How can Chatbots help in lead generation?

How can Chatbots help in lead generation?


Lead generation chatbots – a winning mix of the two might create a flood of leads for your company. To generate more leads, you should use chatbot lead-generating tactics. There are several tools and strategies for generating leads, but most organizations choose the chatbot since it offers more benefits. When it comes to user interaction, bots are unrivaled. They’ve completely changed how brands and customers connect. Chatbots may assist businesses in generating leads without requiring a significant expenditure. AI chatbots help 55 percent of firms create more high-quality leads.

As a result, many businesses opt for automation and deploy bots to provide round-the-clock help, provide speedy replies, and send customized responses as needed. For lead generation, a chatbot is a practical tool for helping marketers interact and engage with prospects 24*7 even when the sales force is busy or unavailable. Like BotPenguin with actual results. So, do you have a shortage of prospects in your company? Do you want to use the most effective platform for generating leads? You’ll have your answer by the conclusion of this post if you do.


AI chatbots may be a powerful tool for generating high-intent leads for your organization. If your company is willing to embrace the benefits of conversational AI (artificial intelligence), it will undoubtedly enjoy the benefits in the form of high-quality leads. You must, however, create and implement the appropriate lead-generating bots techniques to meet your company's objectives. Chatbots are being used by brands in a variety of ways to help in lead generation, like: 

  • Schedule appointments 24×7

  • Understand the audience

  • Segmenting audience

  • Auto qualify leads

  • Replace forms

  • Build Relationships

  • Educate the audience

Types of Chatbots For Lead Generation


Chatbots may be used to speak with and engage your audience to create leads in various ways. We’ve compiled a list of chatbot examples to help you get started: 

Lead generation bots

Decision tree logic is used to develop lead generation bots. It implies that instead of inputting their inquiry or question, the lead takes a planned path by clicking on the alternatives offered by the chatbot. These basic chatbots will assist segments and gather additional information on leads before sending them to your sales team, improving the quality of your lead capture.

Newsletter chatbots

You can transform an essential pop-up window into a pleasant, conversational bot that collects feedback on your message. It also allows your audience to score your content using newsletter bots. 

FAQ Chatbots

Chatbots that answer frequently asked questions can serve a variety of purposes. It is used to direct website users to the appropriate material on your site and create leads. FAQ chatbots compile all commonly asked questions into a single location and allow users to self-serve.

Lead magnet bots

Make your download forms for content conversational. Chatbots let you acquire more data in return for content without overloading your leads.  Lead magnets with chatbots entice your clients or prospects to convert and offer their information to the chatbot in exchange for gated material such as business manuals, white papers, webinar recordings, and other such items.

Appointments Chatbots

These chatbots show you your calendar availability in real-time. Customers and prospects may use the chatbot to request a demo, organize an appointment, or make a reservation.

Promotional Chatbots 

You may employ chatbots to advertise new items or campaigns. They may serve as great promoters, assisting visitors in taking advantage of special offers. If you’re hosting a special sale, you may utilize your chatbot to inform visitors about the new offerings. Even better, you could utilize promotions as an incentive and reward people eager to provide their information. A product discount, or any other advantage, might be offered as a reward. It is an excellent approach to prevent people from abandoning your website without converting.

How do Chatbots help in lead generation?


These are the following ways in which a chatbot can help in lead generation: 

Schedule appointments 24×7

Appointment reservations are typical for B2B companies, hospitals, and healthcare organizations since many meeting-related requests often overwhelm them daily. The good news is that these firms won’t have to deal with scheduling issues or incur additional fees to employ staff to accommodate the influx of appointments.

Instead, they may invest in chatbots to manage appointment scheduling at a fraction of the cost of traditional chatbots. Customers may schedule appointments on the website when AI bots are utilized and the appropriate team sends the booking notice. The entire appointment scheduling process may be shortened to benefit both the clients and the business. 

Understand the audience

Giving a gift to a new neighbor is difficult, but choosing a gift for a good friend is simple. Why is this the case? Because you know your pal like the back of your hand. Similarly, if you don’t know your consumers’ interests, marketing things might be difficult. This difficult task is made more accessible with a chatbot. A chatbot makes it simple to understand your target audience and allows you to determine customer product preferences, likes, and dislikes. It boosts lead engagement as well.

When consumers communicate to a chatbot, it may run surveys, ask questions, and provide quizzes. As a result, you’ll have a better sense of your top and worst-performing goods.

A sales chatbot can help an eCommerce business generate more leads. If a visitor visits your website, for example, the bot might inquire about his interests. If the user specifies a wristwatch, the bot will display the best wristwatches you have in stock.

Segmenting audience

Segmentation is the process of precisely profiling an audience to provide them with material that is relevant to them. It also makes it simple to develop significant audience groups using consumer data. The primary goal of customer segmentation is to send marketing communications that are relevant to the users. After all, you may segment your audience depending on various characteristics such as demographics, hobbies, age, and gender.

Lead qualification chatbots offer a wide range of applications since they can effectively classify audiences depending on the information they supply and generate more qualified leads. When you use AI chatbots to segment your audience, you can better nurture your leads. Suppose you want to target the audience with a suitable solution. In that case, you must first determine which group they fall into.   

Auto qualify leads


Chatbots are on the top list of tools for companies and customers to communicate. A firm may utilize AI-bots to engage people successfully, provide swift replies, and handle timely issues. The best aspect is that when your sales professionals are busy or unavailable, you can employ chatbot use cases to prequalify prospects. 

In fact, without involving the customer success team, a chatbot template for lead generation might help your company reach out to a larger audience. You may develop industry-specific questions, which bots can use to qualify your sales prospects. Lead bots can then route the leads to the sales team or set up a conversion appointment.

Replace forms

Form filling has become a time-consuming chore. It isn’t intriguing or engaging in the least. Chatbots may be used to replace these forms cost-effectively to generate leads.

As the chat progresses, it asks for more information from the user. For you, this reduces friction and streamlines the data collecting process. As a result, if a consumer does not have to make an effort to fill out the information, your lead-generating approach will benefit.

Your customers will find it simple to provide information in response to a question. A user is not bored with a chatbot that collects lead information. Create a chatbot to inquire about a user’s name, email, phone number, address, and other information. By providing autofill choices, you may save the consumer time by having them type less and speed up the process of submitting information.

Build Relationships


A relationship’s cornerstone is trusted by conversing with the audience regularly. Chatbots aid in the development of trust. It keeps users engaged by giving immediate assistance and being available at all times. They give people the impression that there is a brand they can trust at all times. It may be beneficial in terms of lead creation. People trust chatbots because they are non-intrusive and constantly consider the customer’s choices.

You may give customer service to your users with a chatbot. If consumers run into any problems with their shopping experience or account, they’ll contact the bot for help. We have several lead creation tactics for chatbots, but this is the one that must be followed. You may use chatbots to enhance lead generation and develop a lasting relationship with clients

Educate the audience

In the process of generating leads, education is crucial. The buyer will not buy something if they do not understand it. A chatbot can help you with this. Many businesses are employing chatbots to educate their customers and convert them into regular subscribers.

It makes reading the blog a lot simpler. You may access the articles in a few seconds by typing the phrase you want the blog to read. Chatbots make it simple for users to locate the material on your website. If you have a blogging platform, your bot can allow users to input “Content Marketing” to receive postings regarding the topic.


When it comes to communication, customers have high expectations of businesses. They want easy involvement, quick responses, and help that is constantly available. Chatbots can help your company redefine engagement and increase conversions by automating processes. Chatbots using lead generation can be the ideal solution exploiting AI capabilities and improving the everyday experience of website users. It will automatically result in quality leads being generated. You can raise sales, increase website engagement, and increase total business income by integrating a chatbot. 

BotPenguin is an AI-based chatbot builder platform across various platforms. Use the BotPenguin chatbot platform to increase your lead generation up to 100%. 

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