Pure Chat Review: An In-depth Look in 2022

Pure Chat Review: An In-depth Look in 2022

Pure Chat - An Indepth Review 2022

Pure Chat: Introduction

How many times have you visited a website, only to find yourself lost and confused? You know what you want, but the site content doesn’t help you find it. It’s frustrating! Maybe the navigation is confusing. Maybe the search function doesn’t work well. Or maybe there isn’t enough information on the page itself to help you find what you need. So you leave that website, never to return. This scenario happens all the time for millions of people. It isn’t good for businesses that lose out on sales and revenue because of it. But it’s great for the companies who can provide an exceptional customer experience in their digital marketing efforts(get a good look in this pure chat review).

One of the best ways to provide a better customer experience is through conversational marketing. It enables businesses to use live chat software to improve their online interactions with website visitors in real-time.

One such application of conversational marketing is Pure Chat; they are an organization that helps businesses to give world-class customer service. They do so by simply being there for customers engagingly and interactively. 

The company was founded in 2010 by Danish entrepreneur Bilal Jaffery, who wanted to create a simple chat platform that could help businesses engage their customers.

Pure Chat has almost 10,000 customers, including Microsoft and GrubHub. The software has helped these companies drive over $10 million in revenue through its chat platform.

But the question is, why do you need live Chat on your website?

The answer is simple – because it’s what your customers want!

Live Chat is a must-have service for all websites. It’s a great way to convert visitors into customers and make their experience better while they’re on your site. You can use it as an opportunity to answer any questions they might have about you or your products/services before they even leave your site!


Pure Chat is a live chat software for your website. It's the easiest way to get more leads, schedule appointments, and convert more sales. Pure Chat offers you features like unlimited chats, unlimited agents, unlimited websites, mobile apps, email notifications and more.

It also allows you to monitor your website activity and identify the traffic sources of your visitors. The app also offers a reporting feature so you can understand how your chat sessions are performing.

Pure Chat Pros And Cons:


  • Unlimited Chats

  • CSV exports for Reports & Contacts

  • Comprehensive Account Statistics and Reports

  • Visitor Tracking

  • Real-Time Analytics

  • Trigger-Based Actions and Alerts

  • File Transfer

  • Chat Notifications

  • Canned Responses

  • Unlimited Chat History Transcripts

  • Security Roles (Admin, Power Users and Operators)

  • ioS and Android Mobile Apps

  • Engagement Hub

  • All Integrations

  • Advanced Widget Customization


  • It has limited features.

  • Lack of integration with other tools like Zapier.

  • It only works with web browsers.

  • Pure chat is not reliable with its message sending option.

Pure Chat Review: Benefits

Pure Chat Benefits

Live Chat 

Pure Chat allows you to monitor your website traffic in real-time. When visitors come to your site, you can see what page they’re on and how long they’ve been there. With this information, you can decide whether to engage the visitor in a chat.

Pre-Chat Forms 

You can create customizable pre-chat forms that ask for information about your website visitors before the Chat starts. The form includes fields for name, email address, phone number, company name, and other details you want to collect from the visitor.

Drives Sales and Lead Generation Higher

Pure Chat is designed to help you increase lead generation and sales. The service allows you to add a customizable live chat button to your website. Agents can respond in real-time via the web or mobile app. 

Great Features With Free Plan

Pure Chat’s suite of products includes a free plan that offers unlimited chats and three users, and paid versions. It also has automatic triggers, canned responses, offline forms, reporting and analytics, and more agents. 

Suitable For Small Businesses

Pure Chat is best for small business owners or managers who want a customizable live chat solution for their websites but don’t need advanced features like visitor tracking or advanced personalization.

Pure Chat Review: Cons 

Pure Chat Review Cons

Here are some of the key drawbacks of using Pure Chat:

No mobile app

You cannot use Pure Chat on your mobile devices. Some users also find it difficult to use on iPads and other tablets, but that’s not guaranteed – it depends on the device.

Limited customization options

Customization options are limited to colors, languages, and branding options. You can’t customize the chat widget to match the look and feel of your site.

No helpdesk features (ticketing)

All chats are stored in the dashboard without converting them into tickets, which means you can’t create a helpdesk out of Pure Chat.

Limited chat history

Your chat history is limited to 30 days, after which it gets deleted automatically (unless you upgrade). If you want to access chats older than 30 days, you’ll have to upgrade or export the data before it gets deleted.

No Uptime Guarantee For Free Users

The company does not provide an uptime guarantee for its free plan. Pure Chat provides a 99.8% uptime SLA (Service Level Agreement) with refunds for downtime for paid plans. There are no additional features for uptime monitoring. 

Pure Chat Review: Pricing

Pure Chat Pricing

Pure Chat comes with two paid plans: growth and pro. 

The growth plans start at thirty-nine dollars per month if billed annually and forty-nine dollars per month if used monthly. The growth plan is best suited to a small business that cannot invest a large amount and does not want to compromise the customer experience.

 Pure Chat understands this and provides numerous helpful features in the growth plan that make an immense effect overall. If you want to add additional users over the set limit, you need to pay an additional fifteen dollars monthly. 

Here is the list of features you get in Pure Chat’s Growth Plan:

  1. Unlimited Chats
  2. Advanced Widget Customization
  3. All Integrations
  4. Engagement Hub
  5. ioS and Android Mobile Apps
  6. Security Roles (Admin, Power Users, and Operators)
  7. Unlimited Chat History Transcripts
  8. Canned Responses
  9. Chat Notifications
  10. File Transfer
  11. Trigger-Based Actions and Alerts
  12. Realtime Analytics
  13. Visitor Tracking
  14. Comprehensive Account Statistics and Reports
  15. CSV exports for Reports & Contacts

The Pro plan starts at seventy-nine dollars per month if billed annually and ninety-nine dollars if availed monthly. The Pro plan is for businesses with a profitable and expanding consumer base. Enterprises and corporations usually go for the Pro plan. It allows them to use every tool to curate the best possible consumer experience. 

It is not so costly compared to other service providers in the industry. However, it is one of the most effective SaaS services in the industry. Also, you need to pay eight dollars monthly if you want additional users in this plan.  

Here is a list of features you will get with the Pro Plan:

  1. Remove Pure Chat Branding
  2. Unlimited Chats
  3. Advanced Widget Customization
  4. All Integrations
  5. Engagement Hub
  6. iOS and Android Mobile Apps
  7. Security Roles (Admin, Power Users, and Operators)
  8. Unlimited Chat History Transcripts
  9. Canned Responses
  10. Chat Notifications
  11. File Transfer
  12. Trigger-Based Actions and Alerts
  13. Real-Time Analytics
  14. Visitor Tracking
  15. Comprehensive Account Statistics and Reports
  16. CSV exports for Reports & Contacts
  17. Support

Pure Chat Review: The Bottom Line

It is a web-based live chat solution for small and midsize businesses. Pure Chat provides live customer support for websites. It offers multiple features such as unlimited chats, customizable widgets, visitor tracking, automatic transcript delivery, and more. 

The platform also allows users to assign specific team members to chats, view the website visitor’s location and browsing history, create canned responses and configure chat triggers.

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