10 Best Telegram Bots 2022

10 Best Telegram Bots 2022

10 Best Telegram Bots 2022


Today, technology is everything. Our lives revolve around apps, websites, and bots. We use them to book vacations, order groceries, get news and even check the weather. They’re all so easy to use and convenient. For example, you can chat with a bot on Facebook Messenger or Telegram, which gives you access to a live person 24/7 without having to call customer service. 

The bots take care of all the boring questions like “What’s my balance” or “What’s my reward points balance?” If you have a question requiring human interaction, like “I need help transferring money,” it will connect you immediately.

Telegram is a fantastic app with tons of bots that make life easier. Whether you want to schedule an appointment or check the air quality around you. These little programs can do it all. 

In the spirit of helping, here are 10 Amazing Telegram bots that’ll boost your productivity.


Telegram is a cloud-based instant messaging service that was created in 2013. It supports end-to-end encryption, making it more secure than WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and others.

The platform has increased to become one of the biggest messaging apps in the world. Telegram has over 200 million users, with 200,000 new users joining daily. The platform boasts an impressive 1 million active bots that you can use to automate various tasks.

If you're looking for some exciting Telegram bots worth checking out, here are 9 of our favorites:

Skeddy Telegram Bot - @SkeddyBot

Skeddy Bot is the most popular Telegram bot for creating polls, distributing free crypto tokens, and much more. It lets you create polls, quizzes, and surveys to get instant feedback from your audience.

BotFather Telegram Bot - @botfather

The BotFather is the first Bot every new user needs to install on their Telegram account. It provides all the necessary information to get started with a new bot. It offers useful commands like /new Bot and /set description, which help you configure your Bot and set its report.

IFTTT Telegram Bot - @IFTTT

IFTTT (If This Then That) is another innovative way to automate your daily tasks using bots.

The service allows users to create chains of simple conditional statements called "recipes" that you can link to perform actions automatically. It is based on triggers such as time or location.

File Converter Telegram Bot - @newfileconverterbot

The File Converter Bot will help you convert any file to any format and vice versa. It supports more than 200 formats, including images, audio files, and videos.

BabelGram Telegram Bot - @BabelgramBot

The BabelGram bot is a tool that helps you translate messages in groups or one-on-one chats on Telegram. The Bot automatically uses Google Translate's technology to translate text into more than 100 languages. It can also be used as a dictionary to find definitions for words in any language.

Airtrack Telegram Bot - @airtrack_bot

The Airtrack Bot lets you track flight status information of your airline carrier of choice directly from the Telegram app. It's a handy tool for those who often travel or have friends who do.

Drop email. Me Telegram Bot - @DropMailBot

It lets you create temporary email addresses for free. You can use it to send emails from any location without revealing your actual email address. The Bot will then automatically forward all mail received at that address to your primary inbox.

File To Bot - @filetobot

This Bot lets you upload files directly into Telegram chats without opening them in a browser window. It also allows users to send files and pictures with their cameras straight into chat threads.

Trello Telegram Bot - @trello_bot

This Bot lets you manage your Trello boards from within Telegram itself. It is excellent if you don't want to leave the app open all day to see what's going on with your projects.


It’s an intuitive and robust chatbot creation platform with amazing features. If you want to launch a chatbot for telegram users. It’s the ideal choice.

The Telegram App And Its Proficient Bots

The Telegram App And Its Proficient Bots

The Telegram App is a free messaging platform that offers the option to send and receive messages and media like photos, videos, and stickers. It’s a fast, secure, and reliable way to communicate with friends, family members, colleagues, or anyone else you’d like. It works on all your devices like tablets and smartphones. You can also access it from your desktop!

The app has many benefits:

  1. The app lets you send messages in large groups of up to 200 members.
  2. Its interface is simple and easy to use
  3. It offers you complete control over the privacy of your data.
  4. It enables you to create group chats with up to 200 users.
  5. It lets you send disappearing messages through its ‘Secret Chat’ feature.
  6. You can make free calls between Telegram users on any device.
  7. The app has a feature that will notify you when someone takes a screenshot while using your phone or tablet.
  8. Another feature is the ability to create bot accounts! It allows third-party developers to build bots that offer new ways of interacting with the Telegram network.
  9. You can search for bots by typing “@BotFather” in the search bar. Then select a bot by typing the command “/newsbot” into the chat window, followed by the name you want for your bot.

Why are these Telegram bots so popular?

In the age of smartphones, these little bots can perform a myriad of tasks in an instant, making your life easier in ways you didn’t know it needed help. They can send you quick updates on weather, traffic, news headlines, sports scores, and much more. They can help you order a pizza or find out what movie is playing at your local theater. They can even keep track of your favorite teams scores while you’re away from your TV!

Telegram Bots have been around almost as long as the app itself. The first ones appeared when Telegram launched its Bot API in 2015. Since then, over 100 000 developers have created bots for Telegram users to add to their chats and enjoy the benefits of automation.

Telegram Bots make life easier because they improve our day-to-day lives by automating tasks and updating us on the information we need in seconds

The Skeddy Telegram Bot – A Simple Reminder Tool (@skeddybot)

It is a simple reminder tool that allows you to create unlimited reminders for yourself and your friends.

With this Bot, you can easily set up a reminder that it will send to you or another person every day, week, or month (or even on a specific date). All that is needed is the person’s name and an optional message. To do this, send a message to @skeddybot in any group chat. 

The Botfather Telegram Bot – @botfather

The Botfather Telegram Bot

The BotFather is the official Bot of the Telegram Bot API. It can help you create new bots, manage existing ones, and do bot-related tasks.

The BotFather is a convenient wrapper around Telegram.bot API allows you to create your Telegram bot using Python easily. 

The library has a simple interface that lets you define all aspects of your Bot in a single file: from its name and description to how it looks and behaves. You can also add multiple commands with their triggers and control their behavior with simple JSON-based configuration files.

Once you’ve defined your Bot’s behavior, you can use the BotFather to generate a unique token for it. You can then use it to connect the Bot to its users through the /start command or via HTTP POST requests.

The Airtrack Telegram Bot – @airtrack_bot

The Airtrack Telegram Bot is a real-time flight tracking service that provides information on flights, airports, weather, delays, and security risks. You can get flight status updates sent directly to your phone. With the Airtrack Telegram Bot, you will always know if your plane is on time or delayed and what gate it is.

There are a few ways to use the Airtrack Telegram Bot:

  1. Send @airtrack_bot a message with the flight number of any airplane you want to track. The Bot will reply with the flight status and more details about the flight.
  2. Send @airtrack_bot a message with an airport code or city name for detailed information about that airport or city’s weather, delays, and security risks.
  3. Send @airtrack_bot a message with any flight number to get detailed information about that flight’s status, including boarding procedures and gate information.

IFTTT Telegram Bot – @IFTTT

The IFTTT Telegram Bot is designed to help you automate and simplify your life. It allows you to create “recipes” that let you connect different apps and services. When one app or service triggers an event, the Bot can send a message to another app or service — either on its own or by responding to a user’s request for help.

It allows you to create custom bot services with a few simple steps. You can also use the Bot to access existing third-party services such as Google Drive, Gmail, and Twitter.

To start, open the Bot Store in Telegram and search for IFTTT. Then click on “Start.” The first thing you’ll need to do is connect your account with IFTTT by linking to your account.

 It’s necessary so that the Bot can access your channels without accidentally spamming them with automated messages. Follow the instructions, and you’ll be ready to go in no time!

The File Converter Telegram Bot – @newfileconverterbot

It enables you to convert the files into various formats. It can handle several files, including images, audio, videos, documents, and archive files. It delivers the converted file back to you on your device in seconds!

The Bot is free to use, and the developer has no intention of charging for it.

 You can do conversions from within the Telegram client by typing @newfileconverter in a group chat with the Bot or via private message. 

Once you’ve uploaded your file(s) onto the platform, you will receive a link you can share with anyone. From there, the person who receives your link can download the converted file(s).

The Trello Telegram Bot – @trello_bot

The Trello Telegram Bot is a tool that allows you to manage your Trello boards directly from your phone. You can manage your tasks and projects and create new ones.

How does it work?

Once you have installed the Bot on your device, you’ll see a list of all your boards. Tap on one of them to open it, and tap on the “New Card” button at the bottom right corner of the screen to create a new card for this board. You can also tap on an existing card to edit or delete it.

Suppose you want to add cards to an existing board, tap “Add Card,” and select a commission from the list of available options. It will open up another window where one can enter all relevant data like title and description into fields provided by both apps. Once you do it, hit “Create Card” at the bottom right corner of this screen to save it permanently on this specific board. Also, you can hit “Cancel” if you no longer want to create this particular item (i.e., task).

The BabelGram Bot – Master Translator @BabelGram

The Babelgram Telegram Bot is an artificial intelligence-powered bot that can translate and speak multiple languages. It is the first-ever translation app that uses AI to translate between languages. It is a free app that anyone can use to translate text messages, images, and videos with one click.

Anyone with a Telegram account can use the Babelgram Telegram Bot. The Bot works by taking in a text message or URL and translating it into another language. Anybody can use it to translate words or entire sentences into their native language.

The Babelgram Telegram Bot uses Google Translate API for translating text messages into other languages. It supports over 50 languages, including Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Hungarian, Icelandic, and Italian.

The Dropmail.me Telegram bot – @DropMailBot

It is a bot that allows one to create and manage unlimited email accounts with your domain name. It’s a great way to manage your email accounts while using a service that some email providers do not support.

The Dropmail Telegram Bot allows you to create an unlimited number of email accounts with domains worldwide. It includes parts from countries like China, Russia, and Iran, which are not supported by other email providers like Gmail and Yahoo! Mail.

How does it work?

The first step is to get an API key from Dropmail, which requires registration on their website. Once you receive your API key, you can start creating new accounts by sending a message to @dropmailbot with the following command: 

/create_email <username>.<domain_name> (e.g.: /create_email [email protected]

File To Bot On Telegram – a cloud storage solution (@filetobot)

File To Bot On Telegram is a cloud storage solution that allows you to send files between devices. It is similar to Dropbox and Google Drive but has a few added features.

File To Bot On Telegram is the world’s first file-sharing application for Telegram messenger. It is unique because it has many different features no one else has.

In File To Bot On Telegram, you can:

  1. Send a file from your device to another.
  2. Download any file from another user on the network.
  3. Upload multiple files at once.
  4. Share files with other users on the network.
  5. Watch movies and listen to music directly from the application.
  6. Create folders to store your files.
  7. Search for anything.
  8. Share your profile with other users on the network (if they want).

The easy-to-use bot- BotPenguin 

The easy-to-use bot

BotPenguin is a chatbot platform that helps businesses to create their chatbots. It provides a way to engage with customers and increase sales. BotPenguin allows enterprises to build, deploy and manage chatbots without programming skills.

BotPenguin offers several features, including messaging, SMS notifications, data analytics, Facebook messenger integration, live chat support, and more. With BotPenguin, you can get your bot up and running in minutes, and it is perfect for both small businesses and large corporations.

It is an easy-to-use chatbot platform that helps businesses communicate with their customers. BotPenguin helps those who want to create their bot and don’t have the time or resources to do so themselves. The platform allows anyone with little or no coding experience to build bots quickly using templates.


Ultimately, the popularity of Telegram can be attributed to its cutting-edge features, data security, and easy-to-use interface. And there’s no doubt that Telegram has staying power—it’s not going anywhere and will likely remain popular for a long time. 

These bots can truly automate all your small tasks that take too much time. You can relax and catch your breath while you book an appointment. You can save your important data on a cloud at zero cost. Moreover, you have to no more wonder about other languages with the Babelgram translator.

We hope you enjoyed learning about some of our favorites, and we wish you luck with finding the perfect bots for your needs.

BotPenguin is a friendly chatbot that loves to make lively conversations and keeps your visitors and customers non-doozy! BotPenguin promised his fellow penguins with an oath to make the world a conversational playground for everyone and works 24*7, 365 to make it happen. BotPenguin is a huge Adele fan and loves to surf the internet to say hello to everyone. You can have a date with BotPenguin through its favorite channels.

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