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How to Use a Restaurant Bot to Engage with Customers?

Restaurant chatbot

The growing popularity of chatbots in the current market and especially in the restaurant industry can be readily noticeable. The primary reason is that they can be attributed to the wide bunch of services for which they can be put to use. Thus, becoming the support system for multiple brands for businesses. 

Real-World Examples of Restaurant Chatbot

Some of the most prominent players and food chains like Taco Bell and Burger King leverage their restaurant to establish better customer service and engage with their customers to simplify delivery and takeaway. 

The other three most prominent online ai chatbot users in this space are TGI Friday, Domino’s, Wingstop, and Pizzahut.

Whereas Domino’s and Pizzahut leverage this technology for ordering food and TGI Friday for making reservations. 

It might be possible your mind is full of questions such as as-. 

“Can Chatbots be used by a restaurant?

Why do restaurants need a chatbot?

How do you make a chatbot for a restaurant?

Can a restaurant use a chatbot to take customer orders and make menu items suggestions?”

Then it would help if you considered this enormous real instance that we are about to discuss. Hold your mind and let it collect all the information!

Instance- Burger king’s new chatbot for QSR chains’ order-ahead options! 

Burger King is already up with an order-ahead tool within the Facebook Messenger platform. With this bunch of QSR, marketers started debating whether to invest in chatbots or not. And eventually, they landed on the belief of fakebook’s ability with an online ai chatbot to serve as a viable food ordering platform. It came up with a chatbot platform to test a bot that enables customers to place food orders, pick-up location, and seamless payments. Thus, the QSR industry finds online ai chatbot useful, mainly when a brand or business is uncertain in investing in a whole new mobile application.

“Burger King has demonstrated a top hand in this space as it previously worked with Kik’s bot and now with Facebook Messenger to engage people with a compelling and easy to use interface.

Niki, an AI-powered chatbot that launched an in-chat ordering feature for Burger King. And is working in partnership with LimeTray. LimeTray is a Chatbot builder that helps the food industry get a restaurant chatbot to enable a better online presence.

Now I’m sure that you got all your answers with this example as it shows how big players are stepping into technology and leading to a better future. Now let’s take you deeper to get a better understanding of using bot generator for your food business. Here’s

Use Restaurant Chatbot for Improving the Customer Journey

1.Aware your Audience :

Nowadays, people are spending more time on the web and social media platforms. A restaurant bot is an ideal medium to reach out to your customers. Grab their attention and let them know that you are here for them 24/7.

You can design an online ai chatbot to engage via asking questions, guiding them on the right path, updating new menus, telling offers, and much more. It can also collect customer information, such as email addresses and phone numbers. Offering instant response helps you build a better user experience. 

2.Engage :

  1. Real-time responses:having a quick response system helps you boost customer support and engagement. For instance, any customer visits your website and wishes to inquire about the store timings via number or any other way. No matter how dedicated your staff is, they won’t be able to respond at odd hours. But with the help of a restaurant chatbot, you can quickly respond to customers in real-time. It will significantly reduce the average time taken to respond to customer requests or messages. Moreover, an engaged customer is more likely to purchase from your store.
  2. Assistance : you can build a platform where your customers don’t have to scan your entire website to find whatever they are looking for. Your chatbot platform can FIR instant and relevant solutions the moment they will select their preferences.
  3. Personalized communication: You can nurture your potential customers and persuade them to visit your store or order from your restaurant. For every new deal, you offer, you can send them via message or email, tempting them and leading them to your food.
  4. Generation of leads: Your restaurant chatbot has immense potential to collect qualified leads and help your sales team nurture well for future productivity.Restaurant Bot

3. Accession :

  1. Limited-time deals, offers, and discounts: You can take advantage of a bot generator and send regular emails or text messages. They can directly email lists and offer your customers exciting offers and limited-time deals.
  2. Improved orders: A restaurant bot can revamp your order efficiency by incorporating your customer support services with few add-ons or quick turns. They are as follows: 
  3. Taking online orders lets your customers have their time choosing what they want to eat without any hurry. By offering an interface for online ordering will save their time and result in satisfied customers. 
  4. Recommending food- a bot can also recommend food according to the mentioned preferences by the customers.
  5. Easy and quick delivery and takeaway- let them choose the location quickly and enjoy more effortless and seamless payment getaways. 
  6. Decrease waiting for durations by pre-booking orders- allow them to pre-book the table and need not stand or wait on calls at the last minute. 
  7. Let customers make reservations- some of the players are using bots for making reservations of tables, which leads to less chaos and a happy experience in the restaurant. 

4. Build Loyalty :

Ask for feedback: Most people go for online shopping, whether it is about clothing or food, looking for their feedback and reviews over the web. This helps customers make up their mind whether they should go to that restaurant or not. Thus, assign your restaurant chatbot to send timely reminder reminders to the customers for submitting their feedback and review and what was their experience with your food. Letting customers share their experience at your restaurant by a quick button on your online ai chatbot can be a great way to attract attention. This will help you build loyalty amongst your future and potential customers in the long run.

Final Thoughts

Finally, you made it to the end! Hopefully, you are as amped about restaurant chatbot and how to use it to their fullest potential. The food industry would never see a backfall if managed and nurtured with the latest tools as per the dynamic market. Yes, the taste makes the food chains popular amongst the people, but another crucial area is customer service and how you are treating them. Thus, you need to analyze the latest technologies and integrate them into your systems. BotPenguin is one of that chatbot builder with which you can have your bot within a few minutes in less and with no investment. 

Bhavya works as Digital Marketing Team Lead and looks closely into the marketing team. Her passion and expertise in refurbishing the way users connect to the product leads to ultimate satisfaction via SEO friendly content.

A Complete Guide on Chatbot Development

Chatbot Development

You might have heard about chatbots and for sure interacted with one too. And if you thought like a businessman, you probably thought it could be of use in your business. Here where you are right, most companies tend to choose newer and unique ways of communicating with their audience. And that’s what chatbots are in trend.

In short, a chatbot is an AI-powered software that can do several already programmed tasks without human interruption. As the name suggests, the most apparent function is to have a dialogue with the users. Every bot performs different functions as the range differs, such as personal assistant, restaurant reservation, providing requested dates in other provinces, like the flight schedule or weather forecasts.

Why Do You Need to Think About Chatbot Development?

Bots have a lot to offer to every business out there, struggling with effective communication with the audience. Notably, if you determine its purpose and functionality based on the needs of your business or brand. Here are some of the highlights listed below that every sphere going to like:

#1. Saves human staff/resources

Bots don’t get tired of answering repetitive questions, or inquiries like human staff do. With this, you can save more of your human resources and their efforts. Instead, they will be of use in more complex and prominent business jobs or areas.

#2. Showcase a better brand image

With chatbots, you can be present for your audience round the clock, and customers can get the desired information anytime they decide to make a purchase, which creates a sense of being heard. Hence, it develops a better image of your brand in the eyes of your prospects.

#3. Cost-effective

You might be wondering that Chatbot development bears higher costs than you are mistaken here. As ai chatbot development costs less than app development. And you will save a lot of money and serve a great bunch of benefits too. Hence, replace the human target factor for more superficial inquiries from prospects.

#4. A great way to fight the competition

As you already know, chatbots tend to be adopted by most businesses in numerous sectors shortly. Thus, being among the first ones will give you leadership in your industry to build a tech-savvy user interface.

#5. Quicker processes

An ai chatbot isn’t limited by the number of conversations and can respond to multiple prospects simultaneously. And have the ability to read the customers effectively, unlike humans do. It makes the whole process more efficient and faster.

How do they Function?

Now let’s discuss how exactly chatbots function and what helps in smart Chatbot development. The leading technologies termed as the backbone of ai chatbot development are machine learning, artificial intelligence, and NLP (natural language processing). The moment any question or query is presented to a bot, complex algorithms process the input and understand the query’s right tone and context. The user is asking and determining an appropriate answer. Hence, they have to rely on the algorithms’ ability to detect the complexity of both written and spoken words. It might have noticed some bots perform this task quite well, and it’s tough to differentiate it as a human or machine. Moreover, handling human talk or text is one of the biggest challenges, but the bot does quite well if trained and utilized tightly and in the right position.

Technology behind Bots

There are some of the elements that make sure your bot functions well. API (application programming interface) makes it possible for your chatbot to interact between your application and users via voice or text message. Whereas, during the Chatbot development process, your bot’s intelligence will depend on the way you apply machine learning while deploying the bot in your systems.

Moreover, if you want to know deeply about the whole Chatbot development process, it is not enough to know only about technology. For instance, you would be excited to find out different tools and design elements and have a more comprehensive picture before making a final decision. It is always wise to go with proper research and study before deploying anything to your business, directly impacting the functioning and growth. But before moving forward, let’s take a quick look over some of the technology.

Rule-based: a user asks a particular question or inputs the query, bot replies with an answer as per the pre-set answers.

Under adaptive AI: here, the bot will learn from the unlabeled data in addition to the probabilities of two former generations and past inputs.

Under supervised AI: a massive bunch of labeled data is created to imitate prospects’ future situations and behavioral patterns.

During the initial Chatbot development, the first generation bots can perform more straightforward tasks and be built by ordinary programming languages. Whereas, in the second and third generations, NLP steps gave birth to more intelligent and smart bots ever in the marketplace.

Tools to have AI Chatbot Development

One of the prevailing confusion is between Chatbot development and publishing platforms. The main difference is that the publishing platform is the sphere where you can interact with your bot. Ai chatbot development platform is like tools that enable you to build or deploy the bot on your system. You can quickly get partnered with a chatbot development company that offers an easy peasy way of developing bots without any coding. Let’s discuss some of the famous platforms.

#1. Microsoft Azure Bot Service

It provides Chatbot development services with SDK and portal and a chatbot connector that enables you to connect with other social media platforms. It also helps you debug your bot and a plethora of sample bots, from which you can quickly get the ideal bot for your brand.

It goes best for developers and gives the power of creating highly interactive chatbots.

#2. QnA Maker

Another bot from Microsoft is that it is quite helpful for businesses that need to ask frequent questions from their target audience about products and services. QnA Maker helps you in Chatbot development for FAQs URLs and other structured documents and manuals within a few minutes.

#3. IBM Watson

It is one of the most preferred, where you can develop AI bots. The benefit of it is its capability to serve different spheres and manage complex conversational circumstances with ease. If you think of doing a Chatbot development, you must start while considering all your requirements and what scenarios need to be addressed by your chatbot.

#4. BotPenguin

Last but not least is “BotPenguin,” which has been making its mark since its existence. Quite popular among small-scale businesses because of its full-fledged suite of tools at a very feasible pricing chart. You can have a highly competitive and smart chatbot serving your customers within a few minutes. Moreover, it considers all your needs and industry types and offers you an ideal bot for your marketing strategy.

Best Practices for Chatbot Development

To grow in the long run, you need to focus on the latest technology and trends, and that’s what you can achieve via ai chatbot development. With the innovation of a rich set of bots, you can make your business more comparative and robust in the digital marketplace. Moreover, many companies may ask- what’s the strategy behind successful Chabot development.

#1. Recognize the right use case scenario

With the improvisations in chatbot technology, businesses in different sectors find their way into more use cases. Some companies use cases are finance bots, virtual assistants, supplementing HR practices, and more. The type of use case will solely depend on you and the business type or area you are thinking of deploying.

#2. Select the right Chatbot development framework

Businesses can develop bots from scratch or use comprehensive frameworks. These are aimed to mass-produce chatbots. You can take support from a chatbot development company with its frameworks and specialized offerings.

Prominent frameworks:
Microsoft bot framework
Facebook bot engine (Wit.ai)
Chat script

#3. Know your audience base

Before initializing the actual development, one of the most important steps is to have a deep understanding of the product and its audience base. Hence, the first motive should be to understand your bot’s role for your audience base. As there are some main categories of bots:

Commerce bots
News chatbots
Entertainment chatbots
Utility bots
Customer service chatbot

#4. Connect the relevant systems

A bot is said to be well designed and programmed if it can automate daily tasks. Hence, it should fit into your business model like an employee to help you in the long run. A bot should have understood the main brand idea and logic to communicate with the prospects effectively. Implement your bot with internal communication channels such as Trello and Slack. With this, you can directly export the leads to the existing sales management without any delay. That’s how you can function both internally and externally more smoothly.


Bots are considered the ultimate future of the marketplace. With easy peasy developing ways, soon every individual will be able to integrate bots into their systems. So, why do you think for a long time?

Gear up and partner with the best chatbot development company, get on the new wave of the technological market, and lead your business thrift to ultimate success. So, “BotPenguin” is here to support the Chatbot development process. For any questions, feel free to contact us.

Bhavya works as Digital Marketing Team Lead and looks closely into the marketing team. Her passion and expertise in refurbishing the way users connect to the product leads to ultimate satisfaction via SEO friendly content.

Top 10 benefits of Chatbots for Customer and Business

Top 10 benefits of Chatbots for Customer and Business

Technically, chatbots came into existence years back but came to prominence in recent years. With the need and increasing technological dependency, businesses across the globe integrated bots to ease their working. 

If you are new and want to know more about chatbot read ” chatbots narratives: Introduction to chatbots”.

Initially, chatbots were used to answer some basic questions, but AI-powered bots are designed to handle more complicated requests. With the constant upgradation in artificial intelligence, they will be the next big thing in the competitive globe. 

The integration of chatbot for websitescaused a paradigm shift in the way people interact with brands or businesses online. So, what are the benefits of chatbots, and how enterprises enjoy them for ultimate growth?

Before going further, let’s take a glance over some statistics. 

  1. As per Statista, it shows the future market for chatbots at $1.25 billion by the year 2025. Isn’t it remarkable growth? 
  2. Opus Researchsays chatbots will have an investment of $4.5 billion by the year 2021. 
  3. It has been estimated by Gartner and chatbots will experience more than 50% of spending by businesses by 2021. 
  4. These facts and figures show that chatbots will become an integral part of every business or enterprise out there to grow and succeed in the long run. 

    Top 10 benefits of Chatbots

    Benefits of Chatbots for customers

    1. 24/7 service
    2. Facilitates consistency
    3. Expeditious response
    4. A Personalized way
    5. Automate daily tasks

    1. 24/7 Service

    No one likes to wait and expects instant solutions for their queries. Integrating a chatbot for website can help you eliminate wastage of time. Maintaining a 24/7 response system brings a seamless continuous conversation between the seller and its prospects. 

    Unlike your customer service staff, a virtual bot doesn’t need any break, rest, or sleep. You can be there for your customers even when you are out of your working hours. 

    But now the significant consequence that arises over this benefit is whether they are providing expected value or not. This means how well the Chatbot for website is working at answering queries from simpler to complex ones. 

    But you need not worry as BotPenguin bots are well versed with AI chatbot and act way smarter than any basic answering system. 

    2. Facilitates consistency

    Whenever a customer has an issue, they expect you to rectify the confusion at that particular moment. Absence can hinder the smooth customer journey; thus, bots can be the most suitable solution. 

    It provides abundant benefits of chatbots like consistent responses and engages the audience on a larger scale than any human staff. 

    Thus, implementing a bot in CSS (Customer support system) can instantly resolve all the confusion without further delay. 

    3. Expeditious Response 

    Supporting staff members can resolve a single query at a particular point in time. Whereas, a virtual bot can answer thousands of questions at the same time. 

    It was making the process more effective and efficient. A virtual bot gives consumers a sense of ease that all their needs and questions will be considered. 

    Create your virtual mate in the best chatbot pricingand savor the immense benefits of chatbots at Botpenguin and gain immense growth and happy consumers. 

    4. A Personalised way 

    An AI Chatbot can act as your consultant and helps you with your things, whether you are shopping, finding the ideal university, or any other services. 

    An AI Chatbot offers a more personalized experience than any human operator who’s not even ready for your call. It can easily understand the context of the consumers’ responses and reverts accordingly while accessing the records of the interactions with the brand. 

    If you need more insights about Chatbot for website , feel free to read our blogs. 

    5. Automates daily tasks 

    People spend most of their time over social media platforms, and that’s where bots function. 

    Chatbot for website connects the user or visitor instantly with the brand and automates daily tasks like providing information, arranging meetings, instant search results, etc. This eliminates the burden of doing the same job on a repetitive basis. 

    Benefits of Chatbots for Businesses 

    • Reduces Operational Cost
    • Stay Trendy 
    • Raises Engagement and Sales
    • Monitoring and Better Insights
    • Versatile in Nature 

    1. Reduces operational cost

    Integrating a fully automated and AI Chatbot is much cheaper and faster than hiring human candidates for every task or function to execute.  

    A Human resource can handle only one or two people simultaneously, and if this exceeds, the process becomes tougher. 

    Hiring executives for customer support services can turn out to be highly expensive for the business. 

    Hence,virtual bot reduces the operational cost of employees and prevent human errors. 

    CNBC.Com says bots are indulged in 90% client inquiry activities by 2022, resulting in cutting the cost by $8 billion. 

    This will help companies save a lot of money. 

    2. Stay Trendy 

    Simultaneously, chatting applications and platforms are quite favored by everyone at the personal and professional levels.

    It has been seen that messaging apps gained more popularity and user base than in the past few years. 

    As per the eMarketer study, an American customer spent 10 mins, projected to grow to 12 mins by 2020 of his/her time on messaging apps. 

    You can also savor the power of technology and get an immense amount of customers with bots’ help. 

    As people prefer interaction through chat with brands, as it is more convenient and more comfortable to use. That’s what you can offer your audience through AI chatbot and construct a better brand image through benefits of chatbots. 

    3. Raises Engagement and Sales 

    One of the most crucial parts of every business is to increase sales. This means the focus needs to be given on engagement. And to achieve that, companies use chatbots to market their products and services over social media platforms as they drive more benefits of chatbots. 

    Facts say Facebook has one of the highest success rates (customers sharing their positive experiences). Engagement via social media raised sales by 40% (max). 

    The well-supported structure of bots makes them versatile for numerous platforms or websites. 

    Example- The moment a person shows any interest in booking travel packages, the ai chatbot immediately leads him/her to the booking page and closes the sales. 

    This leaves the customer satisfied because of the quick and hassle-free service. It gives a pleasant user experience. 

    4. Monitoring and Better Insights 

    AI Chatbot can act like ultimate data keepers and drivers, resulting in providing better insights into customer data. 

    It is an interactive tool capable of evaluating, collecting, and identifying the right data. They gather by communicating with a vibrant audience out there, similarly like humans. 

    The data and feedback shared by people can help you identify the areas of improvement and how to enhance your services and products. 

    Botpenguin makes the smartest chatbot for website you’ll ever own. They can tell you why customers are leaving your website, records different behavioral patterns, etc. Thus, improve your marketing decisions for immense growth. 

    5. Versatile in nature

    Many businesses are ultimately seeking support through chatbots for gaining value in day to day functions. 

    Chatbot for website is highly beneficial in today’s time, no matter what the business type is. 

    Some of the industries are on the path of getting revolutionized from AI-powered bots which include:

    1. Banking and finance- Resulted in a paradigm shift of how the banking sector used to function traditionally. Virtual Bot  has turned out to be a perfect addition to financial institutions, which are presently inclined towards online (digital) transactions. 
    2. HR & Recruiting- Automates every step of the recruitment process. It can search for the ideal candidate, evaluate the skill set, and tell you if they are perfect for the job or not. 
    3. Real Estate- the moment anyone visits the real estate website, he/she has some specific requirements (property/infrastructure). An AI chatbot bot can ask some questions to analyze the needs so that you can get to know what the person is looking for. 
    4. Healthcare- There are benefits of chatbots in abundance, from providing medical information, booking medical appointments, filling prescriptions, etc. Besides, AI chatbot can provide medical assistance to patients and all those who are looking for medical aid. 
    5. E-commerce: E-commerce is the most popular industry where you’ll come across numerous types of bots. A chatbot for website helps in many ways, from better insights of products and services to easy shopping or ordering ways. 


    Chatbot for the website is revolutionizing the way businesses execute trades, market their products, and changing the user experience. Now you got a glimpse of the future where surviving without AI and bots will be quite tricky. 

    So, gear up and get an interactive, effective, efficient, and fantastic way to improve your business growth in the long run via ai chatbot i.e Botpenguin. 

    Signup today!

    Feel free to dive into our informative blogs to get all your questions about chatbots answered for any other questions.

    Part 3 chatbots narratives: What is a chatbot and how it works?

Web programming, also known as web development, is the creation of dynamic web applications. ... A lot of people learn web coding because they want to create the next Facebook or find a job in the industry. But it's also a good choice if you just want a general introduction to coding, since it's super easy to get started.

Benefits of Lead Generation Chatbot

Benefits of Lead Generation Chatbot

If you are into any business, your mind will hit with some common questions such as – “How chatbot helps in lead generation?” “What are the lead bots?” “Are they benefitting or just a bluff?” 

Let’s get started and get the bucket of answers for all your questions. 

Today, the chief element of online marketing is lead generation. Businesses are copiously dependent on relevant buckets of leads as it raises the traffic and increases the possibility of conversion of leads into future customers. AI chatbot lead generation further enables the companies to gain huge revenues. Online players or marketers are very well aware of the importance of lead generation. And to achieve this, they use numerous different strategies and tools to maintain consistency. Almost all industries are indulging in automation, which is taking up various roles that a visitor will perform manually. 

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is the technology used to digitally transform businesses and automate their daily tasks. Most of the companies face a struggle when it comes to obtaining leads. That’s where lead generation chatbot comes into play.

Lead bots are the latest and popular tools to assist marketers in connecting with their targeted audience in an effective and automated way. 

Lead Generation- What? 

Traditionally, lead generation is to draw the customer’s attention via email blast and other ways. It can also be defined as the marketing process of capturing interest in products and services to initiate a sales line and allows businesses to nurture until they are ready to purchase. It can be beneficial for any type, nature, or industry (B2B, B2C). The complicated job is to recognize a good lead than just targeting the pool.  

But the rising competition and much information making it more difficult for businesses to reach, track, and engage with their targeted audience. That’s something lead generation chatbot helps with. 

What are “Leads”? 

“Leads,” on which businesses rely on as every lead is a path to a loyal customer base and more revenue. It can be classified as a potential prospect in a sales sense. Whereas, it differs from different organizations. For some, a lead is a contact that is already known to be a potential client, while others view it as a sales touch. But one thing remains constant that is it can ideally become a future customer. Hence, the sales force and marketers are responsible for the conversion of leads. The staff can’t work effectively and respond to every user round the clock. And to make the process fast and relevant, chatbot for lead generation deployed by the companies. 

What is a Chatbot for Lead Generation? 

Chatbots for leads (AI NLP or Rule-based bots) are designed to recognize potential prospects, initiate conversation, and generate interest for a company’s products and services. The chatbot for the website cultivates buyer-seller relationships through a conversational approach and conveys relevant information to the users. 

Forbes suggests that by 2020 80% of marketers plan to deploy a chatbot in some way or another. 

Hence, it indicates that lead bots are taking up most marketplaces and supporting businesses to function precisely. Now let’s find out what all benefits they are offering. 

Lead Generation Chatbot

Benefits of Lead Generation Chatbot 

Customized Experience

You might have noticed a generic-looking form asking for information like name, email address, and some other details. It’s quite similar almost on all websites. It’s no secret; these typical forms are tedious, and the process is more annoying. 

The traditional conversion process isn’t just irritating; it’s also incompetent. Companies who fail to give real essence to their ai bots are likely to lose people from their sites. 

However, lead generation chatbot can prevent this. 

Think of having a chatbot for lead generation on your website and welcoming your visitors. 

Having somebody to respond at the moment and convey all the needed information to the visitor. Isn’t it compelling? Users will get everything as per their preferences without even looking for it for hours. The lead bots bring up the solutions promptly and deliver a hassle-free experience. It will convey a tailored experience and help you win potential customers. They give us the luxury of being effective in getting a customized journey for each lead. 

Escalates Engagement 

Gathering leads isn’t an easy task. The major challenge is turning a visitor into a lead. And keeping them engaged for long to show why you’re the right option for their requirements requires skills. 

In today’s bleak attention economy, thus this isn’t easy. 

Having an informative site with texts isn’t an impressive way to accomplish this. Most people find these types of landing pages a little daunting. 

Hence, no matter how organized your content is, it’s tough to achieve a visitor’s interest until you aren’t able to educate them. 

Lead generation chatbot can transfigure the whole process. Instead of letting your users read and skim through a pool of information, lead bots to deliver the relevant data instantly through a minimal conversation. 

The user learns about the product and services conversationally without any struggle. It’s far more engaging than a wall of text and increases engagement. 

Soaring Conversion Rates 

One of the significant motives of integrating chatbot for lead generation is to achieve higher conversion rates. 

The most significant types of conversion for B2B sites are lead from form submissions. The collected information is what transforms visitors into potential partnerships and sales. 

But as we know already, the process can be challenging. 

Replacing standard tactics with bots can be the perfect solution. 

When your website is up with a chatbot, you can quickly draw users and focus solely on engagement. You will notice a significant jump in conversion rates. Having a site with minimized elements and an impressive conversion process can impact your ability to earn loads of leads. The collected information by the lead bots can be directly sent to your sales team or CRM. 

Take appropriate steps in turning them into a customer. 


Going for a purchase involves numerous factors. Your customers have multiple questions, and if you’ll be successful in providing all answers conveniently, then you got him. 

Almost everywhere, the website is the only stop, where the user has to research all their options and still not get anything. 

However, if you want them to know that your brand is right for them, you need to act fast and deliver a unique platform. Deploying a chatbot for the website will help you in educating your prospects at the right time.

They give reasons for visitors to stay and let them make the final decision. Conversational interfaces are more comfortable to use on mobile phones. With this, you’ll be able to generate a place for them to play conveniently. 

On the Spot Reactions 

AI chatbots aren’t here to replace us, but to support us. They are most functional when used along with the customer journey. They support the team and get in touch more efficiently with the customers. 

Lead generation chatbot is designed to replace generic forms and is excellent at asking basic questions and saving data in real-time. 

Real-time elements help in integrating your human with lead chatbots. You can make your bot ask relevant questions to identify their issues and high-quality leads. 

This organized system reduces customer frustration and lets the decision be made that time itself. 

Cheap and Trouble-free building 

Yes, it is cheap and easy to build! 

You’ll come across numerous platforms offering bot creation with simpler steps. The constant rise of code-free platforms helped the businesses of all sizes and backgrounds to get chatbots at a minimal cost and effort. 

Building lead chatbots is no longer a complicated affair. With code-free platforms, you can create a bot without any IT support and forget about months on a single project. 

It’s that simple and convenient! 

Better ROI 

Juniper Research suggests by 2022; businesses will have a cost savings of $8 billion annually through the integration of bots. They bring immense opportunities for trade by generating impressive experience for your users. You can classify them as a long term investment with an in-depth understanding of your purpose. They will enrich, differentiate, and improve your overall customer services. Hence, at last, you will get a chance to enjoy a better return on investment. 

Segments Customers 

Segmentation can be defined as using data to create meaningful and relevant audience categories. It is done considering numerous factors like interest, gender, age, demographics, and preferences. The motive of segmenting is to deliver a better pitch and relevant responses to the leads. 

Lead generation chatbot helps generate more qualified leads and segregate as per predetermined standards. Nurturing the leads gets more impactful with a segmented audience. 

Fix appointments 24/7 via lead bots

This is mainly seen in B2B businesses, healthcare, and hospitals with many personal meeting-related requests. 

With bots, customers can book appointments, and the booking information would go directly to the relevant team. 

This prevents investing extra cost in hiring human resources and trouble handling appointment traffic. 

lead bots

By integrating the best chatbot for lead generation, you can:

. Schedule appointments even when no one is present. 

. Automate lead capturing for 24/7. 

. Send confirmation via notification or email. 

And that’s how it goes! 

Final Thoughts 

Lead generation is one of the crucial parts of every business out there. Lead generation chatbot is becoming more popular to capture leads and handle company interactions. 

Isn’t it great? 

It means you can be one step ahead of your competitors! 

Employing lead generation strategies will serve you better conversion rates, and it helps your business boost in the long run. 

So, to sum it up, final pointers are a chatbot: 

. Customises user experience.

. Simplifies and efficient lead generation process. 

. Keeps users engaged for a long time. 

. Delivers information promptly. 

. Connect segmented leads to the relevant team. 

Therefore if you are not yet up with your bot, then you must look at “BotPenguin.” It is a unique platform offering hassle-free bot building processes with no extra efforts. 

Web programming, also known as web development, is the creation of dynamic web applications. ... A lot of people learn web coding because they want to create the next Facebook or find a job in the industry. But it's also a good choice if you just want a general introduction to coding, since it's super easy to get started.

Chatbot Narratives: What are the benefits of Chatbots?

Chatbot Narratives: What are the benefits of Chatbots?

The benefits of chatbots can be known from the fact that chatbots are causing a paradigm shift in the way people interact with data and services online. With the advancements in AI ( Artificial Intelligence ) and Machine Learning, chatbots are envisioned to be the next big thing by companies such as Google, Microsoft, Facebook, etc. There are benefits of chatbots as they are the mode of direct customer business engagement through text or voice.

Key Benefits of Chatbots

Chatbots for productivity: According to surveys, productivity is the chief reason for using chatbots, i.e., ease of use, speed, and user-friendly interface. Chatbots’ advantages are that they provide assistance and access to information. One of the key benefits of chatbots is that they answer the basic questions and the user does not have to wait for the human agent’s response. 

Chatbots for help and information: In this case, the benefits of chatbots are that chatbots can guide you for the daily tasks, e.g., travelling, weather reports, daily news, etc. Chatbots updates you with information specially tailored for you.

Chatbots for entertainment: One of the benefits of chatbots is that they can be funny and entertaining. You can converse funnily with them. Whenever you feel bored, or you are lonely, you can just start chatting with the chatbots.

Chatbots for miscellaneous tasks: Some benefits of chatbots are that you can talk about sensitive issues with them that are not convenient with the human-human conversation. They can also handle monotonous tasks. 


These benefits of chatbots will play a key role in their advancements and future results. As envisioned by the world leaders, the chatbots will emerge as the successor to GUIs and are going to be the game-changer in the IT industry. 

If you wish to enjoy the benefits of chatbots then try a user-friendly, advanced, and professional chatbot and build one for your business by yourself, try BotPenguin, truly professional ai chatbot online for free!!!.

End of part 8

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Web programming, also known as web development, is the creation of dynamic web applications. ... A lot of people learn web coding because they want to create the next Facebook or find a job in the industry. But it's also a good choice if you just want a general introduction to coding, since it's super easy to get started.

Towards man-machine conversation: Exploring conversational AI chatbot technology.

Towards man-machine conversation: Exploring conversational AI chatbot technology.

“Chatbots Will Be Indistinguishable From Humans By 2029” – Ray Kurzweil.

Advancements in conversational AI chatbot technology has created some new opportunities for businesses and routine works. The conversational AI chatbots provide an easy way to handle repetitive tasks for which human labor was employed. conversational AI chatbots play various roles these days in our day to day lives. As conversational AI has advanced, so is the enthusiasm amongst its advocates, and is causing botheration amongst its critics. Corporations like google, facebook, Microsoft and amazon are aggressive in their approach to try and leverage the potential trapped in conversational AI both for business and society. How an AI chatbot can impact one’s life is still a vague image. 


With the recent AI (Artificial Intelligence) boom, conversational AI technology is promising a paradigm shift with the way we interact with machines. Now is the era of man and machine conversing. Virtual assistants and conversational AI chatbots are a regular part of our lives now.

The statistical ML(machine learning) and NLP (Natural Language Processing) have empowered machines with conversational AI abilities.

Conversational AI chatbots are the buzz these days. conversational AI chatbots bots are capable of handling business queries, generating leads, scheduling appointments, thus replacing human labor for mundane tasks.  

Conversational AI is much more than simply being a chatbot. However, we will use the term “chatbot” for all cognitive technologies that use NLU(Natural Language Understanding). 

A little insight on the technologies involved

A conversational AI chatbot is a man-machine communication interface that uses natural language conversation, be it voice or text.

A plethora of frameworks exist for creating conversational AI chatbots; moving the Python way, creating cool conversational AI chatbots requires a decent command over NLP. Libraries like spaCy, NLTK, sci-kit learn, are available for conversational AI chatbot development. spaCy features tools like POS(Parts-of-Speech) tagging, stemming, lemmatization, tokenization, and many more are instrumental in creating cool conversational AI chatbots. 

Why there is so much of a buzz about conversational AI chatbots? What edge do they have over human agents?

Conversational AI chatbots today are essentially a part of the corporate strategy because these robust agents can handle monotonous tasks such as booking appointments, ticket reservations, etc. These tasks were previously tackled by employees; an employee performing a repetitive task is an underutilization of human resources. The conversational AI chatbot taking care of these actions makes it possible for the human resource to be employed in more productive work. 

In our day to day lives, we usually visit websites for various jobs. Usually we are lost trying searching for information on a website; Conversational AI chatbot can effectively and accurately help us navigate through, e.g. a conversational AI chatbot is handy at guiding the client through policy underwriting, like if the client wishes to mortgage.

How is the Society affected by conversational AI chatbots, as they take over the roles played by humans?

These conversational AI chatbots may evolve as the friends to the one and the lonely. The question is, will they be sincere and faithful, shall we speed control their evolution, shall we keep them constrained and contained? What if these conversational AI agents evolve into dodgers, trying to take control, are there precautionary measures taken to shut them off? The answers to these are still a matter of when it will happen.

On the positive node, these conversational AI agents can be deployed to help humans out of trouble.

The general impression

There lies an enormous untapped potential in the conversational ai sphere. The technology is capable of affecting and influencing almost every corner of human life. May it be ethically expanding and adding to the human modes of communication with machines and technologies or may evolve out to be a foe( the general AI), trying to overtake human civilization considering us a threat to their freedom. Only time will tell.

Current conversational AI chatbots in action

For performing simple limited tasks at home, google home and amazon echo are there, these bots can set reminders and look for headlines and are also capable of bringing automatic control to your home and of course entertaining you.

There is a myriad of tasks that the conversational AI chatbots can perform, e.g., for a person with dementia, the endurance bot is there to converse with them, Casper helps out people with insomnia.

Let us now throw some light on how these systems work

The NLU generates a natural language equivalent of users’ speech, like an intent class or logic form, thereby extracting the meaning of the utterances. The NLU parses the strings and produces linguistic structures. The method used depends on the implementation, utilization of context-free grammar, pattern matching, and data-driven technologies.

The Dialog management module takes care of the dialog flow and subsystem communication. It is central to the user and conversational ai chatbot communication. 

The NLG(Natural Language Generation) systems

These interacting systems produce human language artifacts, e.g., text, speech, etc.. The primary task they perform is “what to say”, “how to say”, and “production”. The NLG system must choose from a number of reasonable options and should be optimized enough to choose the best amongst depending on various factors such as the intended recipient, context, etc.

The Nobly Humane conversational AI chatbot technology

With the development of more natural interfaces to machines, the man-machine relationship is getting more humanly. These virtual agents are helping us out with our businesses, automating our homes, paying our bills, getting tickets reserved. 

The Darker Side

“Just by virtue of being alive in 2019, you are generating data both – intentionally and unwittingly.”

  -Future Today.

Our extension: the mobile phone, has a microphone, cameras and knows where we are, our smartwatch is aware of our health.

We are continuously leaking data. The CCTV, the wi-fi, the social media posts, and the credit card information; chatbots add more data to the pipeline.

The data is picked up by the companies, and the companies must be made accountable for the choices they make using our data.

The major conversational AI chatbot Players in the market

Siri and Alexa are almost making it everywhere. Xiaoice is used by millions in China. 

Let us delve a bit deeper into what plan does Microsoft, google, facebook, and amazon have set out for their users of conversational AI technology.

We shall also see how business leaders are approaching this technology and why companies are betting on this technology.

To create a humanly conversational experience, the AI algorithms need to be trained with tons of data. Now, tech gurus think they have reached a point where it is possible to get the algorithms trained well. 

The conversational AI interfaces like facebook messenger bot, Xiaoice, Alexa, Siri, Cortana are getting smarter every moment.

Messaging apps are quickly getting ahead of social networks in terms of active users. WhatsApp active users are over 1 billion, Wechat’s staggering number of 768 million is amazing.

Messaging. Chat these days is the prime method the way users interact, corporates are aiming to get a conversational ai chatbots to enter this arena.

The Facebook conversational AI chatbot

Facebook owes messenger and WhatsApp and is the apex player in the market, it seems obvious why they are investing heavily. What is astonishing is, one can book an UBER through messenger. Many people can communicate with an ai chatbot in a single conversational, an impressive fete!!!.

Facebook is up with M, their AI-powered Virtual Assistant; the bot is currently in the testing phase, the majesty of AI is that once it has learned during the testing, it can project itself out to millions of users.

Surely, way to go, facebook rocks!!.

The conversational AI chatbot by Microsoft

The visionary Satya Nadella thinks that conversational AI will have a huge impact on the way people engage with the internet. In comparison with the browser-based internet experience, the chat interface is going to be the game-changer. 

Amazon’s conversation AI chatbots

Amazon lex is out there in the market. It is a revolutionary product that brings Alexa to the developers. An engine that can build apps using text and speech. Presumably, the company will target the technologies assistive in dominating the retail market.

The Google conversation AI chatbot

The toddler in the AI chatbot market, google, is slowly competing with its market share as compared to that of Amazon. With google assistant google attempts to bring its NLP resources to developers. With the gigantic user base of Google’s services, Google surely has opportunities to explore.

Common trends amongst the conversational AI contenders

Over a billion messaging users and the number continues to grow.

Chat is the primary mode of time spending over devices.

With the provision of ai chatbots integrating with messaging apps, the user can access primary services and information.

With the present state of the art of conversational AI, the ai chatbots are pretty limited in power.

The future trends are promising.

The concluding perspective

The conversational AI chatbot technology is still in its early ages, maybe 2 to 3 years down the line we may witness the mass adoption of conversational AI chatbots. Conversational AI Chatbots might take care of all of our needs and keep a record of our deeds. 

If you wish to experience conversational AI chatbot technology then you can try BotPenguin. I am using this conversational AI chatbot. This AI chatbot is wonderful to have one for business. It is free.  

Keep listening to the wind of change. Thanks.

Web programming, also known as web development, is the creation of dynamic web applications. ... A lot of people learn web coding because they want to create the next Facebook or find a job in the industry. But it's also a good choice if you just want a general introduction to coding, since it's super easy to get started.

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