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October 10, 2019

Chatbots Narratives: What is chatbot and How it works?

“Today there’s a buzz around, i.e. what is chatbot? Since 1980 Graphical User Interfaces are dominating the computer market. Now things are getting different. There is a new interface available now i.e. a chatbot. IT giants are investing in this new interface. Google chatbot or google assistant chatbot is present on various platforms. These chatbots empower us to communicate with machine using natural language i.e. text or speech. World leaders consider these chatbots to be the gamechanger, the next big thing!”

What is ChatBot?

Before answering what is chatbot let’s go back in time to see the earliest of the chatbots. The first chatbot came to the scenes in 1964, it’s name is Eliza. It was based on simple conversation rules. In 1991 Loebner prize was introduced to test chatbot’s abilities. It was in 2014 a few chatbots like Mitsuku, ALICE, JabberWacky, Rose, etc. passed the test. Now moving on to what is chatbot? Chatbot is a software application with which we can converse Chatbots are of two categories:

Rule based chatbot or Decision chatbot

Conversational chatbot

Rule based chatbot response is based on a set of predefined rules. The questions are predetermined and and the user can choose one from available answers.

Working of a rule based chatbot

Conversational chatbot answers to the queries and requests made by the user. The sentences are analysed with the help of artificial intelligence. It has a higher interaction with the user.

Working of conversational chatbot

How to make a google chatbot?

Google chatbot or google assistant chatbot can be built using dialogflow. This google chatbot builder can be accessed from any browser. The google chatbot process is:

Go to https://dialogflow.com/

Click go to console and use your google account to signin.

Click the create agent button.

Select the language. Choose a time zone, write a name for google chatbot and click CREATE.

This google chatbot page displays two intents: Default Fallback Intent and Default Welcome Intent.

Intent is what the user or google chatbot wants to convey using utterances or button presses.

Let’s add a greetings intent that corresponds to the act of greeting the google chatbot by the user.  To add an intent to google chatbot, click the CREATE INTENT button.

Click Training phrases and add sample user utterances in the User says text field, e.g. Hello. 

In Actions Tab add a name to identify the system intent here, e.g. botresponse. 

In the Response tab, add the bot’s response to the user, e.g. Hiii.

Click SAVE button and Test it by using the simulator on the right side of the page. In the Try it now box, type hello and press Enter.

You will see the google chatbot recognizing your typed utterance and responding appropriately.

To deploy the google chatbot click integrations and see the platforms available. Simple process to deploy.

We have learned what is chatbot and how to create a google chatbot assistant. Hope you have liked our perspective of what is chatbot. We will be presenting more on what is chatbot and its uses and its role in our society.

End of part 3

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