Podium Tutorial: How to use Podium in 2022

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Podium has helped over 26,000 businesses improve communication with over 50 million customers since being founded in 2014. Entrepreneurs need to be more digitally savvy than most generations before them in this digital age. 

As time evolves, the business ideas must be digitally resilient to stay competitive. One productive and effective way to connect with customers is business texting. 

Many people are still unaware of how this single application can bring a significant difference to the business, as this has become a popular communication option for business owners. 

Podium survey data shows that the average response rate for restaurants is 69%. For home services, it's 52%, and that's counting only responses to positive reviews! 

Let's begin with introducing a fantastic application that restricts itself to text messaging and does a lot more for your business.


What Is Podium? 

Podium is the ultimate messaging platform for local businesses. It is a review platform used to send out reviews, and it can be used as a messaging platform for your website. It also works for Facebook and Google, contacting people who want to contact you via google search. It also collects and processes payments and requests and manages online reviews. Moreover, it merges the convey of customers with other businesses into an inbox. It also provides a comparison between the other competitors in the market. Additionally, it helps businesses in sales and is essentially the result of improved SEO and enhanced customer engagement. Podium proves to be the best and most effective reputed management solution. It must be a part of all vendor evaluation processes. 

How To Setup Podium? 

Nowadays, the market brings a lot of advanced features that sometimes can be a bit confusing to use. That is why Podium stands out of all as it goes out of its way to remain convenient. Here is a quick glimpse to setup Podium:

Step 1: You have to sign up for Podium first.

Step 2: This live chat brings unique features that differentiate it from other messaging apps. In the second step, you have to add your credit card information, create review templates and begin with client surveys. 

Step 3: Choose the essential plans accordingly. You don't have to pay extra to migrate your data or add contacts. 

Step 4: The final step, instead of the most challenging part, is to set up Podium with all your integrations, as the only local integration is Google business.

Though setting up a custom audience is easy with Podium's minimalistic tool. 

What's New In Podium 2022:

  1. Podium helps local businesses win by adding new and valuable features and educating and being a resource for our incredible customers. It is now packed with updates and enhancements that impact every single product with the Podium platform. 
  2. The new Podium includes the brand new contacts page, early access to podium voice, and significant updates to the Podium experience.
  3. The shared contact pages took to the next level. They are accessed from the navigation bar that provides a centralized place in Podium to manage search uploads and interact with leads and customers. 
  4. It gives users the ability to interact with their customers immediately with the full context of any past interactions. You can use the contact page to lookup contacts by name, Phone number, or Email address quickly to view the contacts profile to gain contacts around the previous interaction with your business. 
  5. Then send a message or payment request to any contact in your system without leaving the page. Add and edit text, and organize your contact to track essential details to create a new contact. 
  6. Next is voice. Suppose you are Looking for a better way to manage phone calls. In that case, you might be a great candidate to test Podium's new voice product. It offers a limited group of selected customers early access, including a free desk phone in exchange for their feedback over the coming months.
  7. Podium is here to help increase your team's efficiency and modernize your phone call strategy.
  8. Also, to increase the flexibility of how you serve your leads and customers. 
  9. The Inbox podium team has made critical changes to the inbox designs with improved message bubbles. Moreover, they have updated messaging timestamps and new avatars in the conversation view. It will help your team move faster and prioritize better. 
  10. Finally, there is more to text marketing than just offering discounts or coupon codes. Text marketing allows strengthening your brand and educating and personally connecting your customers. 

Pros and Cons of Podium:


  1. It has excellent integration with Google, which helps streamline your customer reviews. 
  2. Podium responds to the reviews, ratings, and social media comments and collects customer payments by text. 
  3. Save a lot of time and won't have to ask for a review manually. 
  4. Podium presents you with a web chat tool that can add a live chat feature to your website for better service. 
  5. Also, it is one of the most popular solutions and established leaders. 


  1. The prominent drawback for Podium is that the app restricted itself to Facebook pages and Google Maps. But its reach needs to spread now. 
  2. The pricing is expensive as it charges even for simple editing. In contrast, there are a lot of alternatives that provide free service for it. 
  3. They must add the feature of QR codes, which are in trend. 

Features and benefits of Podium:

  1. Podium allows your text to appear on the Google page through the integration with Google business. 
  2. It provides accessibility to install a Webchat widget that helps you to receive customer queries. 
  3. It has a fantastic feature by which it can collect payment just via a text message. 
  4. It provides complete guidance initially when you start using it. 
  5. The podium includes a tool for executing, creating, and analyzing the text messages. 
  6. It will let you know some beneficial customer feedback with just a few clicks. 
  7. You don't have to navigate your inbox to get access. You can find them already in your messaging widget. 

Practical strategies for Podium:

  1. The number of customer reviews needs to expand and boost SEO and better ranking. 
  2. Use simple tools while communicating with your reviewers. 
  3. Respond to customer reviews instantly to get high-quality reviews and better rankings. 
  4. Publish reviews on your social media pages. 
  5. Use text messages to get a faster response. 
  6. Do not overdo while sending promotion-related content. Just send text messages and bring customers back to beat your local competition. 
  7. You can use hybrid chat options to engage with prospective customers immediately. 
  8. You must connect emotionally with your customers by working on customer experience. 
  9. Keep a close eye on your competitor and analyze their every step. 
  10. For micro and macro analysis, get detailed access to the dashboard. 
  11. Carry on reviews, assemble leads, and close deals through text to keep it smart yet simple. 
  12. You can use SMS also to get paid and send reminders. 
  13. To manage your customer experience, send precise and short text messages and rating requests. 
  14. Keep track of unhappy customers and try to resolve their problems. 

Webchat Widget

Podium offers a Webchat Widget that will pop up whenever someone opens your business website, initiating a text conversation. You can tend to your marketing and customer support from one interface. The conversation will continue even after your teams are away from their computer. 


No doubt, Podium can make your business more productive. It is an all-in-one app that sends messages to your leads and customers, gets reviews and feedback, collects payments, and quickly communicates with your team. It sends quick tips for effective campaigns as you write your text. Moreover, it includes a sample CSV for adequately formatting your uploads. Additionally, it can help give you the vital information you need to decide whether or not texting for business is suitable for your organization. 

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