The Top 5 HubSpot Alternatives That you must try 2023

Mar 22, 202317 MIN READ
People love BotPenguin Chatbot Maker Platform


People love BotPenguin Chatbot Maker Platform

Do you know HubSpot owns almost one-third of the marketing automation market? It is a widely used and liked platform for sales and marketing. 

HubSpot CRM is one of the most recommended CRM for email and sales automation for small businesses. To brief you about HubSpot, it is a small to medium-sized business platform that manages customers and potential leads.

If you work in the marketing department, you probably have used HubSpot at least once. Even with its free pricing plans and easy-to-use platform, HubSpot CRM cannot always give satisfactory results. Their plans can be a bit pricey for small businesses and startups. 

If you are looking for options, Here are the top 5 HubSpot alternatives in 2023.

The Top 5 HubSpot Alternatives That you must try 2023


The dedicated sales management/CRM solution Pipedrive was created especially for small firms. The entire platform is designed to boost sales and combines a wide variety of different technologies. This CRM software has AI-enhanced features that give firms technical information on their deals and possibilities. Additionally, it has a mobile app to increase accessibility and is aesthetically pleasing.


BotPenguin is one of the greatest and most comprehensive sales & marketing toolkits. Businesses frequently use it to attract, convert, and engage the appropriate customers at the right time. It enables you to automate activities, concentrate on crucial information, connect via email, cultivate solid client relationships, and many other things.

The tool's excellent level of security for all the data it stores encourages users to become leads. Additionally, it provides time optimization, A/B testing, real-time analytics, open and click-through metrics, etc. With the help of all of its capabilities, you can maintain the interest of your audience while managing all of the responsibilities and developing solid client relationships. 

However, if we talk about HubSpot, you can acquire further services like website creation, analytics, templates, etc. Without coding experience, you may develop customized websites by downloading themes from the HubSpot store.


A full, all-in-one suite that is affordable for startups and small enterprises is available with EngageBay, integrated marketing, sales, and service CRM. It is widely recognized how costly HubSpot may be for these companies and how few other choices they have. Either they must fork over money for many tools and applications to fill the gaps or go without the required capabilities. EngageBay fills the void.

At the same time as it is inexpensive and feature-rich, EngageBay. An integrated automation platform, it essentially provides everything you might want. With no hefty fees attached, EngageBay's CRM enables you to get the results you need for your company at a lower cost than HubSpot.


Building a solid reputation and raising customer satisfaction ratings are goals of one of the firms' marketing campaign automation software. Businesses utilize this marketing automation solution to handle their email lists, cut down on time-consuming procedures, and successfully nurture prospects.

According to the research, only two-thirds of marketing leaders utilize Marketo's automation solution to increase their company efficiency. One of the finest paid HubSpot alternatives, it enables you to determine how to nurture leads most effectively and swiftly.

However, the HubSpot tool will assist you in automatically capturing the leads, allowing you to increase your income and forge solid prospects. Additionally, Marketo does not include HubSpot's website construction capability.


With a focus on adaptability, user tracking, and landing pages, SharpSpring is another strong rival to HubSpot in the cloud-based CRM and CMS space. It is one of the top HubSpot CMS alternatives available today. It is also recognized as a powerful e-commerce and marketing platform. It offers various services, including dynamic emails, A/B split testing into landing pages and emails, and shopping cart integration.

SharpSpring may also be integrated with nearly anything, including content management systems. Let's say you want to increase your lead nurturing and productivity across several channels. In such an instance, SharePoint is an option. However, its costs are higher than those of HubSpot and somewhat lower than those of Marketo.

In addition, while the HubSpot tool UI is easier to use, the reviews of this tool are more divided than those of HubSpot. Additionally, unlike HubSpot, it does not provide free services.



This all-in-one platform, called Salesforce, may be recognizable to those with marketing experience. Many businesses use it as another dependable marketing automation tool to handle contacts, reporting, and analytics while seamlessly integrating the solutions. It manages email campaigns and leads creation to offer dazzling sales and marketing services to boost corporate income.

Although Salesforce's services are undoubtedly superior, HubSpot fights for this tool to the best of its ability, notably in terms of costs. The HubSpot feature tracks specific client inquiries and watches the market's daily expansion.


GetResponse is a CRM tool for small businesses that may assist you in streamlining and automating your marketing duties. It is an easy-to-set-up and uses a CRM platform that is multifunctional. You may host your website with GetResponse, gather leads, advertise on social media and Google, make landing pages, and send unlimited emails to clients, among other things. GetResponse is a framework for multi-user collaboration that enables various teams to collaborate on campaigns.


With Ontraport, you can use automation to power your marketing, sales, and business processes in one location. Small company owners and e-commerce marketers will find this CRM solution easy to use and beneficial. Your leads may be categorized by job title, demographics, and contact information using Ontraport. Additional add-on features include a builder for membership sites, landing pages, and payment gateways.


The user-friendly technology ActiveCampaign integrates email marketing, automation, and CRM into one platform. You can do away with manual chores like follow-ups and lead nurturing because it combines marketing and sales automation. Users love the email templates' simplicity, and deliverability works well for them. The nicest thing is how easy it is to send tailored messages at scale across the client lifetime using 



There are many solutions on the market, as seen in our comparison of HubSpot alternatives. Still, businesses have become picky regarding the features. They always search for the greatest services at the lowest prices. 

Try out the alternatives listed above to find which is ideal for you and your company. The best marketing, sales, and development tool to boost your earnings and accelerate business growth are simple to choose. We advise reviewing the top five list first and then trying the bonus list. Good luck, everyone.

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