Helpshift Review – An In-depth Look 2022

Helpshift Review – An In-depth Look 2022

Helpshift - An In-depth Review 2022

Nearly three out of five consumers say that exceptional customer service is crucial to developing loyalty toward a brand (Zendesk). 83% of customers agree that they feel more loyal towards brands that respond and resolve their complaints (Khoros). Customer support is undoubtedly a dictating factor in getting your sales and brand image booming. Customers today rely heavily on app usage over web page usage. Hence, it’s all the more important for you to reach out to them where they need it most. There are tons of software developers offering in-app support solutions to businesses. But you must choose the one that works best for your company’s needs. This Helpshift Review will cover the answer to all your questions regarding the features, pricing, user experience and help you decide whether it’s your ideal choice.


Customers today rely heavily on app usage over web page usage. Hence, it’s all the more important for you to reach out to them where they need it most.

Helpshift is a mobile-first customer support platform. It delivers a good in-app help experience for many of the top mobile apps and mobile games around the world. Whenever users need support, they can get it right from the app they’re facing issues in, with a live chat help experience that delivers immediate, automated solutions.


  • Live Chat


    Multichannel Support

    Mobile Apps


    Secure SSL

    Push Notifications


    Knowledge base

    Reports and Analytics

    Email Metrics

    Chat Metrics

    Workflow Management

Pros: The Good

  • Pay for what you use

    Dedicated In-App support

    User Interface

    Customer Focused

Cons: The Bad

  • Bugs

  • Difficult To Integrate

Starting at $150 per month and $0.45 per issue, Helpshift has a simple, monthly Issue volume pricing system. Meaning you only pay for the number of issues the team deals with. 

  • Starter

  • Growth

  • Enterprise

What is Helpshift?

Helpshift is a mobile-first customer support platform. It delivers an excellent in-app help experience for many of the top mobile apps and mobile games worldwide. Whenever users need support, they can get it right from the app they’re facing issues in, with a live chat help experience delivering immediate, automated solutions.

Helpshift can be a valuable software for small, medium, and large enterprises alike. Businesses using Helpshift get the features, integrations, and multichannel support option to provide customers with the best support possible.

Tasks of agents and customer support teams are automated by allowing customers to interact with chatbots or access the Helpshift knowledge base to solve simple queries, saving customer agents time and giving customers quick solutions. 

Designed for businesses of all sizes, agents using Helpshift can segment tickets based on language, status, priority, and topic. 

HelpShift Review: Features 

HelpShift Review_ Features

Helpshift offers a ton of features. Let’s look at the most prominent features under each of its products.

HelpShift Review: In-App Features

Live chat

Live chat is the leading digital contact method for online customers. A staggering 46% of customers prefer live chat than 29% for email.

Live chat support makes it easier for customers to find Knowledge base articles and get their queries answered immediately without human intervention.


Agents can save time for themselves and the waiting customers by enabling in-app help chatbots as the first mode of contact when issues arise. Chatbots are automated and available 24×7, so time is never a constraint when trying to provide the best customer service.

Multichannel support

The multichannel support allows users to manage their in-app, email, live chat, and phone conversations from a single platform- The agent desktop; without wasting time logging on to other channels. Teams can go a step further and integrate Helpshift with their own CRM to get all their in-app tickets to display in one place.

Mobile apps

Helpshift is made for apps; you can use Helpshift even when you’re traveling or don’t have your desktop within your reach. Chatbots can also back the agents up when unavailable, so customers are never left unattended.


Helpshift can be integrated with the best-suited tools for every business requirement with the help of SDKs, be it a CRM or a social media platform. Its popular integrations include Messenger, Slack, Zapier, and Salesforce.

Users can also build custom integrations, allowing them to collect information into a CRM or CMS.


Helpshift, like popular apps, notifies users when they receive a text or email. Agents can always stay in the loop with customers and team members.

Satisfaction ratings

By collecting feedback and comments from customers, users can improve customer support and continue to grow.


All plans include two-factor authentication, while the company plan includes SSO/SAML, so data leakage is never an issue.

Developer tools

You can integrate Helpshift with Custom Apps and API using the tools provided.

Knowledge base

The knowledge base software reduces support volume. With a knowledge base that’s made so customers can self-service, customers get faster solutions to problems, and agents have fewer conversations. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Administrators or designers can create articles for the Help Center based on the most common queries they come across quickly, while It’s also easy to add text, gifs, hyperlinks, and videos to the articles.

Users can be guided to the knowledge base with the QuickSearch Bot as soon as customers bring up an issue or question.

The Knowledge base can-

Work on any device

Whether on a mobile, desktop, or tablet, customers can seamlessly find what they need no matter where they are or which device they use.

SSL Certified data transfer

Every site includes SSL support for free. So, data can be transferred between devices easily, without being breached.


In addition to the color and formatting options, Helpshift users can customize every detail of the knowledge base to match their brand’s palette.

Send personalized replies in less time

There’s no need to shuffle through other systems to find customer relationship data. With Helpshift, previous conversations and activities from other apps are front and center to every conversation. 

One-Platform Control

Every person agents have talked with or identified in the Beacon has a profile created in Helpshift automatically. You can filter, sort, and edit customer profiles at any time.


Users can view order history, CRM activity, properties, or other pertinent information from one of the 50+ integrations. It’s also possible to integrate a custom database by building a Custom App.

Reports & Analytics

Helpshift users can collect and access reports and data on-

Chat Metrics

Evaluate the team’s volume by channel, most active hours, and trending topics amongst customers. The wait time, response time, and chat duration are also accessible in one place.

Email Metrics

An overview of the team’s email productivity, with response time, first response time, resolution, and handle time metrics.

Customer Satisfaction

Track customer satisfaction ratings to give the team the push it needs to improve where it lacks.

Workflows Management

Workflows can automate tedious, critical tasks that teams need to do. They operate based on conditions that are set to do the simplest filtering and routing to complex processes.

HelpShift Review: The Good

HelpShift Review_ The Good

HelpShift Review: Pay For What You Use

Ever felt like you were paying for features your agents weren’t using? Won’t have that problem with Helpshift. The pricing is based on issues agents deal with. You’ll never have the problem of paying unnecessarily. Every subscription will be an investment considering the service that users receive. The pricing is also much cheaper than that of other top providers like Zendesk or HubSpot, with a few added features like the automated chatbot.


HelpShift Review: Dedicated In-App Support

Other online Help desk providers like Zendesk or Zoho Desk aren’t crafted specifically for apps. They’re an all-in-one software providing a wide array of products and services for marketing, sales, and CRM software. Are they more experienced? Certainly, but it comes with a price. 

All-in-one software can fail to keep up with the customer needs and may lack the important features that dedicated in-app support software like Helpshift provides.

HelpShift Review:Customer Focused

Helpshift reaches customers where they’re most active. According to eMarketer, nearly 90% of mobile internet time is spent on apps, and that’s where Helpshift helps you target your customers. The importance of catering to customers’ needs today has been emphasized enough times. Helpshift heavily practices this approach and reflects it in their solution.

HelpShift Review: User-Interface

Helpshift provides a superior User Interface to its in-app users, making it easy to report customer issues and process tickets for agents. It rarely ever encounters performance issues and facilitates efficient, streamlined work throughout. 

Software Design is often overlooked but can go a long way, not only in easing the tasks of users but also in making it a fun experience.

HelpShift Review: The Bad

HelpShift Review_ The Bad

HelpShift Review: Difficult to Integrate

Even though Helpshift has a great UI and seems easy to use on the surface, it requires more effort to integrate it with other software. 

The layout and design of the knowledge platform need improvements according to some of its users, and Integration with Slack, which takes not more than five minutes on other platforms, can take hours on Helpshift and needs app developers to come in. A deal-breaker for startups or companies that are experimenting with Helpshift.

HelpShift Review:Bugs

Bugs are common on most apps out there, but bugs are the last thing you want to deal with when trying to deal with a ticket or request. Bugs can disrupt smooth workflow and annoy customers, elongating the response time and destroying the whole purpose of the real-time live chat software. However, these bugs are resolved quickly by Helpshift’s support team.

HelpShift Review: Pricing

Helpshift has a simple, monthly Issue volume pricing system. Meaning you only pay for the number of issues the team deals with. 

Like many in its niche, it implements three-tier pricing, charging differently for its monthly and yearly subscribers. Helpshift has demos and trials but no free basic plan.

Cost- Starts at $150 per month and $0.45 per issue


  1. Web & Mobile In-App Messaging and Knowledge base
  2. Mobile SDK Integration
  3. Unlimited Articles and FAQs
  4. QuickSearch Bot
  5. Email Support
  6. SMS Support
  7. Control Panel
  8. Analytics and Reporting
  9. Automated Issue Routing
  10. Unlimited Agent Seats
  11. Salesforce and Zendesk Integrations
  12. Amazon Connect Integration
  13. External Data and Systems Integration
  14. 60 API Calls per Minute


All Starter features and-

  1. Customizable Bots
  2. Bot Builder
  3. Issue-Routing Queues
  4. Automated Workload Balancing
  5. Customizable Reporting
  6. Team Management
  7. SLA Management and Automations
  8. Real-Time Operations
  9. Analytics APIs
  10. 300 API Calls per Minute
  11. FAQ Scheduling


All Growth features and-

  1. Intent-Based Routing
  2. Named Customer Success Manager
  3. Intelligent Issue Classification
  4. Feedback Bots
  5. FAQ Announcements
  6. 1,500 API Calls Per Minute

The Verdict

93% of customer service experts believe that customers have higher expectations when it comes to service and experience compared to the past years (Hubspot). Helpshift is the only customer support platform designed to work with and for mobile agents and customers.

Mobile apps have higher engagement rates than mobile-optimized websites or desktop web viewing and about 100-300% higher conversion rates (CleverTap). Implementing in-app Help Desk software is becoming the norm for online businesses, helping businesses engage, track, and personalize their brand where it’s most needed. There’s no better time to jump the bandwagon and make the change your customers deserve.

Helpshift offers everything a company would need to set up an in-app help service, providing support at every end with all its plans. However, it may lack when it comes down to ease of use, integrations, and Conversational AI, making it a less suitable option for startups and businesses with fewer agents, that’s where BotPenguin excels. The flow builder is extremely easy to operate and you also get chatbot integrations in your favorite third-party software!


Helpshift Complete Guide: What is it and How it works?

What is Helpshift and How does it work?

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