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Insightly crm vs salesforce vs agile crm: Find out the winner of the crm battle!

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Oct 17, 20237 min read
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    Table of content

  • What is Insightly CRM?
  • What is Salesforce CRM?
  • What is Agile CRM?
  • Insightly CRM vs. Salesforce CRM vs. Agile CRM: Find out the winner of the CRM battle! 
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  • 1. Contact management
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  • 2. Reports and dashboards
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  • 3. Email/ Calendar Sync
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  • 4. Mobile app
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  • 5. Automation
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  • 6. Integrations
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  • 7. Pricing and Plan
  • Final Review

Many businesses are adapting and evolving around the changes of modern digital eCommerce. A Customer Relation Management CRM is essential in such a digital economy. CRM is a very common tool for businesses with many options available. Although in the top-ranking CRMs, you must come across Insightly CRM, Salesforce CRM, and Agile CRM. But one of the questions about CRM is Insightly CRM, Salesforce CRM vs. Agile CRM: Find out the winner of the CRM battle. 

If you are looking answer, this article is for you! Let's begin by saying that Salesforce is already a household name in customer relations management. Insightly, the slightly newer name has gained huge popularity among the users with positive feedback. Meanwhile, Agile CRM offers its clients solutions for better engagement with customers and enhancing performance. 

One brand is best, but it isn't the right choice for every business. No one brand fits all with 100% satisfaction. Continue reading to find which CRM is the winner of the CRM battle. 

What is Insightly CRM?

With really low rates and reasonable feature restrictions on each of its plans, Insightly's CRM is an excellent choice for tiny enterprises. For the smallest enterprises, the provider's CRM is free for up to two users. Even though the free version's functionality is constrained and can only store 2,500 contacts, it is still a strong CRM option.

What is Salesforce CRM?

Power and extensive features are what Salesforce is all about. The firm lets you design a customized solution to meet your demands. Having the resources and technological know-how to integrate a unique system is wonderful. Still, the complexity and expense will be prohibitive for most smaller organizations. Salesforce may offer the personalized platform you're searching for if less adaptable CRM platforms cannot match your unique demands. 

What is Agile CRM?

Agile CRM is a versatile platform that provides particular solutions for many businesses, including SaaS businesses. Additionally, this is not just hyperbole. The platform provides several features intended to keep users of your program using it and to pay subscription fees. It monitors your users' activity in your app to identify any issues that could keep them from staying subscribed.

Smart onboarding is based on user behavior in our app, which sends automatic onboarding emails. Through in-app messaging, you communicate with users through your app. Agile CRM is excellent for launching software companies as well as SaaS firms. SaaS metrics help in SaaS platform and marketing strategy analytics and reporting experts.

Insightly CRM vs. Salesforce CRM vs. Agile CRM: Find out the winner of the CRM battle! 

Let's find out the CRM battle's winner by comparing each CRM's main features. 

1. Contact management

Who's the winner: Salesforce CRM

Insightly CRM

Insightly's "Relationship Linking" feature allows you to keep track of the relationships between customers, arrange a contact's interactions with your company, and monitor their social media activity. For instance, you may link a contact to their immediate supervisor inside a client's company to better understand how the business is run.

Salesforce CRM

By providing access to important client information and interaction history, Salesforce CRM ensures hassle-free contact management. It provides a comprehensive consumer image, complete with insights and engagement-boosting tactics. Using their social data, you may better know a customer's specific behavior concerning any item or service.

Agile CRM

Agile provides a range of contact management techniques, including manual entry, CSV file import, data extraction from the web, and app synchronization (Google, Stripe, Shopify, FreshBooks, and QuickBooks). A thorough list of their links with top third-party service providers has been supplied.

2. Reports and dashboards

Who's the winner: Agile CRM and Salesforce CRM

Insightly CRM

Insightly provides a comprehensive yet pre-configured report in terms of reports and dashboards. As with Salesforce, you can examine business, performance, and lead trends using CRM's reporting and dashboard features. The premium plans of Insightly provide report notifications, which inform consumers anytime a new report is created.

Salesforce CRM

The ability to customize reports is one of the many things that consumers like about Salesforce. You, the business owner, must choose which specific information should be included on reports and dashboards. Salesforce also consists of a tool called Analytical Snapshots that enables you to schedule the recording of reports. It makes it easier to monitor your company's trends, such as sales, staff productivity, etc.

Agile CRM

Agile CRM enables you to plan reports to run automatically at predetermined times and build bespoke reports based on your criteria. Keep track of analytics related to your expansion and marketing campaigns, including leads converted, emails opened, and unique clicks. Utilize its analytics capabilities to examine online engagement trends and client interests to provide tailored content.

3. Email/ Calendar Sync

Who's the winner: Insightly CRM, Salesforce CRM, Agile CRM

Insightly CRM

Every user of Gmail may access the Insightly Add-on. Regardless of your browser, you may use the add-on to store email messages directly from Gmail to Insightly. Emails may be saved as records, and you can reply to them using your Insightly email templates. You may access your Insightly calendar in Outlook if you have a free Insightly account by adding the Insightly calendar feed.

Salesforce CRM

To synchronize emails, the Salesforce email service makes access to your Gmail and Outlook inboxes. Users may get a complete picture of the customer using Salesforce Lightning and its seamless connection. After the connection, users may access their contacts and calendars from any device. The Salesforce user communities may design their templates per business requirements, guaranteeing hassle-free emailing to essential contacts.

Agile CRM

Agile offers three integration gates for email integration: Gmail, IMAP, and Office 365. All email correspondence between you and your contacts is visible on the contact pages.

Agile allows you to sync emails for calendar purposes across Office 365 and Google Calendar. The two most widely used calendar systems are then made available, enabling you to manage your schedule relatively effortlessly.

4. Mobile app

Who's the winner: Insightly CRM

Insightly CRM

The Insightly mobile app, accessible through Google Play and the App Store, has unique features. This smartphone software not only allows you to plan your assignments and meetings independently but also allows you to scan business cards to add contacts even more conveniently. Another well-liked feature of the Insightly app is Voice Memo. 

Salesforce CRM

iOS and Android users may both download the Salesforce mobile app. You may collaborate with clients and coworkers via the mobile app, plan your day, and modify documents. It enables real-time viewing of the reports and dashboards.

Agile CRM

The mobile app offers a dashboard that summarizes your team's lead conversion rates, deal management efficiency, and sales productivity. The software lets you keep track of sales, manage contacts, and make tasks and events. Marketing automation, sales enablement, telephone, help desk, web engagement, social integration, email campaigns, and mobile marketing are additional functions accessed via a mobile device.

5. Automation

Who's the winner: Insightly CRM, Salesforce CRM, Agile CRM

Insightly CRM

Email delivery, record modifications, and record generation are made simple with Insightly's integrated workflow automation tools. Automated processes across several corporate systems are made possible by third-party automation tools like Zapier that connect various programs. Every minute wasted on data input and ineffective procedures results in missed transactions and a smaller funnel in sales. Innovative sales teams simplify process automation to their advantage.

Salesforce CRM

Salesforce CRM automation provides users with a point-and-click user interface and a process builder. By automatically allocating the duties and sending notifications, it automates your sales and business processes. Additionally, it advises the next move in a contract with integrated intelligence. Salesforce CRM has automated the approval procedures for offering discounts, travel, and expense reports. Such requests can be answered straight from Chatter by users.

Agile CRM

Automating your sales processes is a fascinating feature that will strengthen them and give your sales staff more time. They are helpful in that they let you start scenarios depending on the shifting state of your leads, which is how marketing teams often utilize them.

In the example above, the script is activated, and an email is automatically sent when the contract is created. Agile CRM has a highly robust opportunity management system. The "sales gamification" and automation elements benefit your sales operations. 

6. Integrations

Who's the winner: Agile CRM

Insightly CRM

The applications and programs you can connect with Insightly are what draw some people to it. This CRM integrates well-known programs like Google Apps, Google Drive, and Outlook. If you have Insightly's free plan, you can see your Insightly calendar in Google Calendar.

Salesforce CRM

Salesforce offers a wide range of company kinds that it can work. Because of the numerous apps and programs that are incorporated into it. These connectors are available on premium Salesforce subscriptions. G Suite, Slack, Dropbox, and Quickbooks are some programs and applications linked with Salesforce. Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud, and Jira. In contrast to Insightly, Salesforce unquestionably offers a greater variety of apps for integration.

Agile CRM

Agile CRM provides plug-ins to connect its technology with the leading commercial software products. It integrates Leadpages, Gravity Form, Unbounce, Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Shopify, Woocommerce, Braintree, Quickbooks, Stripe, HelpScout, Zendesk, Clickdesk, Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

The Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn interfaces are particularly potent since they let you enhance your consumer data based on contacts' social media activity.

7. Pricing and Plan

Who's the winner: Depends upon the user's objectives

Insightly CRM

  1. Plus - $29 per user per month
  2. Professional - $49 per user per month
  3. Enterprise - $99 per user per month

Salesforce CRM

  1. Essentials - $25 per user per month
  2. Professional - $75 per user per month
  3. Enterprise - $150 per user per month
  4. Unlimited - $300 per user per month

Agile CRM

  1. Free trial - yes 
  2. Starter - $14,99 per user per month
  3. Regular - $49,99 per user per month
  4. Enterprise- $79,99 per user per month

Final Review

Agile CRM, Insightly, and Salesforce may benefit your company. The question is not whether CRM is superior but which is best for your particular type of organization.

Salesforce offers unique features that may benefit certain firms but pose challenges for others. For instance, its customizable reports feature could be fantastic for tech-savvy customers, but it might be difficult for others. That is to say, what may be the "best" for someone else may not be the best for you.

Agile CRM can be an excellent option if you require a CRM that offers seamless integration of sales, marketing, and customer care. Agile CRM is reasonably priced and made especially for small and medium-sized organizations.

However, Insightly's platform blends project management with sales and marketing, streamlining procedures to increase team productivity and encourage innovative customer engagement. 

Additionally, it's crucial to remember that price isn't everything. Because of the cost, you might believe that the most costly Salesforce subscription is the best option for your small business, but that isn't the case. For a maximum of two users, Insightly provides a free plan. As your business expands, you can always increase your package or transfer to another CRM system.

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