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What is lyra Virtual Assitant and How to use it?

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Mar 17, 20235 min read
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  • What is a Lyra virtual assistant? 
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  • How to Use a Lyra Virtual Assistant?
  • Setup instructions for Lyra-Virtual Assistant APK:
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  • FAQs
  • Conclusion 

According to a study, there are an estimated 40+ million virtual assistants worldwide. This estimate has been obtained by looking at the number of Virtual Assistants available on freelance directory sites like Fiverr and Upwork, as well as through agencies like There is Talent. By 2027, there will be approximately 86.5 million freelancers in the US.

With instant access to tailored treatment, including self-guided programs, mental health counseling, therapy, and medication management, Lyra supports your people. In-person, video conferencing, and text messaging are just a few care choices that may be customized to fit individual needs and schedules.

Some of its characteristics are maps and directions, local restaurants, jokes, YouTube, joke translation; diaries; notes and reminders, alarms, contact information, the forecast, and search.

What is a Lyra virtual assistant? 

Lyra is an intelligent personal assistant created by Artificial Solutions that is available for iOS and Android. The program uses natural language processing to control the user's device, provide recommendations, and respond to questions from users on a range of subjects.

The software, earlier known as Indigo, was publicly released by Artificial Solutions for Android mobile devices in April 2013. A Windows Phone version followed later that year, and an iOS app debuted in 2014.

Lyra's capacity to maintain a conversation across numerous devices and its cross-platform capability are two of its standout characteristics. About 70 languages can be translated. The software was initially created for Apple's Siri Virtual Assistant and to enable functioning on Android smartphones, which were not Siri-compatible.

How to Use a Lyra Virtual Assistant?

1. Lyra Virtual Assistant allows time for onboarding.

Expect your virtual assistant to be fully operational after the first week. It might take them longer to ramp up than a full-time employee, depending on the type of work they're doing and how many hours they work for you each week. It can take weeks for VAs to become familiar with your company and industry because they're probably juggling several clients at once.

Put your VA through the same onboarding and training as your full-time staff members. It will give your helpful VA context regarding your company's operations, objectives, and clientele. Ensure you compensate your assistants for their time spent helping you throughout onboarding.

2. Lyra Virtual Assistant can over Communicate.

Schedule daily check-ins with your virtual assistant throughout their first week of work via Slack, phone call, or video meeting to learn how they adjust. Go over any questions they have from the day and any unfinished business or projects from the day or week. 

Review your most recent edits, in which you offer input on your virtual assistant's work and invite them to ask you questions if, for instance, your VA is drafting your email correspondence.

3. Lyra Virtual Assistant provides a plethora of evidence.

Write thorough instructions for each task your virtual assistant will work on before their start date. For instance, let's say you hire someone to assist you with LinkedIn prospecting. Outline each step of your prospecting process, your company's best practices, and who to contact with specific inquiries.

Incorporate screenshots whenever you can. Once your how-to manual is complete, thoroughly take your virtual assistant through it during a training session. Allow them to keep the training manual so they can refer to it while fulfilling your assignments in the first several weeks.

4. Lyra Virtual Assistant established reasonable expectations.

Your virtual assistant works part-time for your business. They probably have other client work on their plate, so you can't expect them to prioritize your company's work over another client.

They have more discretion to reject deadlines or timetables as their availability changes because they will be less invested in the objectives or culture of your business.

5. Lyra Virtual Assistant prioritizes rapport.

Make your virtual assistant feel as welcomed and a part of the team as you would a new full-time employee, even though they give support when necessary.

Introduce them to the other team members, host a welcome lunch, and onboard them just as you would any other new employee at your business. The more involved your virtual assistant feels in your business, the more motivated they will be to produce work consistent with your company's beliefs and objectives.

6. Lyra Virtual Assistant recognizes that hiring someone full-time for the position is necessary.

Consider employing a paid employee if you frequently need more time from your virtual assistant, are looking for a second virtual assistant, or your company requires a new full-time generalist.

It will be difficult for your other staff members, your company, and your virtual assistant to continue outsourcing duties that make up a full-time role, resulting in burnout and stagnant growth.

Setup instructions for Lyra-Virtual Assistant APK:

  • Use any of our download mirrors to download the Lyra-virtual-assistant.apk to your device. It is completely safe and guaranteed.
  • You are enabling third-party (non-play store) applications on your device. Log in and select Menu '' Settings » Security. Tap "Unknown Sources." You will be requested on Android 8 to allow your browser or file manager to install APKs.
  • Then select Install to install the Lyra-virtual-assistant.apk file. Read every prompt on the screen before responding "Yes" or "No."
  • After installation, the Lyra-Virtual Assistant app will appear on your device's home screen.


1. How should a virtual assistant be set up?

Three options exist: Utilize specific APIs and other development tools to incorporate voice technologies like Siri, Google Assistant, and Cortana into your programs. To create an intelligent assistant, utilize or Jasper, two open-source platforms and APIs.

2. Can I create my virtual helper?

It is indeed feasible. Python makes it possible. Python has an excellent main library that may be used to create virtual assistants. We can use Linux's Espeak and Windows' Sapi5 to hear voice output from our computers.

3. How are virtual helpers paid?

Many virtual assistants charge by the hour. Others are compensated for carrying out particular tasks. Additionally, some even impose annual or monthly fees. From the talents and services provided, income varies greatly.


A great virtual assistant will save you time and money by doing the little things for you and executing them correctly and well. If you manage your virtual assistant well, your business will flourish.

A Lyra virtual assistant not only handles the primary jobs for you, but as your relationship develops, you can trust them to manage more delicate or significant topics as well, to make your life run smoothly. It includes enabling you to stay productive and giving you valuable time to unwind. Therefore, if you're a stressed-out business owner, you can use Lyra virtual assistant. 

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