Calendly vs Chatbots: Can chatbots substitute Calendly?

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Every business stands on good communication, customer service, loyalty, and quality product. Since the pandemic, nearly 40% of companies have permanently worked from home. It increases the communication gap between customers and business, even within the team. It requires self-service facilities, brand awareness, and assistance with human intervention to build vital customer service. Or for your team to have a helping hand at their disposal. Not many businesses can afford such independent services for their consumers. Many businesses use Calendly for scheduling meetings with both their client and teams.

Calendly is online scheduling software that also sends reminders and manages time efficiently. But when running a live session or continuous customer service around the clock, Calendly fails. Many sale agents lose time for lead and sometimes loses both. So what is saving the business from this turmoil? The answer is simple, chatbots.

Chatbots can serve as the best replacement for Calendly. It helps you provide good customer service for your customers at any time. If you are looking for something to substitute Calendly? What's best than a chatbot? Continue reading to find more about Calendly vs. chatbots.

What is Calendly?

Calendly is a meeting, appointment, and event scheduling tool for people and businesses. Rather than sending out email chains, instructional teams can share their calendars (with stated availability) with their students via Calendly or a link with a specified time for reserving a slot. Calendly is a fantastic tool for professors to schedule office hours and specific check-in times with students.

Features of Calendly

Calendly is a popular solution for enterprises with the existing calendar and scheduling systems because of its easy user interface and powerful connections.

  1. Calendar integrations: Calendly intends to work with various calendaring and scheduling systems, including Outlook, Google Calendar, iCloud, etc. It automatically compares availability with other calendars to keep users from scheduling conflicts.
  2. Website embedding: Calendars may be incorporated into a company's website to provide clients or customers with quick and easy access to scheduling.
  3. Customized branding: Users may add their company logos and colors to their booking page to match their brand identity.
  4. Complete data privacy: Users may implement Calendly securely via the centralized dashboard, including SSO and SCIM. All data transported through Calendly's servers offer privacy by RSA encryption and a GDPR-compliant data transmission mechanism.
  5. Timezone Detection: When arranging international meetings and events, Calendly automatically checks the time zones of both the user and the invitees to avoid any misunderstanding.

How Do You Use Calendly?

Users join up using their current Gmail or work email accounts on their PC or mobile app. After completing the sign-up procedure, the user creates a unique Calendly URL, which gets shared with invitees.

Calendly's connections with Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar, and other scheduling systems make it easy to schedule meetings and virtually prevent double bookings. Calendly allows users to plan their availability, which you can adjust at any moment.

Users may choose the maximum number of participants, event time, and more. Calendly also has a built-in buffer timer, the ability to create and save events, and the ability to adjust the visibility of events. 

Calendly Pros

  1. It Connects to one calendar account (e.g., Google, Outlook) for free and up to six (with upgrades) for six calendar accounts. It automatically checks for conflicts and adds new events to connected calendars.
  2. Allows for free Zoom integration during COVID, which may automatically generate a Zoom meeting when you plan a Calendly meeting.
  3. The "Minimum Scheduling Notice" function avoids scheduling at the last minute.
  4. The "Event Buffers" feature enables buffer time before and after a scheduled meeting.
  5. Email reminders and confirmations are sent automatically (with Zoom links, cancellation, and rescheduling options).
  6. Calendly's features are well-suited to academic and higher education institutions. 

Calendly Cons

  1. The free plan offers just the most basic functionality. It includes many essential features (such as multiple calendar connections, group meetings, restricted canceling and rescheduling, and so on) that are only accessible on the Premium ($8/month) and Pro ($12/month) plans.
  2. Calendly isn't particularly helpful for identifying mutually agreeable days and times for gatherings (e.g., more than two users). For such purposes, Doodle Poll is a preferable choice.
  3. Students may believe the instructor is entirely unavailable when there are no accessible time slots on Calendly. It's critical to establish expectations at the start of the course that students are welcome to plan flexible office hours through email and the time slots offered on Calendly. 

Calendly vs. Chatbots: Can Chatbots substitute Calendly? 

 Our knowledge of chatbots has tremendously progressed since it failed to live up to the exaggerated expectations when they first came into focus.

Instead of expecting a human-like experience, customers now value chatbots for their 24/7 assistance, prompt service, and ability to customize their experiences. They often come in handy to automate and speed up procedures without sacrificing the importance of human interaction.

No-code platforms like BotPenguin are causing the most significant upheaval in the chatbot sector. They integrate conversational technology by allowing non-technical workers to create chatbots in minutes. Small and medium businesses may compete with large corporations by developing conversational solutions.

Calendly is a fantastic tool for arranging meetings. Adding a chatbot to your scheduling pipeline may make it even more powerful, ensuring that every booked appointment is productive.

Calendly Vs. Chatbots: 8 Reasons Why Chatbot Is The Best

Score leads in real-time.

Firstly, a chatbot allows you to qualify and score leads while on the go. In practice, what does this mean?

A chatbot can be in the form of a chat widget or pop-up, integrated into your website, or even used as a standalone landing page. Calendly's bot initiates a discussion with visitors before allowing them to arrange an appointment. It guides visitors through a well-thought-out flow to establish their relevance. BotPenguin and other no-code builders let you create lead scoring sequences using conditional logic and variable computations.

AI-Powered Scheduling Software

Chatbots use artificial intelligence to offer customized notifications to users through email. You may set an alert to get notifications about future or planned events.

It quickly sends Qualified leads.

Another benefit of adopting chatbots is their capacity to prioritize or fast-track high-scoring leads, ensuring that they receive the best possible service.

Everything gets set up in just a few clicks with a native Calendly connection. You may choose the Calendly account and tailor the invitation while configuring the integration.

Meeting Planner (Internal/External)

Schedule internal meetings or exterior events using 500apps' appointment scheduling software with only a few clicks. You may send attendees email alerts so they don't miss any last-minute cancellations.

Resolve routine queries

Unlike a basic online form, a chatbot may fulfill many functions at once. It can only be used for those numerous reasons when necessary, allowing each visitor to meet the support team. Some leads will rather speak with you face-to-face than waste time seeking information on their own. These leads may interact with the bot and travel the quickest route to a meeting by merely responding to simple qualifying questions.

On the other hand, others may have reservations and want to learn more before agreeing to meet. Chatbots can readily adjust to this situation and provide answers to frequently requested topics or extra material.

Quick Scheduling

It does the scheduling at your convenience. Chatbots are well-known for their ease of use. Moreover, chatbots may integrate with your online calendars or meeting software to notify you of upcoming events. 

Collect and leverage feedback efficiently

Last but not least, chatbots have the unique ability to gather data and feedback without causing user annoyance. You may make use of this both before and after the conference.

Chatbots can serve as support agents for leads who aren't ready to commit to a meeting, as we've already indicated. However, no matter how effectively you fill your flow with data, you will almost certainly overlook something. Users can be encouraged to post queries or comments concerning information and answers they could not locate. It assists you in better understanding their problems and provides you with suggestions for improving your content and structure.

You may use chatbots to engage prospects after the meeting and get feedback on their experience. It can assist you in identifying the flaws and errors in your current strategy, allowing you to make modifications and enhance conversion rates.

Before the Events, Response Recording

Send out emails for future events, schedule meetings in advance, and keep track of responses to determine how many people will be attending. It allows you to rapidly choose the number of guests and adjust your behavior accordingly.


Calendly is known as the representative of the online scheduling sector. Moreover, business requires various other features with online scheduling. The chatbot is considered the best alternative in looking for a Calendly substitute that can schedule meetings and handle other teamwork. Chatbots have many features like 24 hours availability, generating more leads, a wide range of integrations, and revenue accelerations. We can now fully automate chatbots with the help of conversational artificial intelligence. With brand awareness, the chatbot also provides excellent customer service. So if you are looking to substitute Calendly go for chatbots.

If you are interested in chatbots, check BotPenguin chatbots, which come with full automation at a low cost.