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Top 10 benefits of Chatbots for Customer and Business

Top 10 benefits of Chatbots for Customer and Business

Technically, chatbots came into existence years back but came to prominence in recent years. With the need and increasing technological dependency, businesses across the globe integrated bots to ease their working. 

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Initially, chatbots were used to answer some basic questions, but AI-powered bots are designed to handle more complicated requests. With the constant upgradation in artificial intelligence, they will be the next big thing in the competitive globe. 

The integration of chatbot for websitescaused a paradigm shift in the way people interact with brands or businesses online. So, what are the benefits of chatbots, and how enterprises enjoy them for ultimate growth?

Before going further, let’s take a glance over some statistics. 

  1. As per Statista, it shows the future market for chatbots at $1.25 billion by the year 2025. Isn’t it remarkable growth? 
  2. Opus Researchsays chatbots will have an investment of $4.5 billion by the year 2021. 
  3. It has been estimated by Gartner and chatbots will experience more than 50% of spending by businesses by 2021. 
  4. These facts and figures show that chatbots will become an integral part of every business or enterprise out there to grow and succeed in the long run. 

    Top 10 benefits of Chatbots

    Benefits of Chatbots for customers

    1. 24/7 service
    2. Facilitates consistency
    3. Expeditious response
    4. A Personalized way
    5. Automate daily tasks

    1. 24/7 Service

    No one likes to wait and expects instant solutions for their queries. Integrating a chatbot for website can help you eliminate wastage of time. Maintaining a 24/7 response system brings a seamless continuous conversation between the seller and its prospects. 

    Unlike your customer service staff, a virtual bot doesn’t need any break, rest, or sleep. You can be there for your customers even when you are out of your working hours. 

    But now the significant consequence that arises over this benefit is whether they are providing expected value or not. This means how well the Chatbot for website is working at answering queries from simpler to complex ones. 

    But you need not worry as BotPenguin bots are well versed with AI chatbot and act way smarter than any basic answering system. 

    2. Facilitates consistency

    Whenever a customer has an issue, they expect you to rectify the confusion at that particular moment. Absence can hinder the smooth customer journey; thus, bots can be the most suitable solution. 

    It provides abundant benefits of chatbots like consistent responses and engages the audience on a larger scale than any human staff. 

    Thus, implementing a bot in CSS (Customer support system) can instantly resolve all the confusion without further delay. 

    3. Expeditious Response 

    Supporting staff members can resolve a single query at a particular point in time. Whereas, a virtual bot can answer thousands of questions at the same time. 

    It was making the process more effective and efficient. A virtual bot gives consumers a sense of ease that all their needs and questions will be considered. 

    Create your virtual mate in the best chatbot pricingand savor the immense benefits of chatbots at Botpenguin and gain immense growth and happy consumers. 

    4. A Personalised way 

    An AI Chatbot can act as your consultant and helps you with your things, whether you are shopping, finding the ideal university, or any other services. 

    An AI Chatbot offers a more personalized experience than any human operator who’s not even ready for your call. It can easily understand the context of the consumers’ responses and reverts accordingly while accessing the records of the interactions with the brand. 

    If you need more insights about Chatbot for website , feel free to read our blogs. 

    5. Automates daily tasks 

    People spend most of their time over social media platforms, and that’s where bots function. 

    Chatbot for website connects the user or visitor instantly with the brand and automates daily tasks like providing information, arranging meetings, instant search results, etc. This eliminates the burden of doing the same job on a repetitive basis. 

    Benefits of Chatbots for Businesses 

    • Reduces Operational Cost
    • Stay Trendy 
    • Raises Engagement and Sales
    • Monitoring and Better Insights
    • Versatile in Nature 

    1. Reduces operational cost

    Integrating a fully automated and AI Chatbot is much cheaper and faster than hiring human candidates for every task or function to execute.  

    A Human resource can handle only one or two people simultaneously, and if this exceeds, the process becomes tougher. 

    Hiring executives for customer support services can turn out to be highly expensive for the business. 

    Hence,virtual bot reduces the operational cost of employees and prevent human errors. 

    CNBC.Com says bots are indulged in 90% client inquiry activities by 2022, resulting in cutting the cost by $8 billion. 

    This will help companies save a lot of money. 

    2. Stay Trendy 

    Simultaneously, chatting applications and platforms are quite favored by everyone at the personal and professional levels.

    It has been seen that messaging apps gained more popularity and user base than in the past few years. 

    As per the eMarketer study, an American customer spent 10 mins, projected to grow to 12 mins by 2020 of his/her time on messaging apps. 

    You can also savor the power of technology and get an immense amount of customers with bots’ help. 

    As people prefer interaction through chat with brands, as it is more convenient and more comfortable to use. That’s what you can offer your audience through AI chatbot and construct a better brand image through benefits of chatbots. 

    3. Raises Engagement and Sales 

    One of the most crucial parts of every business is to increase sales. This means the focus needs to be given on engagement. And to achieve that, companies use chatbots to market their products and services over social media platforms as they drive more benefits of chatbots. 

    Facts say Facebook has one of the highest success rates (customers sharing their positive experiences). Engagement via social media raised sales by 40% (max). 

    The well-supported structure of bots makes them versatile for numerous platforms or websites. 

    Example- The moment a person shows any interest in booking travel packages, the ai chatbot immediately leads him/her to the booking page and closes the sales. 

    This leaves the customer satisfied because of the quick and hassle-free service. It gives a pleasant user experience. 

    4. Monitoring and Better Insights 

    AI Chatbot can act like ultimate data keepers and drivers, resulting in providing better insights into customer data. 

    It is an interactive tool capable of evaluating, collecting, and identifying the right data. They gather by communicating with a vibrant audience out there, similarly like humans. 

    The data and feedback shared by people can help you identify the areas of improvement and how to enhance your services and products. 

    Botpenguin makes the smartest chatbot for website you’ll ever own. They can tell you why customers are leaving your website, records different behavioral patterns, etc. Thus, improve your marketing decisions for immense growth. 

    5. Versatile in nature

    Many businesses are ultimately seeking support through chatbots for gaining value in day to day functions. 

    Chatbot for website is highly beneficial in today’s time, no matter what the business type is. 

    Some of the industries are on the path of getting revolutionized from AI-powered bots which include:

    1. Banking and finance- Resulted in a paradigm shift of how the banking sector used to function traditionally. Virtual Bot  has turned out to be a perfect addition to financial institutions, which are presently inclined towards online (digital) transactions. 
    2. HR & Recruiting- Automates every step of the recruitment process. It can search for the ideal candidate, evaluate the skill set, and tell you if they are perfect for the job or not. 
    3. Real Estate- the moment anyone visits the real estate website, he/she has some specific requirements (property/infrastructure). An AI chatbot bot can ask some questions to analyze the needs so that you can get to know what the person is looking for. 
    4. Healthcare- There are benefits of chatbots in abundance, from providing medical information, booking medical appointments, filling prescriptions, etc. Besides, AI chatbot can provide medical assistance to patients and all those who are looking for medical aid. 
    5. E-commerce: E-commerce is the most popular industry where you’ll come across numerous types of bots. A chatbot for website helps in many ways, from better insights of products and services to easy shopping or ordering ways. 


    Chatbot for the website is revolutionizing the way businesses execute trades, market their products, and changing the user experience. Now you got a glimpse of the future where surviving without AI and bots will be quite tricky. 

    So, gear up and get an interactive, effective, efficient, and fantastic way to improve your business growth in the long run via ai chatbot i.e Botpenguin. 

    Signup today!

    Feel free to dive into our informative blogs to get all your questions about chatbots answered for any other questions.

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Web programming, also known as web development, is the creation of dynamic web applications. ... A lot of people learn web coding because they want to create the next Facebook or find a job in the industry. But it's also a good choice if you just want a general introduction to coding, since it's super easy to get started.

Build Your First Chatbot

Build Your First Chatbot

Have you ever thought about the amount of time you spend providing repetitive information  about your business & services to your customers?

If the answer is yes, then I presume you must be spending a great deal of money to engage your clients through a support team or are already fed up with the task if you do it yourself. Chances are you are already looking for a way out, a solution to this problem. Voila, you are at the right place at the right time.

Since the task at hand requires answering the same set of questions to different users, the responses are invariably similar. Would it not be great if you could use a pre-programmed machine or an app to accomplish the task? A device or an app that could carry out the job effectively and, at the same time, satisfy customers; it would certainly save a lot of trouble. 

What if I told you that A chatbot for a website could provide information to your customers instantly, and save you money simultaneously (among other things!). 

Yes, you heard that right! If you are a business owner whose business is dependent on website traffic, then A chatbot for a website is just what you need. It can answer customer queries, book appointments, collect data, collect customer feedback, etc. It can be designed to provide specific information about your business and services to customers in a way that you desire. If you think that it would need a certain level of expertise or coding, among other skills on your part, to make something like that, you will be surprised to know that it does not. You can design a chatbot in a few easy steps within no time and deploy it on your website to better serve your customers and grow your business.

What is a Chatbot on a website?

A chatbot is an automated software that can simulate chat conversation and can be deployed on a website. It will interact with every visitor on the site & collect useful information by engaging users in a dynamic chat conversation. Chatbots react according to customer needs, and provide answers to resolve their queries. This lets your workforce take up other useful tasks, thereby saving time and money. Chatbot used in customer support can cut your operational costs & improve the overall efficiency of your business. The best part is that some of the leading chatbot building platforms such as BotPenguin are free, letting you achieve all this without investing a single penny.

Since we now know what chatbots are, let us delve deeper into the benefits of using a chatbot on the website.

Benefits of deploying a Chatbot on website

A chatbot offers multiple benefits to the user. It can potentially double your lead generation rate, help you achieve better growth and more satisfied customers. It’s the first line of customer support and can do wonders for a business. The significant advantages of a chatbot on website are; 

•Accessibility: An automated software, a chatbot is available 24/7 to service your customers

•No human errors: Chatbots are error-free.

•Instant response: They respond instantly to the customer queries with zero waiting time.

•Automates frequently done tasks: Monotonous tasks can be instantly automated using a chatbot.

•Monitors consumer data and analytics: Data captured by a chatbot can provide you valuable insights about the number of clients, their behavior, location, most desired services, etc.

•Manages orders and appointments: It can manage your orders and schedule appointments or business meetings for you.

•Customer satisfaction: It’s error-free & never makes a client wait, thereby achieving better customer satisfaction.

•Savings: A bot can handle millions of queries and save thousands of working hours for your workforce.

•Applicable in various industries: A different template & set of questions are readily available for multiple types of industries.

How to create a Chatbot for your website

Building a chatbot is as easy as it gets. This step by step guide on building a chatbot for a website will let you create and deploy one in 5 simple steps. We shall use the BotPenguin platform to elaborate the process as we find BotPenguin very user friendly.

-Go to botpenguin.com and click on “Get Started Free” 


-Sign up with your credentials, After signing up, login to your account and click on “Create Bot”.

4.1. Choose the Platform 

It’s the first step in building a chatbot. Select the platform from the given options where you want to deploy your bot.

4.2. Choose the type of Chatbot

Depending on the needs of your business, select the type of chatbot and select the use case which the primary function you want the chatbot for

Lead Generation :

Many visitors on website and social media platform but low conversion rate?
Choose this lead conversion chatbot to increase lead conversion by 40% on an average.

Customer Service

If you want to answer queriesabout orders and provide information about your products and services.
Choose this Customer Service Chatbot to reduce time to answer queries like booking policy, order status

Assistant Bot

If you want to answer queriesabout orders and provide information about your products and services.
Choose this assistant Chatbot to reduce time to answer queries like booking policy, order status

4.3. Designing the chatbot 

After you select the type of bot you need, start working on its appearance. You can customize it to match the color, background  theme of your website.

You can simply put your brand logo or photo of your employee. You can change the bot name to your companies name or any other name. Chat background color and theme color can also be changed. Example of customized design is given below:


4.4. Choose the template for your business

This page of BotPenguin harbors templates for every kind of business. You can choose from 100+ templates to begin with or make your own chat flow.

4.5. Deploy on your website

Once the chatbot is ready, the chatbot code can be copied & pasted on your website for seamless integration.

That’s it, you’re done, as easy as it gets. Congratulations! on creating your first chatbot for a website.The chatbot is ready to handle customers on your website. Sit back and enjoy the benefits and witness amazing business growth.

Web programming, also known as web development, is the creation of dynamic web applications. ... A lot of people learn web coding because they want to create the next Facebook or find a job in the industry. But it's also a good choice if you just want a general introduction to coding, since it's super easy to get started.

What is a chatbot for website? How do they work: A complete guide for beginners

What is a chatbot for website? How do they work: A complete guide for beginners

“There is an endless number of a chatbot for website creation platforms online. According to Facebook’s count, more than 33,000 bots operating across the industry, and it is predicted that over 85% of customer engagement is going to be without human intervention.”

Most of the people have heard of chatbot for technology but are unable to understand what exactly they are. Some of the frequently asked questions are:

What is a chatbot? How do they work? What is the need to use chatbots on websites, or why are they important? What are their functions? How to build a chatbot?

We are here to answer all these questions for you and provide you with complete knowledge about chatbots.

What is a chatbot ?

Chatbots are those Artificial Intelligence systems that can interact through text or voice interface (are called Voice Bots as well). They are of two types: Rule-based and Artificial Intelligence. Rule-based bots answer queries based on some rules set for them and are not trained to answer complex questions whereas Conversational AI allows bots to learn through machine learning and these provide the more human touch in their conversations.

How Do Chatbots Work?

Chatbot applications are a medium of interactions between people and services. These reduce operational cost and are available 24/7 and helps in enhancing the customer experience.

Chatbot recognizes the user’s intent and then comes up with the best response, and if the user is not satisfied with the answer, it can also redirect users to the customer care executive.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) are their base technologies. These technologies give them the ability to understand the context and intent of the users with which they can prepare a custom response to each user request.

For example: Suppose you want to buy an MI Mobile phone online but do not want to go through the whole of the website searching for best MI phone. You go to their website and ask the chatbot to show you result for best MI handsets, and this way whole of the process becomes easy.

Why are Chatbots for websites Important?

Many businesses lag because they keep on applying traditional methods for improving their business or increasing customer engagement. But chatbot is a new age modern technology specially designed for companies to provide excellent user experience and increase customer engagement.

Still wondering whether to adopt chatbot for your business or not?

These facts may give you an answer-

  1. Speed of Issue Resolution
  2. Customers now do not like to talk to customer care executives for hours to solve their problems instead they want their queries to be solved within seconds. About 53% of people using a chatbot for websites feel that they resolve their issues faster.

  3. Convenience
  4. Customers do not like to go through the whole of the website searching for one product rather they would love if they get easy options for what they are looking for within the chat itself. About 45% of people feel convenience in using chatbots than going through the whole of the website.

  5. 24/7 service
  6. According to the latest research, 64% of people feel convenient using chatbots for websites as they provide 24/7 service and customer does not have to wait for hours for resolution of their problems.

So, understanding the customer needs accordingly now is the correct time for adopting a chatbot for website.

What are their Functions?

Chatbots are becoming favorite day by day because of the endless functions they can perform.

  1. Assistant bot
  2. It is one whole solution to all your problems and is widely used to schedule meetings, book appointments, book flight tickets, order food, book cabs, and many more. You can sync it with your calendar to schedule meetings and dates, and there you go.

  3. Answer bot
  4. It instantly replies to all customer queries without any time rigidity. It also collects feedbacks and reviews from customers for better user experience. It also makes suggestions about to provide a more friendly experience to customers.

  5. Lead Generation bot
  6. It asks a particular set of questions to their users, which help the business to contact them and make them potential customers. Chatbots help businesses in multiple conversions at the same time.

Whatever function a chatbot performs, it must perform efficiently, and it is crucial for a chatbot to have a personality to engage more customers.

How to Build a Chatbot for website?

Many people fear that building a chatbot must be a cumbersome and tough task to do. They think that it is a very lengthy process to create a chatbot. But now, with more and more chatbot maker applications, this task is a lot much more accessible.

Some key points and you are ready to build your chatbot-

  1. You must specify the task that your bot can assist with.
  2. Your chatbot should ask relevant questions and give useful suggestions.
  3. Response time of your bot must be less than 45 seconds.
  4. You must specify the exact goal of the chatbot and you can easily create a chatbot for your business using chatbot application.

One of the best chatbot application for creating your own chatbot is BotPenguin.


“70% of people prefer messaging for customer support rather than calling”.

We live in an era of advanced technology where people love to stay connected with each other through social media rather than physically present world. Their virtual existence is more important. We cannot undermine the fact that now people crave for quick and easy solutions for all their problems. So, it’s high time you understand that what is a chatbot and engage them for your business.

BotPenguin is a best free chatbot for website platform. So why wait, Click here https://botpenguin.com to create a chatbot for your business for FREE today.

Web programming, also known as web development, is the creation of dynamic web applications. ... A lot of people learn web coding because they want to create the next Facebook or find a job in the industry. But it's also a good choice if you just want a general introduction to coding, since it's super easy to get started.

5 reasons why chatbots are the all-in-one solution for your business problems

5 Reasons Why Chatbots Are the All-In-One Solution for Your Business Problems

Do you ever think that your business needs a new marketing strategy? Or Do you feel that your business requires modern technology Or your business is lagging in the industry?

If yes, then you better think “out of the box” while formulating marketing strategies and engage the latest technology in your business because it can help you achieve all the objectives and make your business reach new heights.

Here are some of the exciting technologies that can help your business, such as Augmented Reality devices, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Drone cameras, Wearable Technology, and Chatbot for business.

When we talk about fastest growing technologies, we cannot deny the fact that Chatbot for business have proved to be the new wave in the industry. This technology has changed the ways to reach out to customers, the way customers shop, and the ways to provide customer support.

Let’s explore the different ways in which chatbots help your business to grow:

Customer support made easy:

For a well-established company, answering user queries is the most critical tactic that goes a long way in getting you success. Interacting with users and giving them satisfactory responses must come naturally.

But, getting back to every customer feels like next to impossible.

With customer service chatbot, this process is simple as they never turn a user away and provides them 24/7 customer service and enhances customer experience by providing quick responses.

Lead Generation:

Many times, due to incomplete information in the lead forms and lack of immediate assistance, prospective customers drop off. But with chatbot for business, it is no more a problem.

When appropriately integrated, lead generation chatbot can automatically drop new leads directly into your automation tool. And if you wish to have long-term relations with your customers, you need an AI chatbot technology that will act as a personal relationship manager.

• Provides personal assistance:

Undoubtedly, the internet has made consumer’s life much, but it also has made them even lazier. Customers now find it tiring to go through the website for finding a particular product. They want secure options in a single click. And for that what better than a chatbot for the site.

These interactive chatbot for business chat with your customers and ask them what they are looking for and come up with relevant suggestions. These prove to be much convenient to your users rather than going through the whole of the website searching for that one particular product.

For instance, you have an online bookselling site, and then your chatbot for business will ask your user-What genre of books would you like to read? Once the user answers, it comes up with the relevant results and also suggests the best books based on the user’s interests.

• Increases sales by influencing buyer’s decisions:

Conversational AI provides a good user experience by engaging them into conversation first. Bots ask them specific questions and identify the user’s intent to equip them further relevant suggestions.

That will provide a personalized experience to users who save a lot of user’s time, and quick resolution to their queries also influence the buyer’s decision.

And moreover, happy customers provide useful feedback and helps in increasing sales by further recommendations.

• Savings:

Chatbot for business not only helps you to increase engagement with users but also helps in cost-cutting operations.

Chatbot in business

They perform operations that a human would perform otherwise and saves you the need of engaging a large number of customer service personnel. Besides, if you use BotPenguin to create a free chatbot for your business, then it allows you a lot of savings.


Nobody can deny the fact that the chatbots are evolving rapidly and growing into a large chatbot industry. Its popularity signifies that it can easily handle various business operations and are continuously helping enterprises to increase customer engagement.

With daily use of chatbots, they are becoming even more intelligent, and it is no more a taboo in the minds of customers to interact with bots. Customers now feel that chatbot for business are more helpful in providing assistance rather than a human.

“9 out of 10 customers would love to interact with brands through messaging.”

Now you feel the necessity to engage chatbot in your business? Then try and create a chatbot for FREE via BotPenguin.

Bot penguin is an AI-powered chatbot maker that enables you quickly and easily to build custom chatbots to communicate and engage your customers on the website, Facebook messenger, and other chatbot platforms. It offers reasonable pricing, which saves your huge chunks of investment.

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Web programming, also known as web development, is the creation of dynamic web applications. ... A lot of people learn web coding because they want to create the next Facebook or find a job in the industry. But it's also a good choice if you just want a general introduction to coding, since it's super easy to get started.

Customer Service Chatbot: The Most Progressive Industry

Customer Service Chatbot: The Most Progressive Industry

You are still wondering how customer service is important in businesses? Or why the customer service chatbot is so helpful?

We are here to answer all your questions!!

A chatbot is a new-age technology designed to simulate conversations between itself and the users. These can provide 24/7 customer support and quick resolution to customer queries.

They are integrated with messenger Customer Service Chatbots, where one to one interaction with the customer is comfortable.

Customers can ask their queries via messaging, just like real-time chatting with their friends. It’s a new channel for providing customer support.

Users do not hesitate while chatting with a customer service chatbot. It’s much easier than waiting for a customer care executive to pick up the call and solve the queries. Still, the response is not fully satisfying.

“50% of chatbots are used to provide customer support, and the number tends to increase by 2020.”

Why providing customer service is so important?

One of the main motives for every business is to provide the best customer service to their customers. For that purpose, companies are indulging huge chunks of investment into their activities.

Companies engage hundreds of employees and pay huge salaries because they want to provide the best customer support.

customer service chatbot available 24*7
Users interacting with the customer service chatbot

They believe that providing excellent customer service will help them re-marketing their products and will get them goodwill.

For example:

Suppose you own online business of selling electronic goods. Some customers are unable to understand how to use some of the products and they wish to seek instant customer support.

If you have engaged a chatbot for website, then they will enter their queries. This will help you re-market your products through excellent after-sale service.

Problems faced by customers with traditional online experience:

• 34% of users say that sites are hard to navigate.

• 31% of users say that they cannot find answers to simple questions.

• 28% of users say that essential details about a business are hard to find.

• 27% of users say that it takes too long to find services.

• 16% of users say that outside regular opening hours they don’t offer any service.

All these problems can be solved when you engage a custom chatbot. It navigates sites and provides customers with secure search options.

How does customer service chatbot help businesses?

“35% of users say that they would use a chatbot for resolving complaints or problems.”

Customer service chatbots are much more efficient in their working as compared to customer care executives.

Customers are impatient and wish to seek immediate resolution to their problems. And bots respond in just 45 seconds and also make relevant suggestions.

So many businesses invest millions to provide excellent customer service but still are unable to offer the same. But with the chatbot, you can easily customize your answers. It is much more economical than engaging a customer care executive in your business.


To move ahead in your business and to survive in this competitive world, it is essential to adopt new age technology.

With the increasing expectations of the customers, it is becoming more challenging to provide them useful and efficient customer support.

With the introduction of chatbot technology, the task has become more simple, efficient and economical.

But if you are confused that which chatbot maker must be engaged in your business. Then you must try and create your free chatbot today via https://botpenguin.com/.

Bot penguin is an AI-powered chatbot platform. It easily enables you to build incredible chatbots to engage your customers on the website, Facebook messenger and other chatbot platforms. It offers reasonable pricing, which saves your huge chunks of investment.

We would like to know your opinions in the comment section below!!

Web programming, also known as web development, is the creation of dynamic web applications. ... A lot of people learn web coding because they want to create the next Facebook or find a job in the industry. But it's also a good choice if you just want a general introduction to coding, since it's super easy to get started.

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