Chatbots narratives: What is chatbot and How it works?

“Today there’s a buzz around, i.e. what is chatbot? Since 1980 Graphical User Interfaces are dominating the computer market. Now things are getting different. There is a new interface available now i.e. a chatbot. IT giants are investing in this new interface. Google chatbot or google assistant chatbot is present on various platforms. These chatbots […]

Chatbots Narratives: Introduction to Chatbots

Preface The objective of this series is to present to the audiences the key ideas about the chatbot technologies. I have been following these AI bots for three years now. These fantastic natural man-machine interfaces are the results of recent advancements in natural language processing. Let’s embark on our voyage into the insights of this […]

Towards man-machine conversation: Exploring conversational AI chatbot technology.

“Chatbots Will Be Indistinguishable From Humans By 2029” – Ray Kurzweil. Advancements in conversational AI chatbot technology has created some new opportunities for businesses and routine works. The conversational AI chatbots provide an easy way to handle repetitive tasks for which human labor was employed. conversational AI chatbots play various roles these days in our […]

Meet Mitsuku: Our Virtual Friend.

“Now comes the era of virtual friends, the thinking chatbots, a companion to the lonely, aged, someone seeking advice, for people who have psychological disorders, and also a counselor. A machine that can think, and is conscious enough to accompany you as wish someone to be there.” These virtual friends are a result of recent […]

Make your own Chatbot with these 10 Easy Steps:

You always wanted to discover how chatbots will be effective for your business but could not? You always wanted to design your chatbot but could not? That’s okay. You can do it now only by following these simple steps that I’ll explain today. 1. Understand your chatbot’s goals and define them: First of all, it […]

How chatbots are evident for E-Commerce industry?

What is E-commerce? How E-commerce is transforming the ways of business? And how chatbots are helping E-commerce Industry to grow? These are the few related questions that come to our mind when we talk about chatbots and e commerce. Today, we’ll talk about these questions and explore our ways for better understanding. E-commerce can be […]

Reasons why to integrate Facebook messenger chatbot for your business

Are you getting new customers on Facebook but not able to answer them instantly? Are you facing any issues to answer customer queries on Facebook? Are you concerned about providing excellent customer service? If yes, Here’s something you need to know!! Facebook messenger chatbot is the solution to all your problems. They can help your […]

What is a chatbot for website? How do they work: A complete guide for beginners

“There is an endless number of a chatbot for website creation platforms online. According to Facebook’s count, more than 33,000 bots operating across the industry, and it is predicted that over 85% of customer engagement is going to be without human intervention.” Most of the people have heard of chatbot for technology but are unable […]

5 reasons why chatbots are the all-in-one solution for your business problems

Do you ever think that your business needs a new marketing strategy? Or Do you feel that your business requires modern technology Or your business is lagging in the industry? If yes, then you better think “out of the box” while formulating marketing strategies and engage the latest technology in your business because it can […]