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5 Best Chatbot Platforms in USA

Best Chatbot Platforms in USA

Imagine assigning a companion to your users for their support and complete customer journey. Something that can turn the entire process into an interactive user experience. In this highly competitive market place, you need someone who can maintain proactive communication tirelessly all around the clock. And the good news is machine learning has made this a reality, and its name is “Chatbots”.

Big added a couple of facts and figures that show how the website chatbot usage evolved in the past few years, so let’s jump in!

Chatbot Usage Stats

It has been noticed that the Chatbot Platform is popular among younger generations, and even millennials also like to handle support issues on their own and find a partner bot the perfect solution. Thus, more and more business units, including market giants such as Starbucks and Linkedin, integrate chatbots in their customer support strategy.

  1. Gartner says Virtual assistants help businesses, reduced by 70% call, chat, and email inquiries.
    Accenture suggests that 57% of executives believe chatbot UI design brings significant ROI (return on investment) with minimal efforts.
  2. In 2020 market leaders such as Starbucks, British airways, Linked In, and eBay announced their use of the Chatbot Platform. – Business Insider
  3. Salesforce says- 23% of customer-oriented Enterprises are using a website chatbot.
  4. Out of total websites, 58% of them uses chatbots are for B2B companies- Relay
  5. 80% of customers report the experience as positive while using a bot. – Overall

Now you have a clear picture of acquiring the market and leading to its ultimate potential. Hence, earn customers for life via intelligent chatbot creator.
Select the best among the top 5 Chatbot platforms in the US. But before jumping to it, let me teach you how to select the best chatbot UI design for your business or brand.

How to select a bot for your brand?

As we already know what this technology is and why it is in the market. They are specifically meant to refurbish customer engagement and reduce operating costs for businesses. Most business owners choose a Chatbot Platform to automate many of their business roles; it’s tough to select the one you need from it. Thus, not all bots are meant for all use cases. It would help if you thought about what and where you want to integrate to revamp that specific role to offer a better experience.

5 best Chatbot Platform to look for in the US

Chatbot maker streamlines the interactions your users have with your brand. Your team or staff no longer have to deal with mundane interactions, answering repetitive questions, and more. Here in this blog, find our list of the top 5 platforms to look out for if you are a US-based brand or business. So, let’s get started.

Flow XO

This exclusive Chatbot Platform earned its place in this list with more than a hundred built-in integrations and modules of the best chatbot UI design. Another highlight of this chatbot creator is it is relatively easy-to-use and lets you build a bot within a few minutes.
Saves time and effort through loads of prebuilt templates, which let businesses get the instant bot for varied use cases and roles.
It can support your business to carry out many e repetitive and complex jobs such as scheduling appointments and more. Not only this, but it also enables you to personalize JavaScript or delay a message for a given period. It offers an exclusive feature to save data and can be analyzed via Trello and Google sheets.

The initial free plan offers you 500 conversations from 5 chatbots. And with the paid account, it assures you an unlimited amount of chatbots.


This chatbot creator is considered one of the best and smart platforms. It helps businesses to communicate with their audience in real-time via voice or text. Its website chatbot “AgentBot” is flexible enough to adapt itself by the rules and needs the channel or area it is planted in, such as -CMS, CSS, and more. The automated responses without compromising on delivering a customized and seamless experience are the thing every digital business craves for. The platforms it involves are Zapier, Zendesk, Salesforce, and Live promise better and advanced knowledge.

You won’t get the Aivo bot for free; its starter plan is USD 99/ month and as per the modifications and add ons the pricing increases.


If you are looking for a highly advanced and flamboyant Chatbot Platform, you must consider our top 3. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy for the users to navigate through the portal. It came into existence with the idea of making small-scale businesses get the best tools within small and no investment. Another surprising part of this best chatbot UI design is that it is quite feasible and can be availed and savored by fresh startups and enterprises without any hindrance. You will get all the needed and essential tools with a full-fledged no-coding platform. It gives you a better understanding of types of bots by giving easy-to-click options such as e-commerce bot, lead generation bot, and much more. Integration of bot can be done on multiple platforms.

Its baby plan is free of cost, where you can enjoy how a chatbot works and help you improve your business customer support services and other areas. In case you feel like upgrading, then the further plans are also reasonable with its bunch of features. Check the BotPenguin pricing.


This we placed on top 4 position, it is another Chatbot Platform that helps just about anybody to have a bot with no coding and technical requirements. It mainly focuses on restaurants and media agencies. In under 7 minutes, you will be owning a full-fledged and featured chatbot UI design that promotes your brand and lets you build your brand image more strongly. It can be used to share news and engage your audience with proactive and instant communication. Set up FAQs and can be used for scheduling reservations. Have a coherent integration hosted by Chatfuel and make it adaptable to all your brand and audience requirements. The basic version is for free, and the new version costs 30$ per chatbot.

Mobile Money

Last but not least is “Mobilemoneky.” This chatbot maker makes chatbot for SMS, Facebook, web fun, and other platforms. It is amongst the quick, easy, and very efficient Chatbot Platform. It supports businesses by optimizing software, customer service and formulates and amazing alternatives to newsletters. It is also amongst the right messaging platforms already in the current and worldwide.
You can quickly get started with its free plan and upgrade as per your wish and requirements in the coming future.

Final Thoughts

As we already discussed, all the top 5 players in the market offer chatbot UI design to support businesses with new technologies with less effort and investment. But one thing to consider is to think which will be your ideal choice amongst these. So be wise enough to select one as per your brand requirements.

Bhavya works as Digital Marketing Team Lead and looks closely into the marketing team. Her passion and expertise in refurbishing the way users connect to the product leads to ultimate satisfaction via SEO friendly content.

What is a chatbot for website? How do they work: A complete guide for beginners

What is a chatbot for website? How do they work: A complete guide for beginners

“There is an endless number of a chatbot for website creation platforms online. According to Facebook’s count, more than 33,000 bots operating across the industry, and it is predicted that over 85% of customer engagement is going to be without human intervention.”

Most of the people have heard of chatbot for technology but are unable to understand what exactly they are. Some of the frequently asked questions are:

What is a chatbot? How do they work? What is the need to use chatbots on websites, or why are they important? What are their functions? How to build a chatbot?

We are here to answer all these questions for you and provide you with complete knowledge about chatbots.

What is a chatbot ?

Chatbots are those Artificial Intelligence systems that can interact through text or voice interface (are called Voice Bots as well). They are of two types: Rule-based and Artificial Intelligence. Rule-based bots answer queries based on some rules set for them and are not trained to answer complex questions whereas Conversational AI allows bots to learn through machine learning and these provide the more human touch in their conversations.

How Do Chatbots Work?

Chatbot applications are a medium of interactions between people and services. These reduce operational cost and are available 24/7 and helps in enhancing the customer experience.

Chatbot recognizes the user’s intent and then comes up with the best response, and if the user is not satisfied with the answer, it can also redirect users to the customer care executive.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) are their base technologies. These technologies give them the ability to understand the context and intent of the users with which they can prepare a custom response to each user request.

For example: Suppose you want to buy an MI Mobile phone online but do not want to go through the whole of the website searching for best MI phone. You go to their website and ask the chatbot to show you result for best MI handsets, and this way whole of the process becomes easy.

Why are Chatbots for websites Important?

Many businesses lag because they keep on applying traditional methods for improving their business or increasing customer engagement. But chatbot is a new age modern technology specially designed for companies to provide excellent user experience and increase customer engagement.

Still wondering whether to adopt chatbot for your business or not?

These facts may give you an answer-

  1. Speed of Issue Resolution
  2. Customers now do not like to talk to customer care executives for hours to solve their problems instead they want their queries to be solved within seconds. About 53% of people using a chatbot for websites feel that they resolve their issues faster.

  3. Convenience
  4. Customers do not like to go through the whole of the website searching for one product rather they would love if they get easy options for what they are looking for within the chat itself. About 45% of people feel convenience in using chatbots than going through the whole of the website.

  5. 24/7 service
  6. According to the latest research, 64% of people feel convenient using chatbots for websites as they provide 24/7 service and customer does not have to wait for hours for resolution of their problems.

So, understanding the customer needs accordingly now is the correct time for adopting a chatbot for website.

What are their Functions?

Chatbots are becoming favorite day by day because of the endless functions they can perform.

  1. Assistant bot
  2. It is one whole solution to all your problems and is widely used to schedule meetings, book appointments, book flight tickets, order food, book cabs, and many more. You can sync it with your calendar to schedule meetings and dates, and there you go.

  3. Answer bot
  4. It instantly replies to all customer queries without any time rigidity. It also collects feedbacks and reviews from customers for better user experience. It also makes suggestions about to provide a more friendly experience to customers.

  5. Lead Generation bot
  6. It asks a particular set of questions to their users, which help the business to contact them and make them potential customers. Chatbots help businesses in multiple conversions at the same time.

Whatever function a chatbot performs, it must perform efficiently, and it is crucial for a chatbot to have a personality to engage more customers.

How to Build a Chatbot for website?

Many people fear that building a chatbot must be a cumbersome and tough task to do. They think that it is a very lengthy process to create a chatbot. But now, with more and more chatbot maker applications, this task is a lot much more accessible.

Some key points and you are ready to build your chatbot-

  1. You must specify the task that your bot can assist with.
  2. Your chatbot should ask relevant questions and give useful suggestions.
  3. Response time of your bot must be less than 45 seconds.
  4. You must specify the exact goal of the chatbot and you can easily create a chatbot for your business using chatbot application.

One of the best chatbot application for creating your own chatbot is BotPenguin.


“70% of people prefer messaging for customer support rather than calling”.

We live in an era of advanced technology where people love to stay connected with each other through social media rather than physically present world. Their virtual existence is more important. We cannot undermine the fact that now people crave for quick and easy solutions for all their problems. So, it’s high time you understand that what is a chatbot and engage them for your business.

BotPenguin is a best free chatbot for website platform. So why wait, Click here https://botpenguin.com to create a chatbot for your business for FREE today.

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