Pros and Cons of Live Chat For Businesses

Pros and Cons of Live Chat For Businesses

Pros and cons of Live Chat

Choosing to deploy live customer chat on your company’s website may be a game-changer in customer experience. Given the upfront expense of setting up a live chat, it’s prudent to assess if the feature is genuinely required for your website. You can determine whether live client chat is ideal for your company by looking at the benefits and drawbacks. If you’ve explored expanding the types of customer service you provide, you’ve undoubtedly considered adding a live chat service to your website. Customers may ask questions and receive rapid responses without making phone calls or waiting for emails.

Customers are expected to prefer receiving an immediate response via computer chat over speaking with a customer support person over the phone or having their questions handled via email. It isn’t always the case, though. Businesses hoping to provide live client chat on their websites hope for a favorable response from customers. Let’s look at the benefits and drawbacks of live client chat so you can decide if it’s ideal for your company’s website


Customers increasingly choose live chat over traditional customer care channels such as emails and phone calls. Even if the live chat function appears to be edging out other kinds of customer service, it is still critical for organizations to understand both the limitations and benefits of live chat assistance. Here are the pros of live chat for your business: 

  • Immediate Access for Customers

  • Convenience for your customer's

  • Efficient Use of Time

  • Customers rebound

  • Affordable for Businesses

  • The sales process

  • Brand reputation

Live Chat Pros For Your Business

Live chat provides Immediate Access for Customers

When using live customer chat, consumers and potential customers may have rapid access to your team. Suppose customers have a query about a product or a problem with a service. In that case, they may contact us straight away and be assured that their concerns are taken seriously.

Live chat pros: Convenience for your customers

Because many people don’t have time to call you during business hours, having a web chat feature on your website is a great tool to use. It makes it possible for them to reach you. Live chat may be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week if you have the resources and manage the user flow properly.

live chat pros: Efficient Use of Time

Employees benefit from online chat since it saves them time. Staff may manage numerous chat discussions at once rather than be tied to a single phone call for an indeterminate period.

Live chat pros: Customers rebound

Adding web chat to your website will undoubtedly boost client interaction, which can only be positive. It may also assist you in retaining loyal consumers by offering relevant information on topics such as order status, returns policy, and complaint resolution.

Affordable for Businesses


Online chat is often the least expensive choice for organizations compared to in-person or phone customer care. While client happiness should always be a top concern, most firms recognize that the most satisfactory solution is also the most cost-effective.

The sales process

Suppose a consumer has a question when inputting their payment information or wants to learn more about a product before purchasing it. In that case, you may address it right away and keep them from going to another site. You may import your Webchat transcripts into your CRM to keep all of your client information in one location. 

Brand reputation

Many businesses employ webchat because they want their consumers to see them as approachable and technologically savvy. Many organizations choose online chat because they think that delivering excellent customer service can only help their brand image in today’s digital environment. 


Hundreds of millions of people use the Internet daily for entertainment, information, and commerce. In reality, 3,885,567,619 persons were registered using the Internet in a single day. On a worldwide scale, this type of traffic occurs daily. But there are some unavoidable cons, like

  • Time Zone Issues

  • spam

  • Impersonal to Users

  • Training

  • Mobile Platforms

  • Site speed

  • Data & Analytics

  • Pranks and Abuse

Live Chat Cons For Your Businesses

The cons of having a live chat for your business are the following:

Live Chat Cons: Time Zone Issues

Since this Internet is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, customers of your website may require customer care at any time of day or night. As a result, you may need to consider time zones and accessibility to see if you can provide 24-hour service. You risk disappointing consumers who want assistance outside of regular business hours if you don’t.

Live Chat Cons: Spam 

Spam is very prevalent in live chat. The amount of spam you’ll get varies by industry, so checking out live chat is the only way to find out. If you’re getting spam, you may cut down on it by asking for the customer’s name, email address, or order number.

It’s worth mentioning that you only think about this if you’re getting a lot of spam. Inquiring about these aspects in live chat might result in lower engagement numbers. If you are exploring a website and having a few inquiries, don’t always give your personal information.

Live Chat Cons: Impersonal to Users

Some people, especially the elderly, prefer to get customer service support over the phone. As a result, some consumers may find live customer chat impersonal or even robotic. Fortunately, picking the correct tone may go a long way toward making people feel like they’re getting customized service through live client chat.


As previously said, having someone on live chat rather than on the phone might be advantageous. However, many individuals believe that live chat can be completely automated. Complete automation of live chat, in my experience, can cause a few problems. In my opinion, only if you’re dealing with thousands of requests every day should you consider this. 

People utilize live chat because they still want to talk to a live person, but they want a faster answer than they would get via email or call. Unless you have an excellent and easy user experience in place, automated live chat will frequently leave your consumers more irritated than if they were conversing with someone on the phone. One of the most effective implementations of an automated chatbot is by Natwest.

Mobile Platforms

On mobile devices, several live chat capabilities do not operate correctly. It might be a concern because a growing proportion of clients use cellphones instead of desktop PCs or laptops. However, the chat component can be refined continuously to run better on various mobile systems.

Site speed

It is the most significant impediment to many websites incorporating live chat capabilities. Many individuals have seen an increase in page speed of 1-10 seconds after introducing live chat. In the end, it crashes down to whatever plugin you employ and how much you’re prepared to give up to improve your client experience.

Data & Analytics


It is more of a technical issue, but live conversations might lead you to lose a lot of data because they still don’t integrate effectively with analytics systems like Google Analytics. It is due to the difficulty of setting up chat interactions as objectives and events. It makes it challenging to determine where live conversations originated and evaluate the ROI of marketing channels such as Google Adwords or content marketing. Live chats are more challenging to track than contact forms.

However, things are changing. Analytics connectivity has been introduced with several applications, like Olark and Drift. More companies are now providing it as standard. Suppose you’re one of the numerous businesses or consultants that need data from their live chats. In that case, we recommend looking into the integration options before deciding on a solution.

Pranks and Abuse

Unfortunately, almost anything on the Internet is vulnerable to someone abusing it. While it may not be a vital issue for you, there’s a good chance you’ll encounter folks who send you goofy chat messages. Due to the impersonal nature of the medium, people may become enraged and begin cursing or making threats. Hopefully, this is an uncommon occurrence for you, and it never becomes a significant issue. 

If it does, your live chat service most likely includes a tool to filter spammers or requires information such as an email address before you can start chatting to avoid misuse. Aside from evil intent, repeating straightforward queries already answered elsewhere on your website may bog down your support employees.

Bottom Line

Businesses aim to attract the attention of their online visitors by delivering them the services they request as soon as possible – with no hitches. As a result, it’s critical to understand the benefits and drawbacks of live chat. Offering such a service has a lot of advantages, but you should also think about the disadvantages. Of course, we can’t decide your decision, but we wanted to present some pros and cons points. Hopefully, knowing all of this information will assist you in making the best decision for your organization.

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