Chatbots Narratives: What is the need of Chatbot?

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As the natural language interfaces are gaining widespread acceptance, there is an acute need of chatbots in the businesses today. With the constant increase in the number of mobile devices and chat being the favourite mode of communication among users emphasises on the need of chatbot today. 

Where is the need of chatbot?

With the vast usage of chatbots across various domains like e-commerce, amusement, business, education, customer support, information retrieval, etc. the chatbots are making an enormous impact on the way we communicate. Being recognised as the successor to the GUIs’ ( Graphical User Interfaces ) by the world business leaders, there is a bright future of chatbot and need of chatbot will grow in time ahead. 

Why is the need of chatbot?

Since chatbots have changed the way we interact with businesses, the need of chatbot in today’s world is self-evident. With the advancements in AI and cognitive technologies, and 4G mobile services chatbots are now accessible, and there has been a popular interest among the people to use these chatbots. 

Consumers today have very high expectations from the service providers. Consumers today demand things like:


Fast and accurate response

Robust and complete resolution.

24/7 service.

There is a need of chatbot as chatbots are the appropriate tool to cater to the demands of consumers as they outperform their human counterparts for repetitive tasks and are untiring. Chatbots are simple and easy to use, they can converse with consumers and are easy to deploy, upgrade, or decommission. With the advancements in conversational AI, chatbots are getting more and more humanly so this makes them an ideal choice for tasks like ticket reservation, customer support, appointment scheduling, etc. More and more channels are being brought under the chatbot gamut, this is something that emphasise the need of chatbot today.

As the business customer ecosystem is constantly changing the corporations are investing heavily in the chatbot technology and this has triggered the chatbot evolution, i.e. more and more resources are being employed to develop chatbots. Chatbots are cost-effective means for businesses to expand their reach to consumers. Need of chatbot is must for businesses today considering the consumer demands.

Some potential areas where chatbots are deployed.

Back End Functions

Chatbots can help employees and agents to use conversation to retrieve data, update information or give feedback.


Chatbots can take feedback from customers, help them solve their queries, and can register their complaints.

Sales and Marketing

Chatbots helps businesses to generate leads, they engage with customers, and manage new and existing customers.

Final Words on need of chatbot

So chatbots are indeed the need of time and their development will continue. These agents will assist us in every sphere of our life, be it for the patients with psychological disorders, virtual friends, or businesses. 

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