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Industries Leveraging Chatbots and Growing Undoubtedly!

Industries Leveraging Chatbots and Growing Undoubtedly!

Chatbots functionality went way beyond that it was expected and made everyday life more comfortable. Now you can quickly come across a Chatbot popping from the corner while exploring any website. Chatbots are everywhere and almost in every sector, from a simple conversation bot to the one who can manage your financial assets. 

Every business or company can find legitimate applications for this technology, but few industries got entirely reshaped by the smart, intelligent, scaled, interactive texting capabilities unleashed by AI chatbots. 

We have already witnessed the reframing power that bots showed by raising sales, increasing engagement, lowering operational costs, and more. Hence, the industries we think represent the best utilization and adopt new opportunities to transform how audiences connect with brands and companies. 

In this article, we will discuss some of the branches that are leveraging the power of chatbots. 

So, let’s get started! 

Retail/ E-Commerce

You can say that chatbot for e-commerce is a natural fit as they are struggling with mobile conversion even as physical stores. AI Chatbots provide a pivotal passage to brands to grow their eCommerce presence, manage effective marketing campaigns, and more. 

The most impressive experience chatbot for e-commerce offers is a seamless user experience interface, sales with a smart engine that can optimize user needs, and recommend better products and services according to purchase history. 

Moreover, Statista suggests, the global E-Commerce business is expanding at a constant pace. It was expected to reach USD 4.2 billion in 2020 and reach more than $6.5 trillion by 2023. Isn’t it evident that the scope of bots is unimaginable? 

And of course, we all know how incredible customer support services some popular brands offer like Nike, Burberry, Adidas, and more. They have their smart chatbot e-commerce to facilitate customer services and sit a new benchmark in the E-Commerce industry. 


It’s quite often people ask- How AI can be used in the healthcare industry?

Is the doctor available? Can I get the appointment? These are some of the questions individuals will never have to ask again; all the credit goes to chatbots that are here to help patients deal with health issues instantly without wasting any time. 

One such way that came across is Chatbot for the health Industry, through which individuals can ask health questions and get medical solutions in return anytime and anywhere. 

For individuals needing more assistance, Chatbot for the health industry directly directs the case to the right doctor and eliminates unnecessary movements and processes. At some point in time, the use of bots in healthcare raises privacy concerns. However, all indications show that they could still play a crucial role, particularly around the early diagnosis stage, examining the health condition for which lots of digital information already exists on the web. 

Every technology has its positives and negatives, but when Chatbot for health Industry is used in the right manner, they have the potential to revolutionize how we interact with everyday services like banking, health care, and more. 

Banking and finance

It is one of the industries most impacted by technology destruction. And by considering how finance is interacting with their customer base, other companies are also embracing technology. 

Already, Chatbot for health Industry, real estate, and more are multiplying and turning the professional sector into a better version of themselves. 

Samsung suggests- more than 50% of financial services companies or organizations working on a chatbot project. For instance, ING Direct is one of the live examples. Later this year, it came up with a bot for multiple platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Google Assistant. 

The power to converse with prospects, that’s what we call conversational banking. This is the next tier every sector desires to achieve. And it can happen through the integration of chatbots. Customers will perform tasks such as checking account details, money transfers, and putting queries regarding any mishap (lost credit and debit card). 

Real estate

Currently, digitization and online presence is a must for every business to grow. In such a scenario, losing traffic is something one cannot afford to do. In real estate, getting relevant leads gets way more challenging due to the complexity of the industry. A lot of effort goes into generating leads, and takes time to figure out what the real estate broker has to offer and what customers need. But with the help of chatbot for real estate, ventures can collect and what leads to future customers. 

Not everyone is looking for the same type of property. Hence, a chatbot for real estate is crucial in providing the target audience exactly what they need by probing them with a series of questions in an interactive manner. This helps in collecting important customer information and keeping the user engaged with the right recommendations. 

Once the customer is more in-depth into the sales funnel, the chatbot for real estate can schedule a home or property tour, and the sales team can take over the reins. 


Every student has different learning patterns, needs, and interests. But doesn’t get the personalized way of learning to excel in their studies and subjects.

This lacuna can be filled out, but how? 

Therefore, each one needs a specialized tutor, but unfortunately, even the most expensive universities do not have this type of service. Now, what can be the most practical, cost-effective, and relevant alternative to solve this problem? 

And the solution is to integrate a Chatbot just like other industries such as Chatbot for health Industry and more. 

The objectives of having a bot are that it can serve as virtual advisors and help the students throughout the course duration. In simple words, they help to adapt to the learning pace. 

Secondly, new students can have vertical tutors to participate in dialogue or conversation, which can help them know where and which subjects they lack. Education chatbot can perform multiple roles to serve the education industry with more precision and management.

It has been noticed that more and more online nurse providers are incorporating chatbot for education and allowing consulting and discussing issues with teachers and other colleagues. 

The possibility of carrying out complex discussions on the content being studied allows students to better understand and favor the learning process. And that’s what chatbot can offer!

Travel and Hospitality 

Say goodbye to the days of bundles of brochures, phone extensions, and printouts. Travel and hospitality is an industry where growth is directly proportional to the level of services. And in this digital era, the hotels and travel package information must be accessible via most native communication to “smartphones.” Hence, chatbots can power the industry from check-in to various services such as booking restaurants, accommodation, and other amenities. And by default, all of this is currently handled by human resources. 

Several hotel chains are experimenting with chatbots for refurbishing onsite experience, and that’s where we see a bunch of opportunities to redefine the hospitality industry. Bots take pressure from human resources or agents to answer basic questions and other repetitive jobs. It can offer 24/7 services rather than only during specific working hours. One of the notable features is that bots don’t get overwhelmed by high volumes of inquiries. 

Guests can get access to the things they need while staying at a hotel, such as prompting the chatbot to offer information about pool deck maps requesting seats or travels and more. Hence, this saves a lot of time supporting staff and makes the stay and tour more seamless and fun.


As we reviewed how technology is associated with different industries in the form of Chatbot for health Industry, real estate, education, eCommerce, and more. 

Now you know in the coming future they will do a lot of agent’s roles. So, are you thinking of deploying a bot? You are at the right place; visit “BotPenguin” and get the best chatbot for your website irrespective of which industry your business belongs to. It offers a vibrant plethora of bots that go perfect for various industries. 

Web programming, also known as web development, is the creation of dynamic web applications. ... A lot of people learn web coding because they want to create the next Facebook or find a job in the industry. But it's also a good choice if you just want a general introduction to coding, since it's super easy to get started.

How AI is transforming the healthcare industry?

How AI is transforming the healthcare industry?

Can AI be used in the healthcare industry? If yes, what are the ways it can be implemented and the domains it will be most useful in? How can AI chatbots be used to cater to patients and save valuable time for healthcare professionals, ultimately contributing to the Healthcare industry? What are the challenges that we come across while implementing AI in the Healthcare sector? 

In this article, I am going to shed light on these topics and answer all the questions that come to mind.

In the past few years, AI has made a huge leap and brought about a significant impact in various industries. But its impact on the healthcare industry has been truly revolutionary. AI has the ability to mimic human cognitive functions using techniques such as Machine Learning and natural language processing making it the closest thing to a human brain. This ability is the primary reason for AI being so efficient in changing the way the Healthcare industry functions.

There has been a defining change in the ways of treatment that has already improved patient outcomes on a large scale. AI is being widely used by cardiologists, neurologists, oncologists to name a few, to better serve their patients. By using AI, therapeutic errors can be minimized and automated solutions such as AI chatbots can easily make predictions about potential health risks well in time.

To get a better idea of how AI has transformed the Healthcare Industry, we must study The Impact of AI on Healthcare Industry:

Reduction in human error

As per a recent study, around 10% of patient deaths and a number of hospital complications are a result of diagnostic errors. With the help of AI, the errors involved such as errors in diagnosis can be reduced to a great extent and better patient outcomes can be expected at reduced costs.

Brings intelligence to the healthcare industry

For a very long time, technology especially machines has not been able to keep up with the evolving medical challenges and as a result the Healthcare industry has been using outdated machines and technologies leading to inaccurate results and errors in the treatment process.

With the advent of AI, the results of all the body scanning machines such as MRI, CT scan, etc. have seen drastic improvements, and these machines now provide highly accurate results leading to the right treatment at the right time.

Minor infections to tumors or clots can also be detected at a very early stage with the help of AI which was not possible earlier.

Makes the process of bill payment easy

Patients are generally unclear and confused about their insurance plans but with AI involved, patients now are more clear with their insurance plans i.e as AI helps them in decision making by providing details at length and giving recommendations according to their needs. This helps patients in clearing their hospital bills quickly as well as reduced costs which makes patients feel happier and satisfied.

Dedicated health assistance

In recent studies, it has been noticed that people prefer to have an assistant that could remind them of their planned activities. This becomes a critical benefit especially when it comes to taking medicines. As a result, there is a booming demand for virtual assistance bots that can look after people and their health and medication.judging by these trends and growth in demand, AI is bound to become an integral component of a patient’s life, wherein it could keep track of the medication and could also urge the patient to improve dietary habits and lifestyle.

As discussed above there have been a lot of benefits of introducing AI in the healthcare industry. But there are some challenges as well that we may face while implementing AI in healthcare Industry:

Risk Involved

There’s always risk involved when we switch from traditional methods to new methods. The benefits derived from AI and AI chatbots are high but we also run the risk of AI machines being hacked and used for wrong intentions.

Patient’s comfort

Doctors may be comfortable in AI-based machines such as a robot, helping out with the surgery as it reduces their workload but patients might not be comfortable with a robot treating them in the OPD. This may hinder the implementation of AI on a large scale.

Data Security

AI machines can store all the important data related to a patient’s medical history, prescriptions, insurance plans, and much more. In case of a theft, this data can be used in ways that can become a serious problem for the patients, hence data security is a plaguing issue with AI-based operations and machines.

Need proper training

The implementation of AI is not as easy as it seems. The doctors as well as patients require proper training to learn to use AI and AI chatbots which may take a long time also require large numbers of training personnel for this.


Now that we know the kind of impact AI can have on the Healthcare Industry and also foreseeable challenges while implementing the AI, it can be concluded that AI has already started to bring in a revolution on a massive scale in the Healthcare industry and is going to become an integral part of it. Although there are risks involved the benefits that AI and AI chatbots offer far outweigh them. It is safe to say that in the near future most of us would be constantly interacting with AI health care machines and many of us will have our individual AI chatbots that will be taking care of us, our personal needs and keeping a track of our lifestyle to keep us healthy and fit.

Web programming, also known as web development, is the creation of dynamic web applications. ... A lot of people learn web coding because they want to create the next Facebook or find a job in the industry. But it's also a good choice if you just want a general introduction to coding, since it's super easy to get started.

Chatbots Narratives: Difference between Bot and Chatbot

Chatbots Narratives: Difference between Bot and Chatbot

The genesis of AI bot and AI chatbot technologies dates back since the inception of computer programming. The programmers aimed at creating software agents with human-like abilities. AI bots and AI chatbots that can perform mundane operations and intellectual tasks is the goal behind their evolution. In 1964 the AI chatbot named Eliza was created. The oldest internet bot was created in 1988 with the advent of Internet Relay Chat.

Difference between the AI bots and the AI chatbots.

Bots perform mundane tasks at a faster pace than humans can perform. The AI bots are instrumental for making the internet effective and worthy; bots can also be malicious when they are deployed by cybercriminals.

Chatbot is a software application with which we can communicate using natural language, be it text or chat. These AI chatbot are used as a replacement for human labour for repetitive tasks like scheduling appointments, website navigation, collecting leads etc. 

Difference between the architecture and working of the AI bots and the AI chatbots.

AI Bots

The ai bots are of three types:

An AI bot with external services, e.g. online services

An AI bot with integrated services, i.e.. bot itself owns the software services that it requires to perform its tasks

An AI bot with both external and integrated services

AI Chatbots

AI Chatbot is a software application with which we can converse.

AI Chatbots are of two categories:

Rule based chatbot or Decision chatbot

Rule based chatbot response is based on a set of predefined rules. The questions are predetermined and and the user can choose one from available answers.

Conversational chatbot

Conversational chatbot answers to the queries and requests made by the user. The sentences are analysed with the help of artificial intelligence. It has a higher interaction with the user.

Some similarities between the AI bots and AI chatbots

Bots is the umbrella under which the whole range of AI bots, AI chatbots, voicebots, robots, etc. falls. AI bots and AI chatbots are similar in the sense that they both needs to be programmed and both execute tasks with the values prefetched in their pipelines.

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Web programming, also known as web development, is the creation of dynamic web applications. ... A lot of people learn web coding because they want to create the next Facebook or find a job in the industry. But it's also a good choice if you just want a general introduction to coding, since it's super easy to get started.

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