New Technologies Used in Chatbot Platforms Enhancing User Experience

The idea of bots and Chatbot Platforms can be a little intimidating because, after all, robots changed the way we used to perceive living and professionalism.  To be honest, they kind of freak us out! Jokes apart, the truth is they aren’t here to take over the world but to make life easier and more […]

6 Powerful Ways Chatbots Can Transform Your Customer Experience

Are you an entrepreneur/aspiring entrepreneur or an executive interested in knowing how the customer experience can be transformed to give your company an edge over the competition? If yes, then you are in the right place! Dive into this article to know more! 1. What is customer experience? What does it all comprise? Customer Experience […]

Essential Chatbot Statistics for 2020

The future of chatbots is bright, and every industry is recognizing chatbots as an essential tool to grow and manage costs. This article covers all the major chatbot statistics and aspects of the chatbot industry, providing an idea about the future of chatbots and expected growth. Are Chatbots proving helpful to every business? The answer […]

Build a Chatbot with these 10 Easy Steps

You always wanted to discover how chatbots will be effective for your business but could not? You always wanted to design your own chatbot, but could not? There is no need to search anymore, you can do it now simply by following these easy steps: Build Chatbot in 10 easy steps 1. Understand your chatbot’s […]

How AI is transforming the healthcare industry?

Can AI be used in the healthcare industry? If yes, what are the ways it can be implemented and the domains it will be most useful in? How can AI chatbots be used to cater to patients and save valuable time for healthcare professionals, ultimately contributing to the Healthcare industry? What are the challenges that […]

Chatbot Narratives: What are the benefits of Chatbots?

The benefits of chatbots can be known from the fact that chatbots are causing a paradigm shift in the way people interact with data and services online. With the advancements in AI ( Artificial Intelligence ) and Machine Learning, chatbots are envisioned to be the next big thing by companies such as Google, Microsoft, Facebook, […]

Chatbots Narratives: Difference between Bot and Chatbot

The genesis of AI bot and AI chatbot technologies dates back since the inception of computer programming. The programmers aimed at creating software agents with human-like abilities. AI bots and AI chatbots that can perform mundane operations and intellectual tasks is the goal behind their evolution. In 1964 the AI chatbot named Eliza was created. […]