Chatbots helps in the fight against the COVID-19 Pandemic

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The coronavirus outbreak occurred globally in our modern, highly advanced, and information-dense world. And on the other hand, as we practice social distancing, it “flattened the curve,” and technologies like conversation bot came to the rescue! Hence, this global pandemic has supported widen the usage of AI conversational bot technology. As we all experienced more than ever, we need to connect to our families, our nearest grocery shop, and the information or regular updates from the local controlling body or government.

A young technology- artificial intelligence chatbot allows information access through text or voice-based interaction; it proved the worth during the global pandemic crisis and showed how this new communication channel could be leveraged in the coming future in a range of industries and groups. Businesses are under pressure to endure this period, are willing to try new ways and platforms. As a result, numerous tech giants have also come up with unique solutions.

In April 2020, Google announced the launch of Rapid Response Virtual Agent. It is a version of Contact Centre AI. It reduced its services price in line due to client demand. 

A conversation chatbot has already proven its supremacy in handling the massive surge in call or request value that the call center is experiencing globally. Some other market players have also started implementing covid-19 specific ai conversation bot, especially for resolving requests coming in from their concerned prospects. For instance, several organizations across the US have integrated Microsoft Healthcare Bot with an operating rate of 1 million covid-19 questions per day.

Reasons why artificial intelligence chatbot is being used extensively: 

  1. A conversation bot promises consistency around all the prospect interactions.
  2. It communicates immediate information, respective of the time and place.
  3.  An ai conversation bot makes it possible for businesses to manage huge query spikes.
  4. Supports with instant scalability for meeting demand spikes for the businesses.

The most significant fact is that there is no business unit or government agency present that would doubt the potential of having an AI-based system integrated into their platforms. To be more precise, you need interior best practices, especially in a crisis where people are looking for transparent and consistent support. In case you are wondering what and how to deploy AI into your systems, then you must go through the What is AI? Everything you need to know about Artificial Intelligence

How do conversation bots fight Coronavirus? 

Bots have been an obvious choice for disseminating health information during the global pandemic. Upgradation in NLP widened the reach and led the world to tools such as Google Home, Siri, and Alexa; they are now part of people’s everyday lives. And bots on websites are available 24/7.

Moreover, conversation chatbot offers good potential for communicating instant information. The information can be personalized to the requirements and symptoms of the individual. They respond to the individual’s requests interactively also faster than traditional online search methods. Even you can make it function as you want as it is also adaptable to local guidelines and regulations based on the individual’s location.

Another unique part is that anyone can have access to the conversation bot; it can function on various devices such as computers, mobile smartphones, and even analog phones in some cases.

Industries and Sectors supported by conversation chatbot.

Here are some fields where AI is making a huge difference and supporting throughout the global tough times.

Healthcare and Government 

Besides, the two central units of the pandemic- WHO (World Health Organisation) and CDC (Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, US) have also leveraged bots in their websites to offer up-to-date information to billions on the outspread of the virus. Even government units are also up with the same to validate information to their citizens. Questions like

What is the current lockdown situation?  What is the number of cases in a specific location?  Where can I get a covid-19 test done?  What are the symptoms?  How does the Coronavirus spread? As we already discussed above, chatbots can raise and improve the functioning of the healthcare sector in the pandemic and later. It is like an exciting key to unlocking all the hidden opportunities in this highly advanced digital marketplace. To get a better understanding, then consider the Role and Benefits of Chatbots in Healthcare.

Financial and mental well being 

During the pandemic, we all need support systems around us. Hence, these can range from mental health counseling to financial consulting. We all need to stay healthy and have a robust immune system! Thus, people are turning to healthy eating habits, fitness, and meditation to keep positive.

In case you are a provider of such services and applications, the audience would like a personal touch and access to this information instantly. As they turn to these applications together, more information about the best meal plan workout routine, and more. You can provide solutions via ai conversation bot and help your audience to deal with changing emotions due to the global pandemic.


With the global pandemic, restaurants are converted to takeouts. Even the menus too saw a drastic change as per the health needs of the people. Hours of operating were affected, but letting people know about the changes is essential to continue with the business. Some small-scale restaurants have limited staff; it is quite challenging to keep up with the incoming complaints or requests.

Hence, they could create a conversation bot and make their business more productive and provide all information to their prospects in just a few minutes. With it, all the questions can be answered and directed to the real agent in case of any complex situation.


Retail undergoes many changes during the global pandemic, such as changing operating hours, offering limited or no shipping, and return policies due to lockdown, and creating virtual showrooms. Thus, an AI conversation bot can help provide updates about the changes and other extensions done in the purchasing process. You can offer solutions to the prospects when they need it. And as per the dynamic environment, the bot can also be trained with the new trends and updates.


We already discussed the benefits and used cases, but artificial intelligence chatbot is facing some deficiencies. The biggest challenge was to build trust among the audience via the information provided by the conversation bot.

For instance, it is possible to receive inconsistent responses for the chatbots for Covid-19. Some chatbots suggest the user get immediate care with some identical symptoms, while others suggest taking rest.

The source of inconsistency can be numerous. Some bots might rely on just one information source, while in others, the backend repository that bots retrieve information might not be frequently updated.

Also, a conversation bot deployed today has a relatively basic backend that follows a “decision tree” to retrieve information. Thus, if it won’t be updated with the latest trends, then the solution will become obsolete.

But one thing is quite sure; a chatbot will become a digital partner for interactive healthcare and other sectors after emerging from the crisis. They play different roles and make businesses more seamless and connect with their audience more effectively than ever.


We can clearly say that the Covid-19 pandemic is an accelerator for AI conversation bot technology. It supported people and their profession worldwide and made them more comfortable with leveraging this exclusive tool. As we move forward, conversation bot adoption will grow. Hence, to create a framework that maximizes benefits and minimizes risks, have a chatbot with BotPenguin, let your business savor success, and offer an impressive user experience over your website.