11 Things You Didn't Know Siri Could Do

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Mobile gadgets are becoming increasingly intelligent in today's environment. Voice command technology is one of the most impressive modern features. Although most iPhone users are familiar with Siri, Apple's voice command platform, many are unaware of Siri's better functions. Fortunately, all it takes is a few essential phrases to master Siri's remarkable capabilities. 

When Siri originally debuted a few years back, it was swiftly called your iPhone's "personal assistant." Despite how incorrect and restricted Siri was at first, its feature set has gradually expanded over time to the point where it can now assist you with various tasks. 

This article will list 11 things you didn't know Siri could do.

11 Things You Didn't Know Siri Could Do

The 11 things you didn’t know Siri could do is the following:

Restaurant Recommendations

Are you stumped as to what to have for supper tonight? Siri can inform you about restaurants in your region and the kind of restaurants available, such as Italian, burgers, and so on.

It will also include pricing information (1-4 dollar signs) and Yelp restaurant reviews. If you discover something you like, you may reserve a table for four at (restaurant name) at 7 p.m. via Open Table by stating, "Book a table for four at the desired restaurant at 7 p.m."

Asking about the location of your family members

Due to the strong connection with the "Find My" app, you can ask for the location of everyone who is sharing a position with you and receive fast information about their location and distance from you. You can, of course, see where all of your Apple devices are. Inquire:

Post To Twitter Or Facebook

Post To Twitter Or Facebook

Another helpful feature it has is publishing to your social media profiles. Say "Post to [Twitter or Facebook]" to make your day simpler. After that, it will ask you what you'd want to say. Dictate your message, then send it when Siri confirms it. Keeping in contact has never been easier, but it now only recognizes Twitter and Facebook instructions.

Third-party apps support

Developers can now link their apps with Siri, according to iOS 12. It may be used for various purposes, including communications, task management, navigation, music/audio applications, and much more. You can do this for the primary task organizer, like ask Siri to add tasks to your Things Inbox, start projects, and display my lists.

Remembering relationships

If you don't want to remember a contact's full name every time you wish to chat or call them, Siri can remember who they are based on their relationships. Make sure your personal contact information is added in Settings>General Settings>Siri. Then, activate it and mention the name to which you want to establish a relationship. "Pete Morris is my father," or "Jane Sommers is my boss," for example. Whether Siri asks if you want to save the relationship, say yes. You may ask it to contact your wife, mother, friend, or boss without saying their names in the future.



For instance, "How to say "Hi" in Chinese?" You may use Siri to translate text into 11 other languages. It's no Google Translate, but it can be beneficial if you're fortunate enough to speak each of the available languages.

Search Emails

Siri may also help you save time when you're looking for an email or a note. "Find the email with my new schedule in the subject line," for example, or "Find the email with Friday's Documents in the subject line," for example. You can also use this command to have Siri search your notes or discover emails from specific contacts.

Recognizing songs

Like, "What song is this?" After acquiring Shazam, Apple implemented the ability to detect music using its voice assistant. If a song or album is available on Apple Music, you can listen to the entire song or album.

Siri : Solving Math

It is not only capable of answering simple arithmetic questions, but she is also capable of solving complex issues. "What is [math question]?" you may ask it to answer difficulties. This functionality may also compute a tip in a matter of seconds. Siri will tell you how much to tip and the whole amount of your bill, including the tip. Finally, it is capable of making rapid choices on the go. Ask it to roll a dice or flip a coin to get an immediate result.

Searching photos

Searching photos

For example, "Show me photos from November" and "Show me images of cats."

You may ask Siri to help you discover photos from a specified period (e.g., month, year, special day), place, item, or even a specific person! Of course, you may use a combination of these strategies to improve the efficiency of your search. For example, "Show me photos from November" and "Show me images of cats."

Siri: Access Hands-Free When Charging

You can use Siri without holding down the Home button if your iPhone is plugged in. It is especially beneficial if you're driving or resting in bed and don't want to get out of bed to check your schedule or find out the latest NBA score.

Siri: Creating location-based reminders

Like, "Remind me to call my Mom when I get home." Siri can certainly set alarms and reminders, but did you know that she can also make reminders based on your location? Location-based reminders are among the most exciting things Siri can do for you since they ensure you're never too busy to keep on track. First, go to Settings>Privacy>Location Services and make sure Reminders are enabled for Location Services. Then, under your contacts, enter the places you require. "[Contact] is my home," tell Siri. A rep for work, school, or any other area where you spend a lot of time. Siri may now set reminders for when you leave or arrive at a location. Tell Siri, for example, "Remind me to call John after I leave work," and the remainder will go off when you're done for the day.

Siri :The Bottom Line

In recent years, voice recognition has been a noticeably underutilized feature of iPhones, but this might be due to a lack of awareness of exactly how much Siri can accomplish. You can order it to make phone calls and take notes for you, but there are many other things it can do that you aren't aware of. Hope this article helped you. 

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