural to talk to as compared to Google Assistant. Siri understands more natural queries and is easier to correct when it mishears the user. Moreover, it won’t make you repeat yourself. It underlines the words it doesn’t understand and provides other guesses so that you can tap on the correct word instead of repeating the entire sentence.

Winner: Siri

  1. Universal Translator: Google Assistant bot gives you an option to translate a sentence into any language. Just say Translate ______ into [language] and boom! There you go. Siri cannot perform such tasks.

Winner: Google Assistant

  1. Customization: According to feedback from various users, it has been observed that it is easier to customize Siri’s settings in a more detailed manner. Apps can tie into Siri in a better way. Go through settings>siri and search, and you’ll be good to go. Google is not very flexible in this regard.

Winner: Siri

  1. App searching: Google assistant bot can search up the screen for important information and serves up images, videos, links, etc. to search for apps from the play store as per your requirements. Siri doesn’t have such power.

Winner: Google Assistant

  1. Going beyond its expected functions: Although the comparison is that which one is a better personal assistant, there are things that Google Assistant does, which are beyond this prescribed functionalities. It can read your poems, play exciting games with you, or crack funny jokes. Siri is not as flexible in these areas as Google Assistant.

Winner: Google Assistant


As we can see, overall analysis shows that the google assistant bot turns out to be better than Siri in most of the areas, but this can also not be denied that there exist certain things that Siri does much better. After all, a distinction is what Apple stands for in today’s tech industry.

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