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Getting Started

What is an interaction?

A chat with BotPenguin is counted as one interaction, regardless of the number of messages, actions in response, irrespective of the user leaving the conversation in between.

What is a Chatbot?

A chatbot is a conversational user interface that will stimulate conversation with users, provide customer support, and solves customer queries within no time.

Are there any contracts for using this platform?

Yes, there are contracts for using this platform but there are no time-bound contracts. If you want to use it on a trial basis and see if bot works for your business (which we are very sure it will work 🙂 ), you can choose our free chatbot in our Baby plan. Also, you can choose our monthly billing system to avoid time boundation.

What kind of support do you offer?

We offer email support, call support and a dedicated account manager support according to your plan.

How do I sign up?

Go to the website, click on the Get Started FREE button on the right-hand side of the webpage. Then, click on the Sign-Up and fill in your details.

How can I change my password?

You can easily change your password by clicking on your Avatar icon on the right-hand side > Then select My profile > Click on Change password and there you go.

Do you offer a free plan?

We do offer a free chatbot in our Baby plan which comes with 60 FREE interactions per month, there is no need to pay or provide credit/debit card details, you can simply avail it by signing up.

For how long will my free trial last?

We do not offer trials, we offer a FREE PLAN i.e. Baby plan that can last forever if your number of interactions are less than 60 interactions per month.

What if my bot exceeds the limit interactions as per my plan?

You will be notified when you will be around your interactions limit and on exceeding, you’ll be asked to move to the next plan.

But in case you do not move to the next plan, your chatbot will continue to collect user data but you will not be able to see this data. All the previously generated leads will be accessible to you only if you make the payment for the next plan.

Do I require technical knowledge to use BotPenguin?

No, you don’t require any technical knowledge, BotPenguin is easy to use. It allows you to use drag and drop components to create your bot. It also comes with 40+ integrations so that you can integrate your existing applications with the chatbot without much hassle.

Can I insert my own logical flow in the bot?

Yes, you can insert your own logical flow in the bot. Branching is available and you can define where a particular statement/question/option etc should go next.

I don’t know how to setup chatbot for my business, Can you help me?

Yes, sure we’ll love to help you with that. You can contact us at [email protected], we can discuss your business needs and setup chatbot for your business.

Can I make chatbot appear on certain devices only?

You can easily choose where your chatbot will appear by the following steps: Go to Settings> User Access > Show On > Choose from options: Mobile device, Desktop or Both.

How can I block An IP Address?

You can easily block an IP Address by following these simple steps: Go to Settings> User Access> Block IP Address> Enter the IP address you want to block.

How can I hide chatbot for a specific page?

If you wish to hide chatbot for specific pages, follow these simple steps: Go to Settings> User Access> Hide Chatbots on specific Pages.

In Word press, how can I embed a chatbot inside a page or a post?

Go to WordPress> Select the post where you want to embed the chatbot. Then go to Bot Builder> Go to Install> Landing Page> Copy the link of your chatbot>Paste the link in the post, Make sure you post the link in the Visual view of the post.

Can I add a different chatbot for different pages?

You can add different chatbots for different pages. You will have to create various chatbots you want to embed. Then, you just have to add the generated script of chatbots to your particular webpage and there you go. Make sure you don’t paste the script in a component e.g header/footer which is the same across all webpages.

My question is not mentioned above!

Kindly drop us an email at [email protected] and we will get back to you shortly.


Can I customize chatbot for my website?

We provide various options to customize the chat window of your chatbot. In the design section, you can add your customized bot icon, add colors, background colors, images, videos, change the call to action text and position of the bot to appear. We even allow you to create a landing page for your users in the design section, which is also customizable.

Can I create a chatbot for Facebook messenger?

You can create a chatbot for your Facebook messenger simply by following these steps:

On your dashboard, Go to Install> Social Platforms> Facebook Integration. It will connect your Facebook page to the chatbot and it will handle all your customer queries on Facebook messenger.

Can BotPenguin help me in business decisions?

Yes, BotPenguin can help you take business decisions as it can show total interactions, unique interactions, leads generated, lead generation rate and all of them can be filtered by day, month, year, etc. Analytics graph includes interactions with bot, website vs chatbot visitors, visitor timing, time per chat session and all of them can again be filtered by a particular day, month, year, etc. You can also check our conversion funnel to keep a check on the conversion rate.

Can BotPenguin generate leads for my business?

Yes, it surely can generate leads for your business. It will engage website visitors into a conversation and collect their contact details. You can easily keep a check on leads generated and lead generation rates on your dashboard.

Can I use multiple chatbots for my website?

Yes, you can use multiple chatbots for your just have to add the generated script of chatbot from the Install section to your particular webpage and there you go. Make sure you don’t paste the script in a component e.g header/footer which is the same across all webpages.

What are the benefits of using BotPenguin?

With BotPenguin, you will enjoy seamless experience in creating your bot, we provide an easy interface to create your bot, using drag and drop components. We allow you to customize your bot as per your wish.

We also offer FREE plan where you can use our bot for FREE as long as you want and decide if it works for your business.

Will user data be stored on your server?

If you do not want us to save user data on our server, we allow you to stop us from saving user data by following these easy steps:

Go to Build > Settings > General > Switch off the Save response option.

How It Works

How Can I create a bot for my website?

You can easily create a chatbot for your website by following these easy steps:

Firstly, Click on the button Get Started FREE on the right-hand side of the webpage. Then Sign Up and you can create your own chatbot. If you find any difficulty, feel free to contact us at [email protected]

How BotPenguin can help in increasing sales?

BotPenguin will engage your visitors into a conversation and generate leads. Further sales team can use these leads to an increase in sales for your business.

How BotPenguin can help to provide customer support to my customers?

BotPenguin can instantly reply to all the customer queries. It is available 24/7 and provides customer support in real-time. It will also provide a better user experience.

Why should I use BotPenguin for my website?

BotPenguin can help your business to increase conversion rate by generating more leads, engaging users and providing a better user experience.


Can I integrate BotPenguin on WordPress?

Yes, BotPenguin allows you to integrate a chatbot into your WordPress website. It also allows you to integrate chatbots on various other platforms such as Site 123, Weebly, Wix. You can see the list of platforms here

How can BotPenguin help store user data?

BotPenguin allows you integration with various platforms like Zapier, Segment, Webhooks, etc. which allows you to store customer data and you can access this data on your dashboard.

Do you provide Data Analytics?

Yes, we provide detailed analytics including interactions, unique interactions, leads generated, lead generation rate. Along with that, you can also integrate your chatbot to various analytics platforms like Google Analytics, Zapier, Webhooks and much more.

Do you provide CRM Integrations?

Yes, we provide CRM integrations with all major platforms such as Zoho CRM, Salesforce, Hubspot, Agile, BaseCRM, Capsule, and many others. You can use these to get your leads easily. In case you don’t see your CRM in the integration list please contact us.

I don’t have CRM, How should I get leads?

If you do not have CRM, then you can get your leads in two ways. You can get instant lead notification email in the emails you provide or you can export leads in excel file. You can also integrate with Google sheets to get your leads.

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