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Reasons why to integrate Facebook messenger chatbot for your business

Reasons Why to Integrate Facebook Messenger Chatbot for Your Business

Are you getting new customers on Facebook but not able to answer them instantly? Are you facing any issues to answer customer queries on Facebook? Are you concerned about providing excellent customer service?

If yes, Here’s something you need to know!!

Facebook messenger chatbot is the solution to all your problems. They can help your business to grow, increase, and improve your marketing activities and boost your sales.

Chatbots make Facebook messenger marketing different from Traditional marketing. These are automated messaging platforms that engage users in conversations, ask them questions, answers their queries, generate leads, ask them feedback, and works for all spheres of the business. Here is why Facebook messenger chatbot is a great choice to move ahead in your business:

Let’s explore the different ways in which chatbots help your business to grow:

Customer Support Service:

A Facebook messenger chatbot can seamlessly provide customer support service to your customers. There is no time barrier; it can provide 24/7 customer service.

It can handle multiple client requests at the same time and remain efficient in its working. It also treats your customers right and never turns the user away. It is proficient to gain insights from customers.

Good customer support helps the business to provide a better user experience. Companies can save money on all such activities which would have been performed by a human otherwise.

Brand Awareness:

The Facebook messenger is the third-most used app in the world; It is used by 68% of app users. Even, first thing in the morning people do is to check their messenger notifications. If a business engages Facebook messenger chatbot, then they can quickly spread awareness for their brand/ business.

facebook messenger chatbot for business

For example- A person who frequently uses Facebook opens a messenger and is provided with useful information about a product that the user might need, he may straightaway go to your website, and the user may seem to like the product. This way, your bot can spread awareness about your product, service, or brand.

• Encourages user to visit the website:

In a recent study, it was discovered that people think to message as the best medium to communicate with businesses, and around 2 billion messages are exchanged between users and businesses over Facebook messenger in a month.

Facebook messenger bots provide quite useful information to users who may indulge users in showing a keen interest in the product or service. Bots interact with customers to collect contact details, and moreover encourages the user to visit the website so that users get to know more about the product and may increase conversions for the business.

You’ll understand better if you get to know how other businesses are using messenger bot for their business. Here are some examples:

If a customer comes looking for a t-shirt and your bot suggests a matching pair of Jeans. It can quickly increase your business sales.:

If a user searched for a particular product 3-4 times, then your chatbot can notify or remind them about that specific product.

Bots can track your order for a customer and collect feedback.

Bots can track your order for a customer and collect feedback.

Bots can even notify some new offers to users that they would like, which may interest the customer and can increase sales.

This way, Facebook messenger bots can increase traffic to your website, which may lead to an increase in conversion rate.


Due to the vast use of Facebook messenger, nobody can deny the fact that it is a great way to use Facebook messenger bots to give a boost to your business operations. Facebook messenger bots not only helps your business to grow but also provides excellent user-experience, which helps in re-marketing the product by positive feedback from customers. It can be clearly said that Facebook messenger bots can help your business to move ahead.

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Customer Service Chatbot: The Most Progressive Industry

Customer Service Chatbot: The Most Progressive Industry

You are still wondering how customer service is important in businesses? Or why the customer service chatbot is so helpful?

We are here to answer all your questions!!

A chatbot is a new-age technology designed to simulate conversations between itself and the users. These can provide 24/7 customer support and quick resolution to customer queries.

They are integrated with messenger Customer Service Chatbots, where one to one interaction with the customer is comfortable.

Customers can ask their queries via messaging, just like real-time chatting with their friends. It’s a new channel for providing customer support.

Users do not hesitate while chatting with a customer service chatbot. It’s much easier than waiting for a customer care executive to pick up the call and solve the queries. Still, the response is not fully satisfying.

“50% of chatbots are used to provide customer support, and the number tends to increase by 2020.”

Why providing customer service is so important?

One of the main motives for every business is to provide the best customer service to their customers. For that purpose, companies are indulging huge chunks of investment into their activities.

Companies engage hundreds of employees and pay huge salaries because they want to provide the best customer support.

customer service chatbot available 24*7
Users interacting with the customer service chatbot

They believe that providing excellent customer service will help them re-marketing their products and will get them goodwill.

For example:

Suppose you own online business of selling electronic goods. Some customers are unable to understand how to use some of the products and they wish to seek instant customer support.

If you have engaged a chatbot for website, then they will enter their queries. This will help you re-market your products through excellent after-sale service.

Problems faced by customers with traditional online experience:

• 34% of users say that sites are hard to navigate.

• 31% of users say that they cannot find answers to simple questions.

• 28% of users say that essential details about a business are hard to find.

• 27% of users say that it takes too long to find services.

• 16% of users say that outside regular opening hours they don’t offer any service.

All these problems can be solved when you engage a custom chatbot. It navigates sites and provides customers with secure search options.

How does customer service chatbot help businesses?

“35% of users say that they would use a chatbot for resolving complaints or problems.”

Customer service chatbots are much more efficient in their working as compared to customer care executives.

Customers are impatient and wish to seek immediate resolution to their problems. And bots respond in just 45 seconds and also make relevant suggestions.

So many businesses invest millions to provide excellent customer service but still are unable to offer the same. But with the chatbot, you can easily customize your answers. It is much more economical than engaging a customer care executive in your business.


To move ahead in your business and to survive in this competitive world, it is essential to adopt new age technology.

With the increasing expectations of the customers, it is becoming more challenging to provide them useful and efficient customer support.

With the introduction of chatbot technology, the task has become more simple, efficient and economical.

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We would like to know your opinions in the comment section below!!

Web programming, also known as web development, is the creation of dynamic web applications. ... A lot of people learn web coding because they want to create the next Facebook or find a job in the industry. But it's also a good choice if you just want a general introduction to coding, since it's super easy to get started.

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