Benefits of getting a Chatbot for your WordPress Site

We are in 2020, and chatbots aren’t anything new or out of the box. Plenty of companies in different industries worldwide have already put them into play and are enjoying the chain of automated functionalities and services. But one thing to set in your mind that bots, when implemented correctly, can provide a massive benefit […]

How can a Chatbot Improve Customer Experience on Your E-Commerce Website

In the past few years, online shopping and e-commerce have gained significant consideration. And on the other hand, a customer service chatbot is how people interact with brands and businesses. Things change automatically and become positive when the bot is of high quality and intelligent enough.  Pew Research Center survey suggests there’s been a tremendous […]

Role and Benefits of Chatbots in Healthcare

Artificial intelligence entered into healthcare with a big wave. With the introduction of chatbots in healthcare, they enable them to easily sail in the most demanding professionals. Chatbots are an excellent tool that offers a massive boost in multiple industries and, similarly, now showing its power in the healthcare sector.  Around 7 billion and more […]

Top Challenges and Benefits of AI Chatbots

Your audience has high expectations not only from the product but also from the whole purchasing experience. And the major question arises that “do bots impact purchase experience or they are for after-sales services and lead generation?”. Whereas, your prospects want something simple, hassle-free to buy the best dress, get their food choice, and pay […]

Industries Leveraging Chatbots and Growing Undoubtedly!

Chatbots functionality went way beyond that it was expected and made everyday life more comfortable. Now you can quickly come across a Chatbot popping from the corner while exploring any website. Chatbots are everywhere and almost in every sector, from a simple conversation bot to the one who can manage your financial assets.  Every business […]

10 Best Ways to Improve Customer Experience through Chatbot

In today’s time, almost every business organization struggles with where and how to revamp Customer Experience (CX). As the focal point shifts to customer experience from CRM.  Chatbots is one of the technologies that is transmogrifying customer interaction space. Of course, patience is good, but not all are blessed with it. Waiting for long hours, […]

Top 10 benefits of Chatbots for Customer and Business

Technically, chatbots came into existence years back but came to prominence in recent years. With the need and increasing technological dependency, businesses across the globe integrated bots to ease their working.  If you are new and want to know more about chatbot read ” chatbots narratives: Introduction to chatbots”. Initially, chatbots were used to answer […]

Benefits of Lead Generation Chatbot

If you are into any business, your mind will hit with some common questions such as – “How chatbot helps in lead generation?” “What are the lead bots?” “Are they benefitting or just a bluff?”  Let’s get started and get the bucket of answers for all your questions.  Today, the chief element of online marketing […]

7 Reasons- Why is your business in need of a chatbot?

Are you a business owner? Your mind must be flooded with numerous questions after looking at tons of blogs and articles on ai chatbot.  How chatbot helps businesses? Why use a chatbot? Why do we need Chatbots? And so much more. Recently, we have noticed how the market is so desperate to deploy chatbots!  You’ll […]

Who is smarter? Google or Siri?

With the rising trends of AI and virtual assistants, two of the world’s biggest tech giants – Google and Apple, are giving each other throat cut competition for dominating the world of AI-powered virtual assistants, which are Google assistant (Google) and Siri (Apple). Let us dive into a detailed comparison between these two virtual assistants […]