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Reasons Your Business Needs a Facebook Messenger Bot

facebook bot

One of the most important pillars is “Marketing”. And a new trend came: businesses or brands getting active on social media platforms to engage the potential audience base, let people know about their products and services, and a lot more. Earlier, marketing was done through e-books, videos, and infographics, but no more new techniques have been adopted worldwide.  

Did you know that 80% of companies plan to use Facebook messenger bot by 2020 and coming years? The Facebook bot is hugely popular and turning out to be a valuable asset to businesses and can be designed to perform multiple tasks. From customer support to building brand awareness and even generating qualified leads!

Never heard of a Facebook Messenger Bot? Let’s introduce to you all why brands need to have a strong marketing strategy via Messenger bot. 

But before moving forward, have some heavy dose of Facebook messenger statistics! 

1.Techcrunch suggests that around 1.3 billion people use Facebook Messenger, whereas 2.5 billion use at least one of Facebook’s applications. 

2. The top 5 download applications currently all over the globe are: 


*Facebook Messenger 




3.Its growth rate is around 666,666 users adding per day!

4.The leading mobile app in the US is Facebook Messenger

5.Facebook messenger’s users aren’t lazy; several sent messages-8 billion a day-is growing!

6.Around 11% of the world’s population uses Facebook Messenger every month.  

facebook messenger bot

Why Messenger Bot So Hyping?

  1. Easy to build and access. (can be integrated within a few minutes) 
  2. They have immense potential to work unexpectedly. 
  3. A Facebook messenger bot emphasizes a brand’s image. 
  4. It can help businesses automate repetitive tasks. 
  5. A Facebook bot offers an exquisite bunch of services. 

The current era is changed drastically, and the scope for growth is increasing with proper strategies and planning your business operations. So, leave the boredom, and get into some exciting ways. 

So, it’s quite clear that the scope is broad, and you can make a lot out of it with a better and proper social media marketing strategy for your brand. 

So, it’s quite clear that the scope is broad, and you can make a lot out of it with a better and proper social media marketing strategy for your brand. Hence, check how brands leveraging Facebook bot to increase conversions.

7  Top Reasons your Brand needs a Facebook Bot

Now let’s continue with some of the top reasons your business needs to integrate a Facebook messenger bot asap!

1.Gain User Data 

Having a broad audience base over Facebook makes it challenging for the human staff to gather relevant data to target the products or services. But with the support of a Facebook messenger bot, acquiring user data will be easy as it automatically does it from the subscriber’s list. 

Hence, targeting, marketing, and gathering information made easy. With the proper data target, the content will be error-free and serve you with immense productivity. Having the data instantly promoted the key terms like age, time zone, location, preference, and much more. Segregate the data into groups to make it quick and easy to analyze. Moreover, utilize your Messenger bot fully to get the top results and offer your users a seamless experience. 

2. Easy Access 

Facebook is one of the biggest and busiest social media platforms in the current era. Hence, it has an edge over others as it offers easy to access customers. Moreover, it also has better chances of catching attention or being opened by the customer than any mail waiting in the inbox. Thus, a Facebook bot sending updates or any reminder will successfully engage the customer without any delay. It means a better opening rate implies better chances of traffic and eventually getting a potential customer. 

3. Cost-Efficient

Integrating chatbots doesn’t cost you a fortune; the whole process from building to deploying is relatively easy and can be done in less or no investment. It can be a long-term investment with less effort and money. To have a long-term marketing strategy for your business, a Facebook messenger bot can be an ultimate tool. Also, it depends on the type of industry and your need. 

Messenger bot supports businesses to segregate their audience, communicate with them regularly, establishing long-term relationships, and more. It doesn’t waste your precious time and money and let your human staff work more efficiently to a greater extent. It’s a feasible and budget-friendly way of promoting your brand.

facebook chatbot

4.FB Blast has Better Open Rates

One of the new concepts that have been introduced in social media is the broadcasting feature. Similarly, Facebook has the feature FB Blast or Facebook Blast. And the surveys suggest that any message sent on FB Blast has better open rates than any marketing campaign (email). Hence, you can use it in your favor! Automate your marketing campaign via Facebook messenger bot and put your call to action to attract and engage your audience. 

5.Product & Services Assistance

The primary benefit savored by the brands over Facebook is performing the sales and marketing possible via messenger. It will help you offer a single interface where your users can do everything they wish for- gathering product information, ordering, giving feedback, and more. It will help them execute the whole process seamlessly, instead of hopping on multiple pages or downloading applications. 

Moreover, you can interact with them and educate them regarding new product launches, offers, and other vital information about your brand. This would support customers in getting all the information at the right time. 

A Facebook messenger bot can help the customers choose the right product and even recommend better options as per their preferences. Secondly, when purchasing expensive products, we always seek expert advice before making the final decision. Thus, your bot can act as your representative and answer all the questions and clear out the confusion to make it easier for them. 

Even the Facebook bot can guide you all the way long and let them make the payment instantly without going to any other page. Later, provide a confirmation message. 

6.Personalized Communication

We all love to feel special and want to stand out from the crowd. This can be done via Facebook messenger bot, where you can communicate with your users by offering services or information according to their taste or preference. It has been seen that personalized services or communication work towards better engagement. This activity will make a massive difference in the user experience and let your brand stand out from the crowd. 

With an AI-powered Facebook Chatbot, it can track the user’s location, save their data, and make the whole conversation rotate around it. This will deliver the sense of being heard and cared for. It leads to more satisfied customers and raises the chances of better deals. 

Once you start automating your Facebook page, you’ll receive relevant data to send them newsletters, news, and offers to keep them updated. 

7.Selling Millennials

Yes, Messenger bot comes in the top list of millennials!

Millennials are not at all reckless buyers and researchers and compare well before making the final purchasing decision. Moreover, millennials are likely to purchase with a brand and go for quality, which has live-chat support instead of customer care calls or emails. 

A Facebook messenger bot lets them have a seamless interface to clear all their queries within minutes. It saves a lot of time and gives the user better insights into all product categories. Research suggests that around 73% of prospects are satisfied with the live chat feature over Facebook, while 61% for emails and the remaining for phone calls. 

In case you wish to target millennials, you need to act asap over integrating a Messenger bot on your Facebook page. 


We all are moving into an era where automation is becoming new normal. Technology is helping us to connect with the world within a few seconds. Similarly, industries all over the globe are evolving and making CSS better. Hence, if you are looking for a place to have a Facebook messenger bot, then you must visit BotPenguin and build your bot in a few seconds within less or no investment.  


Bhavya works as Digital Marketing Team Lead and looks closely into the marketing team. Her passion and expertise in refurbishing the way users connect to the product leads to ultimate satisfaction via SEO friendly content.

How are Chatbots Reshaping the Real Estate Sector?


In the current era, chatbots have genuinely evolved and reached almost every corner of the world and functioned immensely without any doubt. From Facebook Messenger to skype to mobile phones- you can find and talk and gather solutions instantly. Few of them consult us with the best health remedy, some assists in planning our vacations, and more. And talking about the real estate chatbot, they have revolutionized how they converse, sell, or rent out properties quite easily and quickly. They turned long, tedious, and static forms into an exclusive interactive experience for the users.

The industry- “real estate” is where communication plays a crucial role and decides the real deal and business growth. Moreover, not all people connect to estate agencies. However, many brokers waste their time answering the repetitive basic questions from people who would never return to sign a contract. But with the help of Chatbots for Real Estate, the agents make this task automated and focus on other relevant areas.

Thus, this is the place where Technology comes in handy. By integrating Chatbots for Real Estate, agencies can qualify leads, send regular follow-ups, improve engagement, and increase sales.

This blog will tell you about a real estate chatbot and how it will help you correctly and suit your business strategy in a highly competitive marketplace.

But first, that let’s find out what benefits it brings to the Real Estate industry.

Benefits of Chatbots for Real Estate 

The selling process in the real estate industry appears not as simple as it seems. Brokers and agents find it difficult to handle all queries from potential clients and cannot catch the opportunities.

Thus, bot real estate might bring the following benefits:

Immediate Responses 

An AI chatbot can instantly respond to the clients’ queries via the Facebook messenger web site or any other social media platform. IBM suggests Chatbots for Real Estate saves up to 30% in customer support costs. Also, the process States do not have to wait for answers from any human staff about their interest in a particular property.

Personalized Offers

Every individual or customer is different and looking for different types of apartments or property types. Hence, real estate chatbot offers declines with a series of options to develop more relevant recommendations and collect information to serve them with personalized solutions that perfectly fit in the bag of their needs. Chatbots for Real Estate answers up to 80% of routine questions. 

chatbots for real-estate


Automated scheduling 

After qualifying the lead as a potential purchaser, Chatbots for Real Estate can quickly schedule a home or property tour. And also, introduce the real estate agent to the clients for more detailed information and further communication. Hence this is the point where the agents take over the reins.

Automated follow-up process

The best part of bot real estate is that you can prepare them for the role you want them to execute more effectively than human resources. Chatbots for Real Estate is conveniently utilized to follow up on your leaves via any medium they choose. Follow up email for messages can be automatically sent to the client without any manual intervention. So, make your bot smart enough to rule the market.

Chatbots for Real Estate & Opportunities in the Future!

The ultimate key to success is to continue indulging with your target audience, especially outside the operating hours. With a real estate chatbot, you can address issues that do not need human guidance.

With chatbots integrated across many industries or sectors such as E-Commerce, retail, hospitality, or Healthcare, customer engagement has made a positive impression. Chatbots for Real Estate are ready for the actual assistance and support the sector with an impressive user interface. The bots help save funds, time, and additional resources. This suggests quite clearly that Chatbots are the future of the industry.


Since most people, whether their buyers and sellers initiate their research online, it is advisable to integrate chatbots in the system to create their sales funnel.

Moreover, a smart real estate chatbot helps you tap into the target audience and gather relevant leads.

Global Usage and Opportunities 

Globally, real estate is considered the driver for development. Surprisingly, New York had a fun one- a real estate chatbot helped sell 3 apartments in 10 days at €1.6 per pre-qualified lead. While in UAE (United Arab Emirates), be it a residential or commercial place, the market is resorting to modern technologies such as Robotic toolsvirtual realityartificial intelligence, thrusting a seamless experience in real estate transactions for all the stakeholders involved.

Hence, Prop tech is the new buzzword in Real estate real today.

How to Develop a Real Estate Chatbot 

To deploy a Chatbot to your real estate business, you need to consider a few steps for the ideal bot.

Step 1. Define Business Needs

The first and the most critical step is to find out the issues you want to solve and what features you should infuse in your real estate chatbot.

  1. Generate more qualified leads
  2. Automate lead generation and validation process
  3. Raise and improve customer services
  4. Or all at once

Step 2. Evaluate Budget 

Now you need to see your business and what budget to invest in your bot real estate. Mainly it goes through two main categories, all limited budget, or no budget at all.

  1. Tight budget- Can go for platforms offering no code chatbots such as Mobilemonkey, BotPenguin, and much more. You can quickly develop your bot in less time and money.
  2. Budget for a full-scale project- who wants to have a full technical team and develop from scratch.

Step 3. Consider Integrations 

Now you need to decide how much integration your chatbot will have. Generally, developers infuse all the integrations. For instance, for the Facebook Messenger bot, you need to integrate it with your content management system (CMS) and your CRM (Content Relationship Management).

Step 4. Second Development Stage 

At this stage, you need to examine the whole functioning of the Chatbots for Real Estate. Enrich it with additional features and fix the trouble areas. Analyze the interactions with the customers and track how well it is doing with analytics.


Real estate is one of those evolving industries, and all thanks go to Chatbots for Real Estate. It would be best if you considered integrating a chatbot in your estate business as soon as possible to shine out of the crowd. Hence, it would be the best and most feasible solution if you want to reduce customer support service costs, receive more qualified leads, and raise your revenue. We here at BotPenguin would be glad to support you with your bot’s deployment and lead you through success.

Bhavya works as Digital Marketing Team Lead and looks closely into the marketing team. Her passion and expertise in refurbishing the way users connect to the product leads to ultimate satisfaction via SEO friendly content.

How Facebook chatbots help to Increase Conversions?

facebook chatbot

I’m quite sure that you all have heard the murmur. Bots are going to replace e-mail marketing, mobile applications, and even customer care staff. Yes, it’s a fact!

After all, AI and chatbots are amongst the hottest trends for the past few years, particularly Facebook chatbot. There’s no doubt that, as per the Oracle survey, 80% of businesses want a bot in place by 2020.

There’s so much in the minds of people like can bots do everything they promise? Are Facebook chatbots real? Are bots allowed on Facebook? How do I create a chatbot on messenger? We are here to give you a firm footing in this new landscape of Facebook chatbot adoption.

So let’s get started!

What is Facebook chatbot?

You all are well known for the basic idea behind bots. They are programmed to understand questions or queries and provide answers accordingly and also execute other tasks. Bots offer a quick chat interface rather than opening an app, making a call, and more. They act as a consultant, friend, and even an advisor.

A chatbot for Facebook messenger is a bot that lives on messenger and converse with around 1.3 billion people who use Facebook every month. If you’re on Facebook, you must be aware of the strategy and how to grow your business via Facebook chatbot.

In today’s time, there are two significant benefits of using a bot on Facebook:
Firstly, there is a low barrier to entry for both you and your target audience base. Business insider suggests that Facebook Messenger is the 3rd largest most-used app globally, by 68% of app users.

Facts and figures were showing chatbot adoption over messaging platforms!

  1. In the current year, messaging apps have 5 billion MUA’s (monthly active users)-about 60% of the world population. – HubSpot
  2. By 2024, the global market will be valued at $1.3 billion. – Global Market Insights


  1. In the mobile app market, 71% of users delete an app within 90 days.
  2. The top 5 Chatbot using countries are Germany, the UK, the USA, India, Brazil. – Chatbot Life
  3. Surprisingly, 80% of businesses polled in the UK, South Africa, France, and the Netherlands planned to integrate bots by 2020. – Business Insider
  4. Gartner says that by 2021, over 50% of companies such as Facebook, IBM, and Google will invest more by coming year on chatbots than mobile apps.
  5. Business Insider says European consumers are more receptive to bots than the USA: 50% of users hold a favorable opinion, while 32% of Americans share the view.
  6. In the US, 43% of digital banking users prefer to use a live chat or chatbot to address issues. – eMarketer
  7. For getting a detailed answer or to resolve a complaint, 35% of people use bots.- Drift


How Facebook raise conversion rates- 7 ways

Now, as you went through the statistics of how different countries are going crazy over AI chatbots so let’s talk about the actual reasons that how it’s gaining so much appreciation from both businesses and customers. So, let’s talk about the ways how you can increase the conversion rate.

#1. Raise Brand Awareness

With your chatbot for Facebook messenger, you can inform your audience about your brand and what idea you want to convey with your set of products and services. Especially to those who recently discovered your brand or company. A Facebook chatbot can help you capture the interest and attention of your visitors. Conveying in the right and effective way can turn cold leads into warm leads while guiding them along the whole sales process. Greet your customers and tell people that you are here for them all round the clock. This will lead to a better brand image in the marketplace.

#2. Impressive user interface

Automated communication system supports to provide an immediate and seamless interface where your users can ask questions without any problem. If you want to stand apart from the crowd, then be present even in the odd hours via a bot on Facebook. The easiest way to help your users is to provide multiple options by which they can input the complaint or query quickly. An impressive, easy-going, and effective user interface decides whether the customer wants to buy your products or services.

#3. Offer or send subscribers broadcasts

You can increase customer lifetime value and pull attention to your brand or business by sending your subscriber’s ad hoc broadcasts. For instance, these broadcasts can point out content that might interest the audience, such as blogs, news, or promote product launches. Yor Facebook chatbot can send out these sparingly and ensure not to make them much sales oriented.
Prevent bombarding the audience with too much information, but some short and crisp messages to start a conversation. Add questions to see if they are interested. Hence, with this, you can earn a lot of qualified leads and raise the conversion rate too.

#4. Encourage people

After your bot on Facebook warms your targeted audience up, you can start inviting them to see your product pages. This would seem like a conversation and natural approach rather than a direct sales pitch. If you want your audience to get on your pages on their own, then add a shop button to your messenger menu.

Integrate a quiz-style chatbot for Facebook messenger and pursue what they need so that it can pull up relevant products and suggest better substitutes.

#5. Involve augmented reality

In today’s time, numerous brands and companies embrace augmented reality as part of their Facebook chatbot experience. They use this to let the audience or users use their camera to try on a virtual pair of sunglasses or any other product. With this, customers can make the right purchasing decisions to see how that particular product or sunglasses will look on them.

#6. Bot subscription list

As we all know, to succeed and to execute digital marketing and business, the primary source is to have communication ways and customer information. Growing and relevant e-mail list is the backbone of your business. You can use your chatbot for Facebook messenger and e-mail list and continue to update it while interacting with numerous individuals.
Hence some platforms offer a feature where it automatically saves everyone to a chat subscriber list. Therefore, you can easily send them short messages once a week and gather many opportunities to do business.

#7. Send out snippets

As you already send customer service, but via Facebook chatbot, you can send out shorter content snippets. Companies like wellness for health-centric send out inspirational quotes for health tips, diet tips, and more to their audience regularly.
So with this, you can connect to your targeted audience regularly and keep them updated about your industry trends, changes, and much more. These snippets keep your brand in your customers’ minds while delivering practical information.

Optimize your Facebook chatbot Now you must be wondering what optimizing bot on Facebook is and how often you should do it?

Then you are at the right place!

Optimizing for convergence depends mainly on your business and its type.

Now we are going to discuss how to optimize your chatbots for better functioning and result.

#1. Add new products or services

Keep your Facebook chatbot updated; whenever you add new products to your store, you must take another look at your bot. Add the hold product list to suggest better and new products based on customer queries or requests.

#2. Run new promotions

If you have a bot on Facebook that focuses on product launch as a promotion, optimize it when you have new sales coupons, promotions, and other brand offers.

#3. Update content

With the content update on your page for the website. It would help if you remembered to include a lot of content to the bot to respond and provide solutions accordingly to the customers.

#4. Rebrand

In case you change the name of your products or services. The name spread to every part of your business and marketplace. So it’s quite obvious that you don’t want your Facebook chatbot greeting potential prospects with the wrong name or showcasing an inappropriate product range.


As you are already familiar with the most popular social media platform Facebook Messenger. But today, you got introduced to the brand new side of how to benefit your business with the same via Facebook chatbot. Hence if you are wondering how to create or raise convergence through chat boards to your advantage, try “BotPenguin.” our team will be glad to assist you and support you in building your very first chatbot for Facebook messenger.


Bhavya works as Digital Marketing Team Lead and looks closely into the marketing team. Her passion and expertise in refurbishing the way users connect to the product leads to ultimate satisfaction via SEO friendly content.

Reasons why to integrate Facebook messenger chatbot for your business

Reasons Why to Integrate Facebook Messenger Chatbot for Your Business

Are you getting new customers on Facebook but not able to answer them instantly? Are you facing any issues to answer customer queries on Facebook? Are you concerned about providing excellent customer service?

If yes, Here’s something you need to know!!

Facebook messenger chatbot is the solution to all your problems. They can help your business to grow, increase, and improve your marketing activities and boost your sales.

Chatbots make Facebook messenger marketing different from Traditional marketing. These are automated messaging platforms that engage users in conversations, ask them questions, answers their queries, generate leads, ask them feedback, and works for all spheres of the business. Here is why Facebook messenger chatbot is a great choice to move ahead in your business:

Let’s explore the different ways in which chatbots help your business to grow:

Customer Support Service:

A Facebook messenger chatbot can seamlessly provide customer support service to your customers. There is no time barrier; it can provide 24/7 customer service.

It can handle multiple client requests at the same time and remain efficient in its working. It also treats your customers right and never turns the user away. It is proficient to gain insights from customers.

Good customer support helps the business to provide a better user experience. Companies can save money on all such activities which would have been performed by a human otherwise.

Brand Awareness:

The Facebook messenger is the third-most used app in the world; It is used by 68% of app users. Even, first thing in the morning people do is to check their messenger notifications. If a business engages Facebook messenger chatbot, then they can quickly spread awareness for their brand/ business.

facebook messenger chatbot for business

For example- A person who frequently uses Facebook opens a messenger and is provided with useful information about a product that the user might need, he may straightaway go to your website, and the user may seem to like the product. This way, your bot can spread awareness about your product, service, or brand.

• Encourages user to visit the website:

In a recent study, it was discovered that people think to message as the best medium to communicate with businesses, and around 2 billion messages are exchanged between users and businesses over Facebook messenger in a month.

Facebook messenger bots provide quite useful information to users who may indulge users in showing a keen interest in the product or service. Bots interact with customers to collect contact details, and moreover encourages the user to visit the website so that users get to know more about the product and may increase conversions for the business.

You’ll understand better if you get to know how other businesses are using messenger bot for their business. Here are some examples:

If a customer comes looking for a t-shirt and your bot suggests a matching pair of Jeans. It can quickly increase your business sales.:

If a user searched for a particular product 3-4 times, then your chatbot can notify or remind them about that specific product.

Bots can track your order for a customer and collect feedback.

Bots can track your order for a customer and collect feedback.

Bots can even notify some new offers to users that they would like, which may interest the customer and can increase sales.

This way, Facebook messenger bots can increase traffic to your website, which may lead to an increase in conversion rate.


Due to the vast use of Facebook messenger, nobody can deny the fact that it is a great way to use Facebook messenger bots to give a boost to your business operations. Facebook messenger bots not only helps your business to grow but also provides excellent user-experience, which helps in re-marketing the product by positive feedback from customers. It can be clearly said that Facebook messenger bots can help your business to move ahead.

Web programming, also known as web development, is the creation of dynamic web applications. ... A lot of people learn web coding because they want to create the next Facebook or find a job in the industry. But it's also a good choice if you just want a general introduction to coding, since it's super easy to get started.

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