Databot vs. Suki: Battle for the best voice bot! Find out who wins.

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No doubt, having a personal assistant can change your life. It is even better when you have them 24x7 on you without hassle. However, no human can work long hours, but artificial intelligence can! The unspoken rule of today's business is reasonable customer satisfaction has AI personal assistants. Small companies and startups are more inclined to have an assistant who can fix things quickly. Artificial intelligence has recently developed and evolved into chatbots and voice bots. Chatbots are suitable for incorporating into business, but it's good for customers. If you need an assistant for your team, voice bots can significantly help. Over 60% of users use voice assistants in their daily uses. For instance, a doctor can use command voice bots to take not while practicing a serious injury. Now that you know about voice bots and want them, you must have heard about Databot and Suki. Both are artificial intelligence-based speech recognition applications. Databot and Suki have many uses in different sectors of businesses. 

Continue reading to learn more about Databot and Suki – battle for best voice bot.  

What are Voice Assistants?

Amazon Echo and Google Home is the new face of voice assistants. This assumption is entirely false. The natural speech assistants, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, are the technology underpinning these intelligent speakers.

Voice assistants are now accessible in more places than smart speakers, including vehicles, home appliances, cellphones, and several applications.

Virtual assistants, often known as intelligent personal assistants, include voice assistants as a subset. These virtual helpers accept input in a variety of ways:

  1. Text - Chatbots are text-based virtual assistants that are intelligent.
  2. Voice: These helpers are referred to as voice assistants.
  3. Image: These helpers accept an image as input, such as Bixby Vision and Google Lens

 A voice assistant is a virtual or personal assistant that assists users by doing activities using natural language processing, speech recognition, and synthesis.

What is DataBot?

Databot is a highly distinctive Windows and Phone app. It is a unique talking robot that responds to customer inquiries on the subject of their choice using its voice.

Images, research services, and multimedia presentations are returned to users through apps and services incorporated into their memory modules. For instance, a free horoscope module provides future predictions. A joke and even an insult module are available for usage among friends.

You may download DataBot, a free virtual talking robot, and install it on a Windows PC. Depending on the subject, it responds to your query in its voice. This program incorporates several applications and services to store memories in the bot, return photographs to you, and search through various data. DataBot will search for whatever you need to hear or know in only a few seconds, so you may use it whether you travel, study, work, rest, or play.

What is Suki AI?

Suki AI is a comprehensive speech recognition tool for startups, SMBs, SMEs, and agencies. This web-based speech recognition software is user-friendly and offers a straightforward UI. Enterprises and sectors may benefit from the comprehensive solutions Suki AI Speech Recognition Software offers. Voicemail, accidental plagiarism, invoices, and comprehensive reporting are all made easier with Suki AI speech recognition software. Integrating voice and data, modular storage, and Truly multi-tasking and opening multiple transactions are also possible.

Databot vs. Suki: Battle for the best voice bot! Find out who wins.

What are the critical features of DataBot?

The features of Databot are the following:

  1. The subject you were looking for is swiftly found with this program.
  2. Text, graphics, and voice create unique multimedia presentations using DataBot.
  3. This application may also respond to a variety of particular queries and provide reports that contain the response along with relevant information, search results, resources, connections, and more.
  4. DataBot makes it simple to send and receive replies via SMS, social media, and email.
  5. You may improve the bot's capabilities by applying free or paid upgrades.
  6. The fantastic characteristics of DataBot include the ability to adapt to your preferences for voice, language, name, and behavior.
  7. While using the program, the experience will accrue, which may be an alternate way to get store-exclusive incentives or upgrades.
  8. Databot offers services like dictionary, horoscope, secretary, theme, humor, news, noises, brain train, puzzle, quotations, and more. 

What are the Features of Suki?

Check out the following features of Suki:

  1. It has invoices and voicemail services for healthcare professionals. 
  2. With unintentional plagiarism, you create comprehensive reporting and analytics without any worry. 
  3. With voice & data integration, you can do numerous works simultaneously. 
  4. It has modular storage for storing data and information.
  5. You can genuinely do multi-tasking and open multiple transactions. 

How to use Databot?

For using Databot, follow the steps mentioned below: 

Step 1: Open the play store or apple store

Step 2: Search Databot - the robotic AI.

Step 3: Select download and install the app. 

Step 4: After installing, you need to give your essential data. 

Step 5: Select your preference for language, behavior, and other needs. 

Finally, you are ready to use it after the basic settings of your preference.

How to use Suki AI?

For using Suki, follow the steps mentioned below: 

Step 1: First, purchase Suki AI from and obtain the login information.

Step 2: Install Suki AI on your device (on-premise) or sign in directly to the Suki AI website.


Step 3: Register with the Suki AI website.

Step 4: Make an account using your Suki AI login information.

Step 5: Add users and give permissions.

Step 6: Start using Suki AI.

What is the price of a Databot?

The price of Databot is completely free of cost.

What is the price of Suki AI?

Suki AI's starting pricing in India is Rs. 0.00. Suki AI offers a variety of price options and serves a wide range of clients. Suki AI's cost may vary depending on elements like customization, the need for extra functionality, the number of users, and the deployment style. Please request a callback for information about Suki AI subscriptions and to take advantage of deals on premium Suki AI packages.

What is Suki Show Me?

To record and transcribe patient discussions and notes, Suki developed its voice assistant. AI and machine learning work together to fill up the gaps in the EHRs, saving clinicians time and energy on administrative tasks. The Show-Me features make getting information going the opposite way easier. Instead of manually reading through the patient data, doctors can question the voice assistant about a patient's vital signs, medicines, allergies, and medical and surgical history. 

Voice AI can drastically reduce the amount of time spent on administrative tasks, reducing doctor burnout. Even before Show Me was released, a Suki user's median time per note was reduced by 72%, according to an American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) Innovation Lab research.


In conclusion, Databot and Suki are both voice bots with artificial intelligence and natural language processing. Speaking of, Databot is a computer-programmed voice assistant that helps in storing memories. It has modules like Dictionary, horoscope, puzzles, and more for making a customized multimedia presentation. Meanwhile, Suki is an artificial intelligence voice technology for the healthcare and medical sectors. It can handle any clerical and administrational tasks of a hospital. It also assists doctors and nurses in maintaining files and retrieving patients' medical history in just one command. Both voice bots have different uses. Anyone uses Databot for fun, classes, and business. But Suki is solely dedicated to healthcare, where it is thriving. Lastly, both win in their ways. But feature-wise, Databot is the winner. As said above, the end decision is yours.

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