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ChatBot Narratives: What is the purpose of Chatbot? Chatbot uses

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Oct 20, 20238 min read
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In today’s mobile technology driven world messaging apps are the one most frequently used. 6 out of 10 apps used globally are messaging apps. Chatbot uses or the purpose of chatbot today are that they are the interfaces to these apps. Chatbot uses today are revolutionizing the way customers and businesses interact.

Purpose of chatbot

Most consumers today prefer messaging app while contacting businesses and most of the purchase now a days is through messaging apps. Purpose of chatbot today is emphasized by the fact that today consumers expect businesses to be open 24/7. Chatbots uses in businesses today can very well serve customers demands.

Businesses today are aggressively following customers onto messaging platforms. Purpose of chatbot can be illustrated from the fact that businesses are using facebook to respond to service requests and customers message the company 5 times more than replying on their facebook page, chatbots can handle these visits efficiently and effectively. This clearly demonstrates the need and purpose of chatbot uses in the corporate world.

Chatbot users are instrumental as messaging conversations are 66% longer than the conversations on the page and chatbots can respond instantaneously than their human counterparts.

Chatbot uses benefits

There are about 30,000 chatbots active on facebook and Kik and most businesses agree on that with chatbots uses the ROI ( Return on investment ) is positive and it reduces businesses running costs. According to business leaders chatbot uses can save billions across various sectors, e.g. finance, sales, customer support etc.

Some examples of chatbot uses

Chatbots can serve in financial domains if customer wishes to know his or her account balance.

Purpose of chatbot uses can be known from the fact that they are assisting customers in service sector like if someone wishes to get their air conditioning serviced.

Chatbots can guide people finding their way to the auditorium or dining hall in some campus and can also tell the opening and closing timings.

Chatbots can give details on bus timings.

Chatbot uses helps people to pay their parking fees.

With chatbots you can submit an insurance claim or report a power failure.

Chatbots uses are in smart homes where they can control devices and appliances at your commands.

You can ask chatbots for stores nearby, chatbots can give you notify you regarding your vacation details, i.e. how much vacation time is accrued.

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