Why The World Needs Trustworthy Chatbots

Have you ever come across a situation where you find people repeating the same information again and again to their customers?  If Yes, then this article is exactly the solution you are looking for in such situations. Repetition is a mundane affair and that is why the first line of customer support is being automated […]

7 reasons you need Chatbot for your business

Introduction to chatbots A chatbot is a software solution that can converse independently to engage customers, answer standard queries(fed to it from the backend), provide customer support, and help with lead capturing and conversion. The more advanced ones that are AI-based can fetch data, understand vague user responses, and deliver meaningful information to the user. […]

Build a Chatbot with these 10 Easy Steps

You always wanted to discover how chatbots will be effective for your business but could not? You always wanted to design your own chatbot, but could not? There is no need to search anymore, you can do it now simply by following these easy steps: 1. Understand your chatbot’s goals and define them:  First, the […]

How AI is transforming the healthcare industry?

Can AI be used in the healthcare industry? If yes, what are the ways it can be implemented and the domains it will be most useful in? How can AI chatbots be used to cater to patients and save valuable time for healthcare professionals, ultimately contributing to the Healthcare industry? What are the challenges that […]

Chatbot Narratives: What are the benefits of Chatbots?

The benefits of chatbots can be known from the fact that chatbots are causing a paradigm shift in the way people interact with data and services online. With the advancements in AI ( Artificial Intelligence ) and Machine Learning, chatbots are envisioned to be the next big thing by companies such as Google, Microsoft, Facebook, […]

Chatbots Narratives: What is the need of Chatbot?

As the natural language interfaces are gaining widespread acceptance, there is an acute need of chatbots in the businesses today. With the constant increase in the number of mobile devices and chat being the favourite mode of communication among users emphasises on the need of chatbot today.  Where is the need of chatbot? With the […]

ChatBot Narratives: What is the purpose of Chatbot? Chatbot uses

In today’s mobile technology driven world messaging apps are the one most frequently used. 6 out of 10 apps used globally are messaging apps. Chatbot uses or the purpose of chatbot today are that they are the interfaces to these apps. Chatbot uses today are revolutionizing the way customers and businesses interact. Purpose of chatbot […]

ChatBot Narratives: What is Chatbot Technology?

Alan Turing in 1950 asked, “Can Machines Think?”. Chatbot Technology has impressively grown since then. Today chatbots are acknowledged as the next big thing, being recognised as the successor to the GUIs. Basic chatbot framework The modern chatbot technology incorporates features as: (a) Dialogic chatbot technology: The chatbot must be able to comprehend the user. […]

Chatbots Narratives: Difference between Bot and Chatbot

The genesis of AI bot and AI chatbot technologies dates back since the inception of computer programming. The programmers aimed at creating software agents with human-like abilities. AI bots and AI chatbots that can perform mundane operations and intellectual tasks is the goal behind their evolution. In 1964 the AI chatbot named Eliza was created. […]

Chatbots Narratives: What is chatbot and How it works?

“Today there’s a buzz around, i.e. what is chatbot? Since 1980 Graphical User Interfaces are dominating the computer market. Now things are getting different. There is a new interface available now i.e. a chatbot. IT giants are investing in this new interface. Google chatbot or google assistant chatbot is present on various platforms. These chatbots […]